Why Does Everyone Hate Me: 15 Reasons You May Feel This Way

why does everyone hate me

If you always feel like everyone hates you and you get persistent thoughts of “why does everyone hate me?”, then this is for you.

The word hatred comes in different forms ranging from extreme dislike, resentment, verbal abuse, bullying, physical attacks, threats, and mostly in violent manners.

The list could go on and on but let’s pause to further break this topic down.

Hate comes with strong emotions that could end up leaving your mind polluted and causing some health issues stemming from excessive buildup of toxic hormones in the body.

It could mess up your whole day and even cost you your relationships with people around. 

Why does everyone hate me? This question is what most individuals are always caught asking especially when they try to run away from responsibilities or when things don’t work out as planned. 

It is also a strange question to ask yourself especially because you can’t be loved by all but, if you always find it interfering in your daily activities then it’s a problem and needs to be tackled right away.

15 Reasons Why Everyone Hates You

Now the 15 reasons why everyone hates you are listed below:

  1. More successful than they are
  2. Being popular
  3. You know it all
  4. Independence
  5. Current mental health
  6. More educated
  7. Tensed from work
  8. Low self-esteem
  9. Bullying
  10. Fear
  11. Depression
  12. Toxic relationships
  13. Lack of exercise
  14. Always guessing one’s thought
  15. Displeasing yourself

1. More successful than they are

You might be very educated, working with good pay, and get this feeling that most people who don’t measure up to your standards or do not understand you tend to hate your success.

2. Being popular

When everyone talks about you from time to time and then just one small mistake, boom! You feel the whole world is against you because you are the popular one and shouldn’t make mistakes.

3. You know it all

The tendency to have the answers to most questions and facts, you just can’t let talks bypass especially when they don’t sit right with you.

People might misunderstand this habit of yours and want to correct you, making you feel everyone hates you.

It also happens when you don’t let others’ opinions count!

4. Independence

You might also get the feeling that someone hates you because you fend for yourself and don’t depend on them to provide some basic needs for you. 

5. Current mental health

It includes your emotional, psychological, and social well-being. And this goes a long way in affecting how you behave and act towards certain issues.

Also, it helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.

Therefore, it is important to guard your mental health at every stage of your adulthood because the failure to do so could result in feelings of dejection and hatred even towards others.

6. More educated

When you feel you are more educated than others and think they misunderstand you because of their inability to relate to your ideas.

7. Tensed from work

Workload and stressful chores meted out to staff by office bosses could be a major contributor to this.

When you give your whole time to work without finding space to breathe and relax, it could turn out to hurt your feelings.

8. Low self-esteem

This is when you lack confidence about who you are and what you can do. This feeling makes you feel that you are unloved by others and you end up letting people down the most.

These are feelings of incapacitation too whereby you don’t get the chance to do things right as you should.

9. Bullying

When someone constantly displays some aggressive behaviors towards you and makes you feel uncomfortable and unloved, it often leads to depression too.

10. Fear

Always afraid of the unknown and especially of what people might say to you when you take some steps.

This might come as a result of a previous bashing you received from a co-worker or boss which makes you withdraw from future associations.

11. Depression

The feeling of wanting to take your own life because of certain issues beyond your control.

This could stem from lack of money, problems with academics, and misunderstandings with Friends. So, to relieve depression, you can talk to people you trust.

12. Toxic relationships

Am I paranoid or does everyone hate me? This question keeps popping up in your head when you get stuck in a toxic relationship or environment. It doesn’t always mean you’re paranoid, you might just be in a toxic relationship.

Toxicity in relationships makes you feel unsupported, misunderstood, demeaned, or threatened.

Any relationship that makes you feel less of yourself can make you think you are hated by everyone over time.

13. Lack of exercise

It is good to go on exercises to keep fit and healthy. It also goes a long way to relieving you of stress from work, school, and social life.

When you just bottle yourself indoors without making a move you would get the feeling that the whole world is against you and no one wants to associate with you.

Because of this, you might say “everyone hates me and I have no friends“.

14. Always guessing one’s thought

You don’t let people off easily because you tend to misinterpret their words or actions and this ends up giving you a hate feeling.

15. Displeasing yourself

When you always try to go to the extreme to please people not minding the hurts you go through.

It gets to a stage where you get fatigued with the whole situation and at this point comes the thought of “ why does everyone hate me”.

What Does it Mean When You Think Everyone Hates You?

This thought could be a result of daily experiences and other factors relating to your social relationship with people.

While it’s understandable how uncomfortable some side talks or long pauses in conversations can make you feel, it is also paramount to note that it is impossible for everyone to hate you.

These are just your emotions playing you and leaving you with those last words “Everyone hates me and I have no friends.” 

Another reason that could explain your current emotional response could be a lack of communication with either friends, family members, or relatives. 

In as much as it is normal for one to have these kinds of thoughts once in a while but the moment when you continuously think everyone hates you, then other factors must have contributed to it.

At this point, you should take a pause and think of a way out of your current situation.

What Should I Do When Everyone Hates Me?

Have you been strugglinatto connect with friends and coworkers recently or people have recently brushed you off at events?

Are you in the category of people who ask themselves “what should I do when everyone hates me?”

These experiences aforementioned can snowball into the feeling that everyone hates you and doesn’t want to associate with you. 

People have a lot they are dealing with and this might prevent them from communicating with you in better ways like you’ve always had with them but if you still feel like everyone hates you, it is important to know that this feeling is very common and might be a false alarm or a rush of hormones.

The feeling that everyone dislikes you may happen as a result of a few things. So, here’s what causes a person to be disliked.


When you conclude so quickly that people distance themselves from you just because they don’t meet up with their plans for you.

You quickly conclude they hate you meanwhile their minds are far away from that and on other tougher things.

All-or-nothing thinking 

You think too much and mistakenly assume with or without a reason that people hate you. The few steps in challenging these distortions you might be having or in other words, what you should do when everyone hates you could be:

  •  Reframe the whole situation
  •  Seek help
  •  Distract yourself
  • Reframe the whole situation 

Don’t always be fast to conclude on things. Try your best to come up with excuses concerning the behavior experienced.

  • Seek help

Instead of piling up thoughts in your mind and burdening yourself with things that likely never happened, try opening up to someone you feel comfortable with.

This person could be a coworker or one you take as a confidant. Explain to them in detail what you feel and listen to the best advice they could offer.

  • Distract yourself

Good distractions help preoccupy your mind and take away your focus from negative thoughts and vibes.

One of these distractions can be getting out more to make new friends, spending time with friends, and visiting the parks/national museums to experience nature.

The big question here is this, why does everyone hate me? NO, everyone does not hate you but it tends to come out the other way round. 

You as an individual may feel you hate everyone because that is what you are feeling at the moment and no one know your heart except you but then, assuming it’s normal to be hated by everyone is lame because you barely know one-quarter of the world’s population talk more of the different individuals in it.

What Causes a Person to be Disliked?

Ruining your first impression most times goes a long way in causing a person to be disliked and that is why it is good to know if some of your behaviors are bringing people in or pissing them off.

Below is a list of 10 findings or proven facts that causes a person to be disliked either virtually or physically. So, the things that can make you to be disliked are as follows:

  1. Quick to disclose something personal
  2. Asking questions about others without mentioning yourself
  3. Pretending
  4. Acting too nice
  5. Bragging
  6. Uploading many pictures online
  7. Always frowning
  8. Gossiping
  9. Always alone
  10. A big mouth


As young people meet new faces daily, it is only normal for you to get fed up at some point.

Feeling down can make us lonely, worried, and left with the conclusion that people hate us or that we are not just good enough even though these thoughts may not be true. 

It is really exhausting and also important to mind your thoughts at this point. This way you can relax and go through it all without hurting yourself.

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