How Can I Stop Being A Clingy Girlfriend?


No matter how sweet your relationship may be right now, once you get clingy, there is every tendency that it will crash. This is because no matter how deep a guy loves you, he will always feel suffocated if you at all the time act clingy or needy.

Read on to learn how to avoid or stop being clingy in a relationship. You will also learn the way to start out Blossoming into the lady you recognize at heart you’re.

Or is true you can love and be loved by anyone you want. If not for any reason, love is supposed to reciprocate. But in a situated it is not, then something is wrong.

Either your guy is not into you anymore or you’re in the wrong relationship or you’re not even ready to start a relationship.

So, instead of feeling insecure, needy, or unhappy, it’s better you do the right thing- learn to stop being clingy and see your life sweet as honey.

First, ask yourself, why are you being clingy in this relationship? Your initiative is to work out what you’re doing and saying that reveals your neediness.

Are you always nagging, calling ad texting often, or made your boyfriend stay away from his friends and family!

Are you thinking you’ve lost him? You can win him back to yourself instead of being needy or suffocating him.

How to Know Your Clingy Behaviors

Recognizing how clinginess is often unhealthy is that the initiative towards taking responsibility for it.

There really is not any shame to admit if you’re too needy because there are probably valid reasons you’re.

Good relationships are valuable and rare, so being clingy may signify that you simply want to care for your partner, albeit to a rather extreme degree.

However, it’s still good to require a note of exactly which behaviors you ought to correct so you’ll unlearn them.

Some common clingy habits are:

  • Tagging along everywhere together with your partner
  • Growing angry if they prefer to go somewhere without you
  • Asking a variety of prying questions
  • “Investigating” on and following their whereabouts
  • Checking up with them constantly on social media
  • Obsessing over your partner texting back
  • Freaking out or assuming the worst if they don’t hear back from them immediately
  • Isolating yourself from people to form time just for your partner
  • Losing interest in former passions and hobbies
  • Growing jealous over their attractive co-workers or friends
  • Sacrificing your happiness for theirs.

Having gotten these possible clingy behaviours lets take a deep look at ways on how to avoid being a clingy girlfriend.

How to Stop Being Clingy in a Relationship

Here are ten ways to reel in that clinginess and give your boyfriend some space. With these steps you can stop being a clingy girlfriend.

  • how to avoid being a clingy girlfriend
  • Give your Boyfriend some Space
  • Focus on Your Interests
  • Know How to Build Yourself with a Healthy Relationship
  • Pay Attention to the Present Rather Than the Past.
  • Manage Your Anxiety
  • Restraint your Physical Meeting
  • Always Trust Him
  • Stop Seeing Yourself as Needy or Clingy
  • Help him build up

1. Ask Yourself Some Questions

The first thing to do if you want to stop being clingy in a relationship is to find out why you’re clingy.

You can do this by asking yourself some certain questions- Are you afraid of losing him? Are you contributing to his life and the relationship? Do you feel worthless? Do you think he is everything?

Getting answers to these questions will help you a lot to stop being clingy. They will also help you work on yourself both physically and emotionally.

2. Give your Boyfriend some Space

Being clingy in a relationship simply means someone especially a woman putting all her emotions immediately and openly in a relationship and then expects a man to fill all their emotional needs.

This suffocates men the most. Some men want their girlfriends to possess their own lives and plans. They don’t want to be a girl’s complete lives.

So, learn to give your boyfriend some space and allow him to breathe. You can achieve this by getting busy with your life.

Find out your role in your relationship, at work, together with your family, reception, and work towards balancing all.

3. Focus on Your Interests

Don’t abandon your hobbies and interests because you’re in a relationship. You must make your boyfriend’s interests yours too. Learn to be yourself, do what you like doing most not because your guy is doing it.

Everyone is created uniquely with unique features. And so is you. So, instead of dancing to the tune of your guy or clingy so much on him, take time to study yourself and know what interests you. Who did God create you to be? If you don’t know, then take time to attach with Him and study yourself.

Find out those things that you’re passionate about and interested in doing. Those things that give you fun and satisfaction doing them and give time to them even if your boyfriend doesn’t enjoy doing them.

4. Know How to Build Yourself with a Healthy Relationship

A healthy love relationship is a component of your life–but it’s not your whole life. Marriage may be a huge and wonderful part of life – but it can’t be your whole life.

If you create anyone who thinks the only focus of your life, then you’ll be left with nothing within the end. That one thing, whether it’s a person or a toddler or employment or your black curly hair and delightful figure, will eventually disappear.

Are you basing your identity on a person rather than God? Then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and misery because no man can fill all of your emotional, physical, social, or spiritual needs.

But if you discover the truth you – your God created you to be–then you’ll bring your healthiest, fullest, best self to your relationship. And your relationship is going to be fulfilling and rich for both you and your man.

5. Pay Attention to the Present Rather Than the Past.

People that provide you joy, tranquility, vitality, and a connection to God are the most important things in life.

This item will bring you to life and make you happy than any relationship ever could! The irony is that this material truly improves your relationships because it improves YOU.

Don’t give up on the things you enjoy, whether it’s knitting, leading committees, driving monster trucks, or planning your academic path through medical school and becoming an oncologist.

Your favorite possessions make you more appealing and lovable to everyone, even your boyfriend. He doesn’t want to be the center of your universe.

He wants to be in a relationship with a girlfriend who isn’t clinging to him because of the source of everything meaningful and good.

If you’ve always tended towards neediness and clinginess together with your boyfriends, read the way to invite What you would like in Your Relationships.

6. Manage Your Anxiety

If you’re susceptible to anxiety or nerves, it is often easy to show your partner how to ease that discomfort.

However, this will make your partner feel too liable for your happiness and maybe an inconstant thanking to manage your feelings.

Instead, try turning that anxiety into something positive and consistent, like a daily ritual or activity.

Simply doing habitual tasks can ease anxious feelings and leave you with more positive energy to place into the connection.

If you discover yourself chronically anxious or with feelings that can’t be managed easily, speak to a doctor.

7. Restraint your Physical Meeting

We often use visual communication to speak affection, like holding hands or adopting an open posture around those we care about. However, visual communication also can be a wake-up call.

Clinginess is often physical, even as very much like it is often emotional and psychological. If you discover yourself constantly wanting to touch your partner, whilst a reassurance that they’re still there, it is often problematic.

Some people may feel physically held back or reserved if they’re touched an excessive amount, so confirm you’re respecting your partner’s boundaries.

8. Always Trust Him

This is another way how to avoid being a clingy girlfriend. It can sound sort of a no-brainer, but it’s incredibly important to trust your partner. If you don’t trust him or her, then it’ll be impossible to let your partner have the space to be who he or she really is.

Not having trust in your spouse can make him or her feel less secure about the connection and cause feelings of resentment.

Trust is vital to maintaining an honest, long-term relationship that will make both of you cheerful.

Placing trust in your partner can mean anything from not constantly asking where he or she is during the day.

9. Stop Seeing Yourself as Needy or Clingy

Another way on how to avoid being a clingy girlfriend is by starting to see yourself as an important fellow in your relationship.

Learn and work on becoming who you recognize you were created to be by God. Many women attempt to get their value, confidence, self-worth, and sense of security from a person. This is often an enormous mistake; you’re abandoning your very soul for approval and acceptance from your boyfriend.

There’s nothing worth this, not a wedding proposal, a house with a white paling, world travel as a couple, a baby, diamond necklaces–you’ll finish up disappointed.

You’ll be empty-handed and emotionally depleted unless you learn to urge your value, confidence, and self-worth from God.

10. Help him Build Up

A guy has got to attend work. It’s not that he doesn’t want to spend time together with his girlfriend, it’s just that he features a job. a number of guys love jobs!

So, you don’t have to complain or feel bad when he doesn’t text you every hour.

If you’re during a new relationship, both you and your boyfriend could also be consumed by one another.  It’s natural to believe in one another all the time, to wish you’ll be together constantly, even to prevent seeing friends and family so you’ll spend longer together.


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