15 Things to do With Your Boyfriend at Home


Are you out of ideas about things to do with your boyfriend? Have you also been searching for fun things for couples to do at home? Or are you struggling to find things to talk about with your boyfriend? Then keep reading.

Trying out fun activities with your boyfriend may incur a lot of expenses. However, it also goes a long way to shape your relationship with him. Doing fun things with your boyfriend helps you bond more and discovers new ways to strengthen your relationship with him.

Although most couples stay back home to cut off costs and save more money while having fun, some others see it as an opportunity to relax and spend time with their boyfriends like never before.

Here are 15 things to do with your boyfriend at home without having to step out of the doors.

15 Things to do With Your Boyfriend at Home

Here are some fun things for couples to do at home and things to talk about with your boyfriend.

1. Playing games together

One of the fun things for couples to do at home is play games together. The majority of men out there love video games or anything close to soccer games too. So, this is the best opportunity to even try to understand how much love they have for such games.

Also, you can even indicate interest to join in the game your boyfriend likes. Doing this would even foster a deeper communication. And he would be so excited that the woman he loves is also engrossed in his kind of games.

Meanwhile, don’t just play with him. Challenge him to a game duet and watch him try to open up on tactics. his likes and also dislikes of the game being played.

Note that if you want more fun, you can even include poker games, card games, and even go on to bet who would wash the dirty dishes when they lose. This would make your boyfriend love you the more and appreciate the time you spent with him.

2. Create your games

Creating games is another fun thing for couples to do at home. So, here you can create games out of anything in your home. You could start up a dancing competition, eating competition or anything that seems entirely logical while it’s being played.

In other to enjoy these games you create, try to put down rules that would guide each step so that your boyfriend knows that there are consequences that come with failing.

In essence, make it start and end like a real game and try not to engage in any form of argument with your boyfriend during this time.

3. Engage him in Workout Sessions

If you want to get a good-looking body without going through the stress of visiting a gym, then practicing some video exercises and jogging around the house with your boyfriend is one way to achieve that.

When you exercise together with your boyfriend, it’s also a guaranteed time to spend more time with him.

Life itself gets busy at times making it a challenge to spend proper time with our loved ones but if you and your boyfriend are committed to the same work regimen, it will be a better avenue to spend time together at home while doing something profitable to your health too.

 Engaging in workout sessions with your boyfriend even provides extra motivation for you to look fit, healthier, and more attractive.  It helps you learn more about your body and that of your boyfriend.

Working out together is one of the great things to do with your boyfriend as it helps the both of you become stronger and more responsible, and also build more intimate moments in your relationship.

4. Replaying Childhood Cartoons

Children’s cartoons have always helped in training children to be happy and better adults. Its educative contents, actions, and colorful animations are attributed to the happiest moments children have ever had during their childhood days.

You can as well watch some of these interesting cartoons with your boyfriend as a way of reliving your childhood.

It reminds you of some memories and stories that you must have failed to discuss in your normal conversations with your partner and helps in creating a stronger bond between the both of you.

5. Take language courses together

During times when you are less busy and with your boyfriend at home, instead of repeating the normal daily routine of having to tease your boyfriend, running around the whole compound and chasing him, or stealing his boxers and big polos, you can as well talk to him into taking a language course with you online from the comfort of your home.

Pay for a cheap course on foreign languages you are interested to learn and have him pronounce some of the words with you.

Asides from the funny pronunciation that would cause you to laugh out loud and be happy. Being happy would help both of keeping your hope alive in the countries you wish to visit someday.

6. Get to know each other better

Staying home with your boyfriend is more like an avenue to get to know each other better. You can cease these precious times to divulge other happenings in your lives, ask more personal and intimate questions, etc.

You both can even play mind games to know how you react to things and the effects it has on your conscience.

In fact, this tip here is one of the best fun things for couples to do at home. It helps to make up the times that you both were absent from home and away from each other.

7. Stay in Bed

Here’s another fun thing for couples to do at home. Firstly, you need to initiate this process by switching off your phones or putting them on flight modes just in case you would need to see a movie together with it. I know you would be wondering right now if putting on the big television isn’t important?

It is but then, the essence of this tip here is to make sure that the both of you stay glued to each other in bed without moving too far away. So, you can lay down close to your boyfriend while looking him in the eyes and telling him sweet nothings.

This helps to keep away from the outside world, relax your nerves and create a more romantic atmosphere between the both of you.

Again, staying together on bed is another avenue to talk about certain things with your boyfriend. You can utilize it.

8. Have a spa day

Mapping out a Spa date for your boyfriend wouldn’t take much of your time. It just requires you to put in your little efforts and creative thoughts into giving your boyfriend the best pampering he never expected from you. Start by letting him know that he needs to relax and be taken care of and that he shouldn’t see himself as less of a man because of what you are about to do to him. Afterward, prepare a warm bath for him, scrub his feet and even surprise him with massages.

Having a spa day is one of the fun things to do with your boyfriend at home without much stress.

9. Sing karaoke

Even though there is no karaoke machine at home, you can try downloading the lyrics of some love songs and singing them together with your partner at home. This would also go a long way in bringing great joy and laughter in the process. So, give it a try and enjoy the romantic moments!

10. Snap more selfies

Due to the busy schedules of couples in love, they barely have time to check up on each other. Staying at home with your boyfriend is an opportunity to bring up that topic as it would even interest him too. Take selfies in different positions with your partner at home. You can even make efforts to record short videos of you with him talking to the camera or trying out new things.

11. Cook together

Cooking together with your boyfriend is a wow moment and shouldn’t even be overlooked one bit. It is not arguable and as such one of the most romantic gestures, there could ever be between two people in a relationship. In essence, buy some fresh ingredients and implore your boyfriend to assist you in cooking at home. You can even hold cooking competitions where the winner gets a kiss and a gift and watch your boyfriend scamper to get the best meal cooked.

12. Listen to radio shows

If you’ve exhausted all options on having fun with your significant other and you feel there is more left to do, then you can consider going the old-fashioned way. Yes! Listen to the trending radio shows with him. Here you can be able to picture who is talking and what message they are trying to pass. Sip some juice and lay closely on a mat or rug in the sitting room while the show progressed.

13. Create a theme night

In all, try not to skip a theme night. Although this might look a bit childish then, it takes a creative person to plan this and also play along with it. Plan a special theme night for you and your partner and make him dress up to match the theme for that night.

14. Read books together

You can start by getting a book that interests you and your boyfriend and offer to read it out loud for him before he goes to bed. Try explaining the characters in each chapter and make him wonder what would happen next. Reading books together with your boyfriend can even help you develop a consistent reading habit over time and that’s an added advantage.

15. Redecorate a room

What matters here is the time spent together doing what makes you creative and happy and not how perfect your work must be. You can rearrange and decorate a particular room in the house with your boyfriend to create more fun. Ranging from repositioning the couch, painting a room to a different color, etc. Just have fun!

Things to talk about with your boyfriend

Oftentimes you are left with plenty of things to talk about with your boyfriend. But because you both have tight work schedules, you feel there is not much time to do that. You must not search for things to talk about with your boyfriend. Instead there are simple but tactical questions you can ask to spark more fun conversations between the both of you. So, here are some things to talk about with your boyfriend:

▪️ Can you suggest a name you’d give our future baby girl?

▪️ What’s the best meal I have ever prepared for you?

▪️ Are you satisfied with your current job?

▪️ Tell me your short and long-term goals?

▪️ Do you have fears in life?

▪️ Where do you see yourself in three years?


Spend time together with your boyfriend at home or outdoors, just try to celebrate each moment. Don’t be guilty of overindulging your partner to do things exactly the way you want it because they are home. Most especially, take it slowly and watch your moments with him turn out to be the loveliest than ever before.

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