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Did just find out that you are in a clingy relationship and you are asking, How can I deal with my Clingy Girlfriend? This article has the answer to your question. But before we further you need to understand:

Love is magical and feels like bewitchment.It happens almost alike for all gender but somewhat differently too.

For women, we all want to be with someone who sends chills down our spine and makes us feel whole and special.

The woman wants someone who makes her heart skip, and chokes her with all the care and attention there’s, leaving her panting for air.

Yeah, she wants all of it; the time, attention, gifts, gist, romance, cuddles and hugs, and everything she could possibly get from her man.

This is the picture of the ideal woman and her man. But sometimes, what would have been a sweet-sweet thing turns sour and cringey as the male party involved becomes bugged and uncomfortable.

This happens when the girl becomes too clingy and insecure. If you are that sweet guy whose girlfriend wouldn’t allow you to breathe one bit or you’ve noticed some clingy girlfriend signs in her, and you’re looking for how to help her, here’s what you are looking for. 

Read on to learn How to Deal With your Clingy Girlfriend. You will also get some clingy girlfriend quotes you might not be familiar with.

How Can I Deal With My Clingy Girlfriend

Here are few hints on how to deal with a clingy girlfriend:

  • Be Empathetic
  • Be Honest, But Kind
  • Make Purposeful Quality Time
  • Build up Your Boundaries
  • Assist her In Getting Help
  • Try Out Couples Counseling
  • Choose If You Want To Stay Together

1. Be Empathetic

Before you begin telling your clingy girlfriend to get some space, it’s imperative to pause for a minute to consider where she’s coming from.

Being sympathetic and having sympathy are significant in a relationship. Try to see things from her perspective and check whether you can figure out where her insecurity in the relationship is coming from.

Ask yourself why she is so insecure. Have you two had issues in your relationship that have driven her to this place? If you were not faithful to her, a portion of her clinginess is a consequence of your unfaithfulness to her.

Or then again, perhaps it wasn’t you. Is there something different in her life that has made her battle in relationships?

However, it could be that she had one of her parents leave when she was a kid or was harmed by another person before.

Before you get vexed on the grounds that she’s so clingy, consider what could be causing it.

2. Be Honest, But Kind

Wikipedia defines Honesty as a facet of moral character that connotes positive and virtuous attributes. That means to handle a clingy relationship out of love you must be honest because it connotes positivity.

If you have a clingy girlfriend and you need to proceed with the relationship yet can’t continue to go the way it is currently, it’s an ideal opportunity to have a discussion with her about it.

Don’t stand by until the point that you can’t tolerate being around her any longer. Also, don’t have a discussion when you are frustrated. Pick the time and your words carefully. Be thoughtful.

Kindly pick a chance to deliberately have a discussion  your girlfriend’s attitude with her. Find a calm and private spot where you can talk, and it’s best not to be in the public.

If she ends up being vexed after your discussion, give her instances of the behavior you want to change and what thoughts you have to help keep the relationship healthy.

3. Build up Your Boundaries

Another way on how to deal with your clingy girlfriend is to build boundaries. Relationships need healthy boundaries, particularly when there is one partner that is continually crossing boundaries.

At the point when you have a clingy girlfriend, you need to build up boundaries to help you with the space you need.

4. Assist her In Getting Help

It’s possible that your girlfriend’s clingy behaviour is brought about by something different in her life and that it doesn’t come from your relationship.

If so, it tends to be helpful for her to reach out and find support from a therapist. As her boyfriend, you can urge her to get the assistance that she needs.

A licensed therapist can assist her with identifying where the clingy behaviour come from and realize how she can address them.

This can help your girlfriend in her relationship with you as well as in each part of her life. Realizing that she has your help in talking with a therapist can be exactly what she needs to push ahead in searching for help.

5. Try Out Couples Counseling

Going for counseling is one of the best ways on how to deal with a clingy girlfriend. This can also help If your girlfriend’s behavior has become a lot for you, there’s every possibility that you won’t need it to proceed.

Moreso. if you feel that you are putting in all that you can into the relationship just to make it work, yet your girlfriend is continually requesting more or denying you of enjoying every other thing in life, it is not a healthy relationship.

And if you truly love your girlfriend and want her relationship to work, then try out couples counseling. Going to a Counselor can help take off the pressure from you.

6. Make Purposeful Quality Time

Another way to deal with ypur clingy girlfriend is to make purposeful time.

If your girlfriend is clingy, it can help with making deliberate and planned quality time for her. Set aside time that is only for her and when you will pay attention to her without interruptions. Consider what things she might want to do or places she’d prefer to go.

If she has been acting clingier because she doesn’t feel that you’re giving her time and attention, this could address the situation.

Ask her what she needs to do. Let her plan a date night, go on an adventure together, find time to spend with her.

Alongside planning an intentional time for her, set aside some time to spend with your friends without her. Get this time on the schedule and ensure that she understands that you’re not accessible for her during this time.

You can tell her where you will be and what you’re doing, however, she shouldn’t be a part of it. It’s healthy to have time with your friends. 

Having gotten these seven hacks on how you can deal with your girlfriend if she is clingy, I’m sure you are relieved right now.

That’s cool!

But before I wrap it up let me give you some Clingy Girlfriends’ quotes that can be of help too.

7. Choose If You Want To Stay Together

If after looking at the above-mentioned points and you are still asking, How Can I Deal With My Clingy Girlfriend? then you just have to make a choice.

Eventually, you must choose if you need to remain together. If truly you love her, try out the tips in this article. Before abandoning the relationship, make sure that you make each effort to save it.


There are quotes associated with clingy girlfriends. Below are some clingy girlfriend quotes:

“Dealing with emotional clinginess is not really easy but if you love the person, you discuss with your partner that too much clinginess is already suffocating you”. 

– Angelica Tapas

Some men may be more aware of a desire to withdraw from intimacy, while some women are only in touch with their vulnerability and clinginess.
– Marie Maguire

Don’t be clingy like the seasons. Leave when you have to. 
-Antra Lodha

When we fear we’ll be left alone, our clinginess becomes a repellent to people wanting to get close, because closeness poses risks of suffocation.
Robin Sorensonc

Dependency is a self-perpetuating problem.
Robin Sorensonc

If you are independent and can’t stand clinginess, you might have to let go of that needy person, even if you love him.
Bethenny Frankel

Where strong attachments are made, babies and toddlers are less likely to show demanding behavior such as clinginess.

There is space and trust for each partner to grow, on the other hand, there are feelings of possession, intense desires, clinginess, and jealousy.
Emmanuelle Chaulet

If in every move that you do, she is always there, or when they demand all your undivided attention to them, the relationship may have issues with clinginess. 
-Angelica Tapas

I’m needy, I’m clingy. I may call or text too much. But if you can deal with all that, I’m fiercely loyal and will love you with everything I have
-Angelica Tapas

Bottom Line

Having a girlfriend to share your life with can feel super amazing. Having that partner that you can share your daily experiences with, including your dark sides and every other thing can make all the difference for you when the relationship is healthy.

However if you find yourself with a clingy girlfriend, you may want to end it all.

But that shouldn’t be your final judgment, you can try out some tips shared in this article on discovering and dealing with a clingy girlfriend.


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