When Your Twin Flames Thinks of You | 20 Signs Twin Flame is Thinking of You


Want to know what happens when your Twin Flames think of you? This article reveals 20 Signs Twin Flame is thinking of you.

Many believe in twin flames, a spiritual connection beyond physical and emotional boundaries. It is said that twin flames are two souls split from the same source and have been searching for each other to reunite and achieve spiritual enlightenment.

While this connection can be incredibly intense and transformative, it can also be accompanied by moments of confusion or doubt. In such instances, it becomes essential to understand the signs that indicate your twin flame is thinking of you.

In this article, we will explore 20 signs Twin Flame is thinking of you or is connecting with you on a deeper level.

What is Twin Flame?

Twin flames are mirror images of two different people or their two halves. These people frequently share skills and shortcomings and experience a strong sense of connection.

You may have met your twin flame if you connect profoundly and instantly with someone, almost as if you were meeting yourself. Twin flame relationships have the potential to be transformative, thrilling, and occasionally unhealthy. 

Signs of Twin Flame

There are a few indicators that, according to psychologists, could suggest a twin flame relationship: 

1. The meeting represents a significant turning point in your life because of your sense of various similarities

2. Sometimes, uncanny deep connection, 

3. Desire to progress, 

4. Preference for being single over being in a relationship.

What are the Stages Of Twin Flame?

The concept of Twin Flames is often associated with spiritual and metaphysical beliefs. It is believed that Twin Flames are two souls that are believed to originate from the same divine source and share a deep connection. The stages of Twin Flames can vary depending on individual interpretations, but here is a common understanding of the stages:


At this stage, the two souls have a deep and undeniable recognition. It often involves an intense sense of familiarity and a feeling of coming home when they meet. There may be an instant and profound connection that is difficult to explain.


A spiritual awakening marks this stage for both individuals. They may experience a heightened self-awareness and undergo personal growth and transformation. It is a time of self-discovery, self-reflection, and increased spiritual consciousness.

Union and Separation:

Twin Flames may come together in a union, forming a romantic relationship or a deep bond. However, this union can often be intense and challenging, as it may bring up deep-seated emotions, fears, and insecurities that need to be addressed and healed. The relationship may also go through periods of separation or distancing, where each individual focuses on their growth and healing.

Healing and Mirroring:

Twin Flames often serve as mirrors to each other, reflecting unresolved issues, traumas, and patterns that need healing. This stage involves deep emotional healing and inner work. It requires confronting and resolving past wounds and developing a deeper understanding of oneself.

Ascension and Harmonization:

In this stage, the Twin Flames work towards harmonizing their energies and aligning with their higher purpose. They may experience expanding consciousness, spiritual growth, and an enhanced connection to the divine. It is a time to align with their true selves and embrace their individual and shared missions.

Divine Union:

The ultimate stage is the divine union, where the Twin Flames unite in complete union and alignment. This is seen as merging their energies, hearts, and souls. It is a deep and unconditional love that transcends ego, boundaries, and limitations. It is believed to be a union centered on love, harmony, and spiritual connection.

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20 Signs Twin Flame is Thinking of You

Thought about whether your twin flame is thinking of you usually occurs in most people. This thought occurs in both females and males, even though most males will deny it. 

Most times, we sit down and think if our soulmates are thinking of us or not, Which is very normal. No matter how much we think about it, these thoughts are inevitable.

Some people see it as a way of showing love, while others see it as clingy. 

That being said, there are ways to know if someone is thinking of you.

Here are telltale symptoms your twin flame still loves you and is still thinking about you, even if you’re apart from them or can’t tell how they feel.

1. You Get Ideas From Them. 

One of the signs twin flames is thinking of you is when you continue to get Ideas from them. A person’s twin flame is always there to inspire them—even if it means they must follow their aspirations elsewhere. Some people might not comprehend it. 

Thus, even if you aren’t together, this connection will change you for the rest of your life. For instance, if you two had to part ways because of mental health problems, you might later find yourself working as an advocate for those problems. Your twin flame released some aspects of yourself you weren’t even aware of.

2. You Can Sense Them There. 

While they are with you, you can feel the energy. Hence, why would it be any different if they weren’t there? You’ll probably sense their “presence” as a reassuring aura surrounding you. You might even have a brief mental image of them.

Because of this, the world attempts to restore the connection on your behalf, no matter how often you try to ruin it. Seeing them is a sign they are thinking of you.

3. The feeling of being touched by your twin flame

Almost all twin flames experience the telepathic touch throughout extended separation stages. 

While it isn’t always sexual, there are moments when our 3D senses pick up on the sensations of our twin reaching out from the higher dimension, and while their touch doesn’t always express sexual desire, there are instances when it does.

This experience can be thrilling, even if it could initially seem spooky. Here, “feeling your twin flame’s touch” specifically refers to experiencing your twin flame’s touch even though they are not physically present with you. 

According to legend, there is a silver connection line between twin flames. Because of this, you could feel your twin flame’s touch even when they’re not around.

4. Dilated eyes 

Your twin flame is likely fantasizing about you if their pupils are dilated (in your presence). 

Numerous body language experts have noted that viewing an attractive person might cause pupil dilatation.

5. Erotic Dreams

This one won’t surprise anyone who has experienced the twin flame adventure, as it is a sign that your twin flame is thinking of you sexually. Twin Flames always have a strong bond in dreams since there; the same boundaries do not constrain us as in the physical world. 

If you dream about your twin flame, it’s not just an indication that they have sexual thoughts about you; it’s also a chance for the two of you to communicate a level of physical intimacy that you might not be able to at the time.

Another indication that your twin flame is considering you sexually is having twin flame sex fantasies. This is a very overt indication of twin flame sexual attraction. Dreams offer twin flames a wonderful chance to reunite and converse.

Have you ever questioned how you and your twin still run into one another despite your sporadic separations? They are compelled to be together by the cosmos. 

6. You experience feelings of comfort and warmth. 

One of the signs your twin flame is thinking of you is if warmth and comfort suddenly come over you at random. 

It’s a feeling that will catch you off guard, especially when it appears when you least expect it. 

It feels like someone comforts you when you’re depressed or sad by making you feel warm. Your twin flame connection is happening right now. 

Your twin flame undoubtedly considers you, which is the main cause of your unexpected sense of ease. 

Even if you are miles apart, they feel right there with you, encouraging you to look for the good even when things are bad.

7. You have a strong instinct. 

Your gut instinct is a reliable predictor of events, and it usually proves to be accurate. 

Thus, trust your instinct if it tells you your twin flame is missing and thinking of you. 

As a twin flame connection is divine, your partnership is truly extraordinary. Hence, if your intuition tells you that your twin flame is thinking exclusively of you, it’s probably accurate. 

When it comes to your twin flame, you need to believe whatever your gut is telling you. Our intuition can sometimes fail us.

8. Your heart flutters erratically 

Our hearts often flutter when we think about someone we love or care about passionately. Yet, it will never feel as good as when you are with your twin flame. 

Even more so than a soulmate, a twin flame connection is the most intense relationship you can have. 

Thus, if you thought your heart was beating for your soulmate already, it would be multiplied by two or even three when you were with a twin flame.

One of the telltale signals that your twin flame is thinking of you is when you suddenly feel your heart beating while going about your daily activities.

If this was brought on by your twin flame’s thoughts of you, no matter how hard you try to breathe deeply, nothing helps.

9. They call you immediately When you think about or mention them. 

You give them some thought. They are, after all, the reflection of your spirit. Synced ideas and similar desires make up your romantic connection. 

As a result, it is not unusual for them to call you right away. There is a spiritual bond between you. Even a soulmate connection can’t compare to it. It is a collection of genuine love that transcends space, time, and profound emotions. 

They will understand even if you do not explicitly want to interact with them. Beyond basic discussion, your friendship is deeper.

10. You Have the Temptation To Try New Things 

Unexpectedly, you could one day be more inclined to venture outside your comfort zone and try something novel. 

There must be a reason for this sudden need, which usually concerns your twin flame. 

Your twin flame emits energy that spreads throughout the cosmos when they are thinking of you. 

You experience this, which is why you believe you have used up energy you weren’t aware you possessed.

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11. You have irrational thoughts. 

Your connection may cause you to share ideas while your twin flame thinks about you. The twin flame telepathy phenomenon is what is causing this. 

While working on something, you could become sidetracked by unrelated thoughts. You might learn something new from them when viewing anything or listening to music.

12. You dream about them. 

Have you ever dreamed about someone, and when you awoke, the dream’s memory of them was still fresh? 

This is a clue that your true love is considering you. 

Our subconscious and waking lives have much to teach us about what is happening in our dreams. 

As we frequently interpret symbols and meanings in our dreams, individuals can communicate with us through our dreams. 

A regular appearance of your twin flame in your dreams is a sign that they are considering you and wish to get in touch. 

Thus, pay attention to your dreams since they might represent something deeper than you realize.

13. Their voice is audible. 

Twin flames have such a close relationship that both people can hear their twin flame’s voice and replay talks they have had with their twin flame in their minds.

14. Your eye has a persistent itch 

One of the signs twin flame is thinking of you is when one of your eyes suddenly itches and continues to itch. Naturally, if you have an allergy or eye sensitivity, this is not a psychic indicator, and you should speak with a doctor instead. 

But, if you suddenly develop itchy eyes when you don’t generally do, it could be a sign that your twin flame harbors passionate thoughts for you. 

The eyes are said to be both profoundly sensuous and the windows to the soul. Eye contact is another common way to start a deep sexual connection. If your eye itches, it may be because your twin flame sends you powerful subconscious sexual impulses.

15. Burning in the ears or cheeks 

Your ears or cheeks burning is another telltale indicator your twin flame is thinking about you sexually, just as the itchy eye problem. 

Perhaps you recently finished a marathon or took a tablet of niacin. If so, don’t worry about this. 

Yet, if a physical explanation for these phenomena cannot be found, your twin flame may be thinking sexual thoughts about you. 

Your twin flame is getting much more creative with their behavior if your cheeks are going red for no apparent cause. 

The same is true if your ears are burning. Your twin flame’s thoughts would flare up even more if you could hear them fully.

16. abrupt sneezing 

Your sudden sneezing is another of the top indicators that your twin flame is thinking about you sexually. 

This is a classic indication that your twin flame has romantic thoughts about you. 

Take note of the following, but disregard it if you have a cold: 

The spiritual strength of your twin flame’s romantic thoughts about you may cause a sudden sneeze.

17. Your vibrations start to increase. 

Your vibrations increase whenever your twin flame has sexual thoughts of you. 

The produced vibration facilitates a greater energy flow from the Source to your chakra system. 

Vibrations that are getting worse include: 

  • Feeling queasy in the stomach 
  • Tingling, shortness of breath, and intense but joyful alertness 
  • You are suddenly filled with so much energy that you want to release it happily and completely. 
  • More metaphysical power and spiritual awareness of everything around you are two advantages of this.

18. A butterfly lands on you. 

Butterflies are revered as supernatural beings in many civilizations. They are thought to aid in transferring energy from one person to another. 

The butterfly delivers the mind energy of the person thinking of you when it lands on you. 

One of the clearest indications that your twin flame is considering you for a sexual relationship is when this occurs in unexpected areas (and in an extraordinary way).

19. Tarot cards provide you with information. 

Tarot cards are a popular and effective tool for finding the answers to your concerns. Tarot cards can read your energy and determine what is happening in your life. 

The Wheel of Fortune, the Knight of Wands, the Star, the Three of Cups, Temperance, or the Empress will likely appear in a love reading for you and your twin flame.

20. You Get Goosebumps Unexpectedly 

Have you ever gotten unexpected, irrational goosebumps? 

If so, it is one of the signs twin flame is thinking of you. The energy your twin flame has provided you is the reason for these unexpected goosebumps. They send you a rush of energy when they are thinking of you, which may feel like goosebumps.


There are a few indicators to watch out for if you want to know if your twin flame is thinking of you. 

Your twin flame may appear in your dreams, you may think of them randomly, or you may have a gut sensation that they are considering you. 

All of these are indications that your twin flame is considering you, and it is time to connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does my twin flame miss me? 

You could miss your twin flame, but you’ll be able to know whether they do. If your twin flame misses you, it will show in their behavior and words. 
Your twin flame will probably confess to missing you or somehow express their feelings. 
If you’re still hesitant, though, it might be time to get in touch.

Will my twin flame return? 

It depends on the initial reason a twin flame left. However, they do frequently return. They might return if the relationship ended because your twin flame became distant. Your twin flame might not return if they left due to something you did or did not do. You should only get involved in a twin flame relationship if you believe your twin flame is worth the effort.

Is it good if your twin flame has sexual thoughts toward you? 

In general, yes. Making love to a twin flame is healthy, whether spiritually or physically. Being intimate allows both parties to concentrate on basic sexiness and prevents overstimulation of the monkey mind.


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