About Us

Relationship ties is an online platform that provides advice seekers with well researched and practical tips on issues bothering on relationships.

Relationship ties provide solutions to problems many people encounter in their marriages, dating, personal relationships, families which are common.

It provides readers with an interface whereby they can comfortably interact with the team of experts on relationship matters.

We answer advice letters via the internet through our email column, while comments are promptly responded to on our deep and insightful posts.

With a vision to help people build good and healthy relationships, industrial relationships, inter-personal relationships, man-management, and filial relationships.

We are renowned for updating verified and objective topics from the most reliable sources.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to represent the relationship-building online platform. Borne out of a need to help build a healthy and lasting relationship between people, making the possibilities of people relate with their immediate environment, people around them and communication skills a reality and providing solutions to the relationship problems in view.

So, therefore if you are looking for that guide and platform with requisite resources to help you develop great relationship skills, Relationshipties.com is the place.