How to know When I Should Break up with My Boyfriend |12 Signs

should I break up with my boyfriend

You must be going through a lot having that question ‘Should I Break up with my boyfriend’ dangling all over your mind right now.

I know, answering that question though looks simple, it’s very difficult because tough decisions have to be made. Tough decisions in the sense that you don’t know if it’s the best thing to do, whether you’ll be okay without him or when you will do after break up.

But, if you think ending things up is the best thing to do, especially if things are not going on smoothly as it ought to, it should be in some exceptional cases.

These exceptional cases are what I will be discussing with you in this article. They are more of sure signs some relationship Experts believe that once you notice in your relationship, you should call it a quit.

In addition, you will get hints on what you should do after break up with your boyfriend

The table of contents below will guide you through.


Obviously, staying in love undoubtedly feels good and is also a good way of having good health but love is never sufficient to make a relationship last although it might seem so real in the movies where people are easily convinced and brain-washed by what they see in a particular cinema.

In reality, the emotions induced by romantic love can be so powerful that people can be convinced to remain in relationships that are dysfunctional, toxic, unfulfilling, and eventually miserable, whether or not they know it.

Breaking up isn’t always the ultimate step to take rather there signs that will help you discover whether is time to let go.


They will never improve. Still apologizing, you’re the one.

It’s a hint that the time has come to break up. You don’t want to be the one who continually pursues them and apologizes.

Your emotions are real, and they should be handled as such. When your partner often thinks he’s right, that might make him treat you like trash regardless of your feelings and emotions. 

On the other hand, you may appear desperate and peaceful to them but that will only make them degrade and devalue you.

Naturally, guys like acting on their own free-will, what you think you made them do is as a result of pretense or perhaps something triggered them to do such.

Therefore, get rid of this habit and if is already part of you then get rid of the relationship as well because you don’t belong there, relationships are supposed to be reciprocal and mutual.


This has to do with your boyfriend and relationship red flags, another key signal that it’s time to split. He may have behaved in a way that caused you a little concern, but you ignored it for some reason.

If, however, he attempts to manipulate you, hurt you emotionally or physically, or refuses to introduce you to someone valuable in his life, it’s a sure sign that you need to break up.

Similarly, if he abuses your trust, just see it as a warning bell in your head that it is time to call it quits with him.

​After all feelings and emotions should be well observed and respected in a relationship.


Most times ladies lie to their selves when they are in a relationship. It is obvious that things are not working out, their guy is interested in someone else, not them, yet because of fear of being alone, they don’t want to get out of the relationship.

They just don’t want to admit or visualize reality. You may not want to believe anything bad about your man, or you’d like to ignore the fact that all you two do whenever you see each other is disagree or quarrel.

Frankly speaking, one of the symptoms of a broken relationship is when you’re working hard to ignore evidence about your relationship that you know to be valid.

You might succeed in putting up they pretense but definitely is not going to last because human change with time and at the same time you’re hurting yourself.


The act of being over protective over you as your boyfriend are a communicative competence that he cares for you and that he respects your partnership.

If your partner does not protect you and make your well-being his priority, then maybe you should try splitting up with him on the flipping sign.

All this comes down to his instinct as a hero and whether or not you stimulated it in him.

Although protection might come from any individual despite how you’re related to the person, However protection offered by a boyfriend definitely symbolizes an act of love and connotes a different meaning completely to the person is offered to.


A man’s priority is something he holds in high esteem or value. It’s where his heart and most of his effort will be channeled to.

If you’re in a relationship and you continually feel ignored, worthless, and/or not caring for, it’s a good sign that you should break up with him.

Look, there’s a distinction between finding a guy who’s busy with obligations and a guy who doesn’t give you time.

If in spite of your best attempts to connect with your boyfriend and he is continually inattentive and neglectful of your needs and desires, then it is safe to conclude that he does not respect you and the relationship.

It is also said that ‘’partners who are absorbed or lack adequate relationship abilities are unable to meet your emotional needs at all times.”

The truth remains that when a man loves you, He makes your issue his, and he takes you as his own. He won’t hesitate to include your plans in his own agenda, making it mandatory.

He constantly puts his possible effort to pay more attention to your needs and wants.


Doing a particular thing for the wrong reason might be quite beneficial to you at that point in time but the outcome is forever assured.

Imagine loving and dating a guy for his possession is quite outrageous and what if the possession is no longer available?…. Of course, there will be scandals.

Whether you’re with him, because you’re scared of being single, he has money, or you feel like you’re wasting time to meet somebody, this is a good reason to break up with him now.

Listen, you ought to be with the guy of your fantasies, and you can love yourself and split up politely if you’re with your boyfriend because he has a nice flashy car rather than having a great prospect and a decent heart.

If you’re mulling if you should break up with your boyfriend, this is an additional sign that the time has come for you to split up because your heart isn’t truly in the relationship.


This is another good sign that you should call that relationship a quit now. When you’re not in his future plan or you can’t find him in your future plan, then you should break up with him.

Generally, holding a person in the name of a relationship without any purpose for future plans restricts not only them from discovering their ‘cheerfully together after’ but also your time.

Time is the only thing that can’t be recovered when wasted so hooking up with a man who plans the future just like you is a very good leading step.

Although the future is never guaranteed neither is it certain but a perfect man should have a backup agenda with the one he loves against the future, they are sure of facing, and I suggest you break up if he has no future plan with you.


Don’t even think of starting up a relationship with someone you never liked with the mindset of loving him with time; This could could happen in the movies, but is deceitful in reality, follow your emotions, feelings along your brain.

Naturally, you can fake a lot of stuffs in this life but faking your happiness is quite deceitful. Once you date the right person, you enjoy the relationship reliably and experiences a general sense of satisfaction and happiness along.

It’s not that you won’t sometimes quarrel, disagree or have conflict with one another even the perfect couples do that.

And there is never a person in a successful relationship who would get down or suffer at any level emotionally.

So if you don’t find happiness in your relationship it could be because you’re still learning to love your partner that might take a huge time to realize or never come to actualization.


Based on natural phenomenon, it is normal in a relationship to have differences with your partner, since both of you’re not going to agree with each other all the time.

If you think, however, that all you do is argue and nag against each other all the time, it shows that your guys are not intellectually compatible. You can also find about your compatibility level in our post on……

So, once you notice you’re not compatible or that you’re never able to settle your wars, and as a result of that, you’re always in a bad mood or frustrated, it’s time to break up with him.

Thus, It’s unsafe or constructive to compete with someone all the time, and completely disagreeing with your boyfriend on virtually every subject will help you to know that you’re not right for each other.

Instead of wasting your time arguing, take a deep breath, and split up with him before you’re stressed out.


Yeah, everybody’s going to have worries and anxieties, and some deeper questions about oneself can also be dealt with.  

However, the time they invest with their companion will make things better, but not by much, about them.

If, on the other hand, your mate exacerbates your personality and reduces your credibility, then that’s a major red flag that you don’t want to be in a commitment with this individual.

The truth is, you need someone who confirms the wonderful things about you and embraces them, not someone who kills your personality and torpedoes your every effort at progress.


Some other logical explanation that gives you a sign that you must end things with your boyfriend is that in your relationship, you’re not really you. 

For instance, you’re in the wrong relationship if you feel you’re just portraying the role of the individual you think your boyfriend assumes you to be and you’re not always open to him about your true self, thoughts, and beliefs.

With your mate, you should be able to be your true self and play a major part in each other’s life. But if you feel like you need to change who you’re, act in some way, or unmask what is really in your mind, then it’s time to part ways with hesitating.

Even if you intend to keep your true identity away from your partner is quite assured that they truly will unmask themselves someday so is better you take a step at a time to avoid regret.


Consider it the right time to break up with your boyfriend if he always keeps you away from hanging out with your friends.

It’s kind of manipulative tactic commonly used by narcissists that is not good. It’s never cool for a partner to control your schedule, even if they seem to be doing so “out of love.”

You should be totally free to live your own life, and anyone who tries to interfere is probably not someone you can safely date. 

What should I do after break up with my Boyfriend

There are no two ways around this; break up breaks you down. Breaking up with your boyfriend can cause you a lot. It can affect your life either positively or negatively.

That’s why what you do after break up matters a lot. So, you need all the assists that you can get. Below is a hint of somethings you should do that can help you have your peace and happiness again.

  • Cry over it
  • Delete his number from your phonebook
  • Don’t Call him
  • Hang out with your friends
  • Engage yourself with activities
  • Discover yourself
  • Delete and burn all this pictures with you
  • Don’t change your relationship status
  • Do what you love doing most
  • Change Environment
  • Don’t talk about it.

To get full detail about these points, I advise you to read our article on ‘What to do after break up’.

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