15 Reasons Why Not To Have No Friends


We’ve been encouraged on several occasions and even as kids to make friends. From time to time, so many articles have been written on how important it is to embrace friendships too. Yet, why do some people have no acquaintance?

Some people say that it helps to shape your personality. Meanwhile, others say it gives you a chance to meet new people or make new friends. 

Notwithstanding all these aforementioned truths, don’t ever feel bad without friends. It is not as bad as it looks. 

Do you feel if you have no friends at this point, people will judge your actions? Then it’s high time you change your view because having no friends is not necessarily a bad thing! 

Of course everything has its pros and cons, yes we all know that. But not having friends is not as bad as it has been portrayed. 

Building a friendship is a good thing. ut only if it is a healthy one. And a healthy friendship is not aimed at causing heartaches or issues amongst people.

Without much delay, let’s take a look at reasons why not to have no friends. The solitude it could bring most times is quite interesting. They are stated below.

15 Reasons Why Not to Have Friends 

“How bad is having no friends?” You may ask, but let me surprise you! Having no friends is not entirely as bad as you think. However, below are some effects of having no friends.

1. It could boost your creativity 

This could be considered as one of the positive effects of having no friends, Sounds odd right? 

Well, several statistics have shown that those who spend time by themselves exhibit higher levels of creativity. 

Being a bit anti-social is not a bad thing as people take it to be. Most time you spend alone can fire up your imagination and let your creative mind flow more actively. 

Spending time with others isn’t a bad idea. However, you might be easily distracted in cases of activities like reading, drafting a project work, etc.

2. Spending time on your own can change your perspective

We get to see some uninformed or younger individuals saying “I have no friends and no life”. but when you look at this from a brighter side, being on your own could help change your perspectives of life generally. 

Pay attention, this happens to almost everyone except some fail to realize this. 

A perfect example is when you spend more time with loud and outgoing friends, you may end up picking those attitudes. 

Spending more time with yourself helps you put your actions, moods in check and also helps you adjust your behavior and away from trying to fit in with loud friends.

3. Forced friendships never work

You can’t say you have no friends anymore when it’s obvious you keep on forcing yourself to fit in. 

Making friends is paramount but trying to force your way into any friendship would be detrimental to your self-esteem. 

At some points, you could end up feeling exhausted and annoyed too! 

Hold on, it doesn’t mean you dislike people, it could just be that you don’t fancy those small talks from people or the excessive outings that take your time. 

Forcing most friendships will make you end up indulging in things that could make you anxious or lose your peace of mind. 

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4. Strengthens the relationship with yourself

Are you single and have no friends around to keep you company? 

Let’s face facts here, the more time we spend with people, the more we tend to become like them and would not want to try out some things without them. 

Their influence might start to reflect in little ways like the TV shows you indicate interest in or events you attend henceforth. 

If care is not taken, this influence gets a stronghold of you and causes you to pay attention to what other people like rather than what you need in your life. 

This could end up restricting your growth in a big way.

This topic isn’t to discourage your associations and caring attitude towards friends but sometimes, always being interested in others can drain you and by doing so makes you pay less attention to what you need. 

So in essence, when you spend time alone in tranquility and solitude, it strengthens the relationship with yourself and that’s a great thing!

5. Discover your identity

Have you been struggling with finding purpose and discovering your identity?  

The more time you spend alone with no friends could give you an ample opportunity to know a bit of your identity and how best to use it. 

As one with no friends, finding a quiet time to reflect on yourself wouldn’t be a bad idea after all. Put your solitude to good use too!

6. Avoid Negative Influence

Generally, friends are designed to encourage and inspire you to be the best you can be. 

But when it seems hanging out with most of them feels like an obligation, then it becomes a negative influence on your life. 

When you constantly feel insecure due to careless criticisms from friends, it makes you feel unsupported and that is the major reason people prefer to be on their own with no friends.

7. To avoid being taken For granted

Knowing that friendship stirs a lot of things ranging from the positive to not-so-positive factors is enough reason to want to reconsider the idea of keeping friends. 

It gets to that point where friends tend to question how they see themselves and due to certain individual differences, some decide to back out when it no longer favors them. 

Being valued is one benefit that should come from our associations with people but in cases where you can’t get it, it’s enough reason not to have friends too to avoid being taken for granted.

8. Less worry

Here, you worry less about what people would think about you, the decisions you make, the places and events you attend, and the time you choose to do things. 

In essence, the worries reduce and count less than with friends who would cause you to work with schedules.

9. No peer pressure

The fear of rejection, weak personality, and social acceptance issues that come from peer pressure are some reasons to enjoy your alone time. 

You could constantly keep busy with healthy activities and spend your time engaging in activities that you enjoy other than being caught in the web of negative vibes.

10. You improve your level of self-confidence 

You learn the art of independence instead of panicking when others are not around to help you out.

11. Save Money

This goes a long way in reducing costs for you as you wouldn’t have friends to invite over to spend the weekends with nor would you have parties to attend.

12. Secrets 

Your secrets would remain intact as long as you don’t share your matters with anybody.

13. Freedom

Here, you have ample time to do whatever it is you want and don’t get stuck on the way because of a friend’s schedule/plans. Therefore, you feel free to do what you want at the moment.

You just don’t have to be what you are not to fit in with a bunch of friends or end up being dragged into an expensive restaurant, not in your plans.

14. No Conflicts

This appears to be one of the top benefits of having no friends. 

Of course, amid friends there tends to be arguments, misunderstandings and if proper management is not affected by this, friends may end up losing communication. 

These are some of the reasons that trigger people to shun friends and remain on their own.

15. No Abusive Words

It’s normal for friends to relate in some certain way that may leave a passer-by wondering what’s going on. 

Sometimes due to over-familiarity amongst friends, they tend to misuse words which ends up hurting the most vulnerable person in their midst. 

So if you fall in this category and wouldn’t want any form of abuse of words, then this may be a good reason why not to have friends.

Is It Normal To Have No Friends?

It is paramount to note that it’s completely normal to not have friends. Keep in mind that it is not weird and shouldn’t be viewed as such. Therefore it is a common thing!

People decide to stay alone due to certain reasons beyond their control. Some of these reasons are:

  • Being introverted
  • Trauma from socializing or shyness
  • Depression
  • Being socially inexperienced and doesn’t entertain small talks
  • No social interests
  • Change of environment
  • Too busy to socialize

How Bad Is Having No Friends?

Come to think of it, is having no friends a red flag? This has left many confused and especially based on the fact that you can’t question people who decide to be without friends. 

Just like other social problems we encounter, having no friends or serious associations may look unpleasant, discouraging, and a devastating state, especially to the foreign eyes. 

However, that doesn’t mean you’re fundamentally broken with serious issues to tackle. Your life’s essence shouldn’t be based on people’s compliments for you or by the number of friends you keep.

When a person doesn’t keep friends, it is never because of their character or attitude towards people. 

It’s usually due to a consideration of interfering factors and a long-term decision. After all, lots of good people have been lonely and remain great forces to reckon on. 

Having no friends is not that bad unless you willingly decide to change the narrative someday!

Why Do Some People Have No Friends?

Well, some people prefer not to keep “friends” because over time they have lost the ability to trust others or lack the zeal to be loving. 

This could be as a result of past experiences from people who took advantage of them in some ways that hurt them. 

Also, it takes time to realize that opening back and loving other people, and trusting again could be a better way to go through life. 

Some people have no friends because they think it is not relevant while some could be as a result of current circumstances like; a new environment, working from home, etc. 

Why some people have no friends is simpler because they do not put themselves in a community of people consistently.

Below are some of the things you could do if you have no friends:

  • Remind yourself that you are not alone and there are a lot of people without friends too.
  • Figure out the core reason for your loneliness
  • Shun feelings of depression or anxiety that come from having no .
  • Try to brush up on your social life
  • Associate with like-minded people for a start.
  • Forget what people think about your choices.
  • Reconstruct your thought patterns.

Final Thoughts

Having no acquaintance doesn’t mean you are lonely. Besides, there’s nothing inherently dangerous or unhealthy about being on your own. 

It is perfectly possible to have an exciting life without companions but if along the line you feel the need to get friends, then give it a try.

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