15 How to Be a Good Wife Tips


A lot is involved when it comes to being a good wife and mother. And even being a good wife to your husband also comes with huge responsibilities ranging from taking care of the home, making sure everything is coordinated, supporting your husband, etc. 

Moreover, there is more to being a good wife than just a wife. Circumstances will test your patience level and might even get worse when you start having kids and lack good managerial skills to get through this phase.

Hence, if you want to be a better mother or would love to get a few tips on how to be a good wife to your husband, here are some ways you could consider.

15 How to Be a Good Wife Tips 

If you want to know how to be a good wife and mother to your husband and children respectively, we have provided some tips to assist you.

1. Be extraordinary

Now it is important to note that you don’t need to force these things to make your husband proud of you. 

Just be gentle and meek, exhibit those heartwarming qualities like humility, honesty, compassion, empathy, etc and watch your husband praise you as his rare gem. 

You could even read books on ways to look more attractive beyond physical beauty and let your beauty reflect in all you do in your home too.

2. Trustworthiness

As a good wife, trustworthiness is one of the tools to building a healthy, peaceful, and long-lasting marriage with your husband. 

Not to sound one-sided or heap it solely on women but, if you get to that stage where your partner struggles to trust you and even the words of your mouth, then communication difficulties emanate. 

In developing the art of being a good wife to your husband, start by being honest in your dealings with him. 

This would make him trust you easily and want to relate important matters in his life with you without being sentimental about it.

3. Trust your husband

In case you are struggling to trust your husband, try to look for a completely trustworthy one. 

God can do more than you would ever wish for or imagine in your heart, your partner’s heart, and in your home. 

So, seek God and talk to him. Trust him! This doesn’t mean that you should never speak about some issues with your partner from time to time. 

But, you also need to trust God and let go of some burdens that you might have accumulated over time due to overthinking. 

“Trust the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and he will make straight your paths.” (Proverbs 3:5-6 ESV).

Therefore, in essence, give your husband some privacy (he will do the same to you). Don’t be found snooping through his phone, mail, or social media handles. 

Don’t always question him about his whereabouts as these actions end up heightening your insecurities towards him. 

Instead, learn to be a good listener to be able to detect when things are bothering your husband, this way you could trust him better.

4. Don’t be a nagging wife

Nagging is damaging to a relationship and especially marriage. Even the Bible stated “A quarrelsome wife is like a constant dripping on a rainy day.” (Proverbs 27:15)

Therefore, if you don’t want to be termed as that disrespectful mother who is never satisfied with what her man does for her, then don’t be a nagging wife. 

If you are already in this category and want to deal with it then, identify your mistakes, apologize to your husband, resisting the urge not to talk back at him. 

Again, seeing things from his perspective could go a long way in helping you curtail those violent habits. Just work on yourself!

5. Put in efforts to make him happy

Your marriage should be an avenue for you and your husband to discover more ways to make yourselves happy

Even at some points, your husband may not seem to be interested, maybe due to work stress, sickness, or emotional breakdown.

However, you must stick to your promise of making him happy in sad times. Prepare his favorite meals, don’t starve him of sex

You could go out all the way to surprise him with gifts at his workplace and even kiss him goodnight consistently. 

All these would gladden his heart and make him do the same to you even without realizing it.

6. Be a good manager

Since husbands are the breadwinners of the family in the majority of homes, it gets to that point where he gives you all his money to handle with the trust that as a better wife and mother, you’d manage it better than him. 

So, as a good wife and mother, what do you do? Knowing how to estimate, creating a befitting budget for the family, tracking down the household expenses without being extravagant, and helping him save and manage his money will be a wise thing to do as a good wife and mother. 

Be wise with finances and even proffer more ways for him to make more income. He’d truly appreciate that!

7. Love yourself

Loving someone effectively and sufficiently starts with you as a good wife and mother. When you don’t appreciate yourself and your abilities, then loving someone else poses a difficult task too. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself or stingy to get yourself some amenities as a mother. Change your wardrobe, join yoga classes to keep fit, maintain a healthy diet, and don’t let yourself accumulate much belly fat because you are married. 

So, in essence, look good and healthy and watch yourself close to self-love.

8. Be supportive

This is a clear indication of being a loving presence in the life of your husband and child(ren). 

In being a good wife and mother, you should cultivate the habit of listening to your husband without being judgemental. This is that point where you encourage your husband to keep on being the best version of himself. 

Don’t expect much or pressure him to make a certain amount of money from time to time. Just let him be himself and discover more potential. 

Some practical ways to be a supportive wife are;

  • Pay attention to his feelings
  • Contribute your little quota to the family
  • Love him as  your husband and not only as the father of your children

9. Don’t embarrass your husband

As a good wife to your husband, all family problems should be settled between you and your husband and within the confinement of your home. 

No matter what, a third party is not meant to be let in on the trivial matters of your home or that which you have with your husband. 

Go all the way out to protect your husband’s honor and dignity before others. 

Don’t let him get embarrassed by friends who got to know of your recent talk with him, business plans with him, sexual activities with him. 

Remember you are now one with him and so his reputation is yours too.

10. Respect him

As a good wife and mother, you should let your husband know that he can share whatever issue he has with you. 

The way you respect your husband can either make or break him. When you constantly reassure him of your undying love for him he sees you as his safe zone and tends to long for your success no matter his weaknesses. 

Therefore, spend time with him, work on a project with him, speak well of him to others.

11. Know your husband better

The fact that you are married now is not enough reason to stop learning about your husband and new behaviors you haven’t noticed before. 

This is a better opportunity to explore with your man, ask him more questions in a fun-loving way. Just do anything to bond so well with him and know him better than you’ve ever done before.

12. Diligence

Don’t be a lazy wife or waste your time engaging in unproductive things that wouldn’t yield any benefits to your life and that of your new family. 

Don’t spend your whole day lurking around the streets of social media and not paying attention to your family. 

Lastly, ensure you sleep early and don’t let yourself get too exhausted from house chores. Encourage your husband to give you a helping hand.

13. Be a good wife and mother

Carrying out your duties and roles effectively is one great tip on how to be a good wife and mother to your husband and children respectively. 

Newly wedded wives enter motherhood with certain beliefs or expectations about what it truly means to be a good wife and mother. 

But oftentimes they develop those beliefs from the pressure of our communities and society as a whole, and the experiences garnered from their immediate parents.

Another thing is, trying to live up to the expectations of friends, family, and social media. 

However, this ends up influencing them when they finally become mothers thereby making motherhood unbearably difficult and distorting the whole idea of what a good mother should look like.

Moreover, as a good mother, you should do the following:

  • Teach your children the importance of self-worth
  • Love your child unconditionally 
  • Allow room for your children to make mistakes and learn from it
  • Have fun with your husband and children

14. A better daughter-in-law

Your husband’s parents are also your parents because, without them, there wouldn’t have been your man in existence.

So honor them too and respect the words of their mouths. Give them kind treats and watch them praise you for being so compassionate. Meanwhile, this will also go a long way in making your husband a happy man.

15. Be kind and generous

Give alms and don’t expect any in return. Be kind and extend your helping hands when it’s available to people who may need it at certain points in their lives. 

Don’t forget that a kind person never goes unrewarded too and it is one of the greatest qualities of a good wife and mother in a home.

Final Thoughts

Being a good wife is no big deal as it requires just your determination and willingness to make a big difference. 

Be open to learning new things daily and seek ways to practicalize them in your marriage. Resist heaping so many expectations on yourself thereby causing you to make mistakes. 

Take a step at a time and you’d be alright.

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