10 Massage Seduction Tips: How to Give a Romantic Massage


Massage seduction is another way to spice up your bedroom life. A sensual and sexy massage can be so soothing to the body too.

The art of giving a great massage, especially a sensual massage, tends to often take a backseat in terms of intimacy.

Honestly speaking, anybody can give and receive a sexy massage and all it takes is just a little concentration on some tips and making sure that you enjoy it as much as the other party does.

Not to mention, there’s a commodity so sweet (and sexy) about a sensual massage from your partner. Their intimate touch, loving hands, and desire to make you happy each come into play when you’re together enjoying a sexy massage.

To help you witness the pleasure of a voluptuous, sensual massage, I would be incorporating some ideas on how to give a professional-quality, adult massage right in your own home would be incorporated into this content.

Keep scrolling to find out how to set the mood for a romantic massage seduction, professional massage tips, and at most 10 massage seduction tips to give a very sexy massage that will rock your world!

Starters please don’t forget that setting the mood for your sexy massage is pivotal for success! Not only will this help your partner decompress and feel comfortable.

But taking time to set up a special experience for your partner will help YOU get agitated for what’s to come! In essence, take time to prepare for a voluptuous (aka sexy) massage at home.

10 Massage Seduction Tips

Check out these massage seduction tips to help spice up your bedroom fun below;

1. The air is crucial

 When giving a sensual massage, your terrain needs to be serene and comfortable for both of you. Indeed if you’re a little insecure about your chops, the atmosphere is of the utmost significance.

It’ll produce a terrain of relaxation and comfort, which will help your partner feel calm so they will be suitable to concentrate on their further intimate senses.

2. Turn your bedroom into an oasis

You can set up shop in any room. But if you have kiddies and want to ensure sequestration, make sure that the room is de-cluttered and clean. It’s hard to enjoy the love of an amorous message when the space you’re in feels dirty.

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3. Litter tea light candles around the room

Here’s another massage seduction tip you should consider when giving your partner a massage. Soft lighting creates that erotic feeling and makes you feel tempted to go beyond an erotic massage.

Therefore, embellish the room with some rose petals, lay down clean napkins (using massage canvases can make a mess), and have some soft, comforting music playing in the background.

You could also make use of a subtle but on your partner to ward off the noise and other distracting movements.

4. Draw your partner a nice, warm bath

Warm baths are always a good way to start the night. This is one massage seduction guide that you shouldn’t overlooked as it helps your partner relax while you set them up for the massage.

It will also help a great deal to warm up their muscles and relax them before you begin the sensual massage.

Here, it doesn’t matter if you are the giver or the receiver, a voluptuous or naked massage can be a great way to relax, love, bond and connect more with your partner.

5. Rub your hands together to warm them up

Make sure to rub your hands thoroughly with the oil before applying it to your partner. Do this gently and continuously until you achieve enough lubrication.

Afterward, perform your magic on him/her while giving out that comforting and calming touch at intervals.

It is advisable to use scented oil or relief massage oils for this to make the whole massage process more fun and soothing.

6. Start with a light touch

Remember that your focal point is to arouse, so regulate your pressure consequently. Start with some long strokes with no oil down from the head to the toes.

Touch veritably smoothly, so you’re just touching the hairs of the body. You can indeed try using fur or a feather duster to start the massage seduction process.

7. Start with the back

Place some oil on your hands and thoroughly massage your partner’s back with long, easy strokes.

You can place yourself behind their head and stroke down their back and repeat the same thing till you get back up the sides. To achieve more effectiveness, you could make use of a heat warming massager.

It’s a heated massage pad and it relieves muscle pressure, stress and gives a soothing feeling too. You should ensure that both of them are warmed up for the sensual massage in cases where you would expect it to linger to something more erotic.

8. Start sluggishly, also increase the pressure

Once the muscles have warmed up and are relaxed, you can now increase the pressure. Knead the muscles around your partner’s shoulders and neck using your thumb and forefingers.

Most people tend to hold a lot of pressure on their necks and shoulders. Keep in mind that you want to follow the inflow of the muscles, not work against them.

Pay attention to what pressure points your partner is responding to and how best to help them relax.

9. Massage all points

You can blarney the wrists, fritters, cognizance, the reverse of the neck, and the inwards of the elbows and knees – these areas are presumably infrequently given any attention.

Rub your fritters over your partner’s crown, massage and irk every cutlet and every toe until your partner is completely relaxed. Feel free to rub, kiss, master, and indeed nibble on these neglected regions.

Your partner will feel appreciated by your attention to detail. However, give a voluptuous massage seduction using another corridor of your body, if you have a problem with your hands tiring too snappily.

Your hands aren’t your only tools; you can make good use of your waxed arms, oil, and stomach.

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10. Don’t anticipate a massage in return

Your partner may be so relaxed after getting one from you that your partner is unfit to repay incontinently after you finish.

But, that doesn’t mean they won’t repay your loving affection later on. Just give them to relax from the just concluded massage and they’d come around soon to give you your treat.

Some seduction guides you should take note of

▪️ Strive to maintain calm eye contact with your partner

If you want to stick to this seduction guide, especially towards your partner, avoid looking away while they talk to you.

Gently fixate your eyes on them at intervals, this would encourage the seductive aura you exude.

▪️ Be your best around people

Appearing gloom all the time isn’t a good point to show people. Even when you don’t feel like it, try to put up a little smile, speak positively and help encourage people to do better.

Watch out, the ones who find you attractive enough would come around you.

▪️ Talk most gently and watch people rush after you

Don’t be known as a noisemaker or one who finds it difficult to understand others. Maintaining your cool and being so gentle sends off this feeling to people that you can accommodate people and their excesses.

▪️ Refrain from hitting people while talking but rather, a gentle touch or giggle could do the trick

Understandably, it gets to that point in the conversation where you could unconsciously hit a friend or a stranger you are talking with.

This doesn’t give a nice impression of you as people would always want to avoid you. Always be conscious and refrain from hitting people unnecessarily.

▪️ Don’t laugh so loudly

A gentle or broad smile does the trick. Unless you want to be considered a clown, laughing so loudly doesn’t make you an elegant lady or a gentleman.

And when you lack these tips, you might be as far away from being seductive as you imagined.

▪️ Wear fitting yet simple outfits

A simple yet fitting outfit gives you that topnotch look or identity and as the popular saying goes, people address you the way you dress up.

So why don’t you improve your seduction tips by putting on fitting clothes that bring out your curves like a lady and clothes that show your masculinity as a young man?

And if you are a lady, add a bit of twinkling and friction to the waist you know!


A romantic massage seduction is not a difficult thing to achieve especially with your partner.

Putting your mind and that of your partner at ease, getting the essential oil for a smooth process, and taking it very gently and one step at a time could go a long way in helping you achieve this great feat.

Remember to start slowly while adding a little pressure. Then watch how things skyrocket to a wonderful massage seduction you always imagined giving or experiencing.

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