15 Secrets on How to Make a Girl Fall for You Fast

how to make a girl fall for you instantly

One thing that is common among most men is falling in lust instantly with a lady. As a guy, it’s might be easy for you to ask her out, but when it comes to taking approaches on how to make a girl fall for you, it becomes a daunting task.

Maybe, you might have tried a persuasive approach or an aggressive approach which in the end scares the girl away from you.

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Now, let’s continue…..

Truth be told, how to make a girl fall for you, especially if she has no feeling for you depends on you applying the right trick or hack; the ways you treat her.

You don’t need any love potion or an incantation from any soothsayer. All you need is the right moves, tricks, and steps to take as a guy.

In this article, I have put down 15 tricky secrets for how to make a girl fall in love with you instantly and of course, how to get a girlfriend. Also, with these secrets you make a girl from across the country fall for you.

The table of contents below gives you a hint of all the points made.

How to Make a Girl Fall for You Instantly

#1. Get Busy

Before you can get any girl to fall in love with you, you have to Love yourself. You love yourself by working towards becoming the man you’ve always wanted to be. And the best way to achieve this is by getting busy. Most ladies go after men with long potentials that can easily convert.

#2. Know yourself.

A Socrates once said, ‘The Unexamined Life is not worth living.’ Ladies want real men that are confident and know what they want not boys. So, this is what you should do, constantly question your actions, know what prompts each of your actions.

#3. Be a Gentle Man

Don’t be a Jerk. Even though most ladies like to flirt or laugh with jerks, no lady will want to end up with a Jerk. Gentle guys are sweet, caring, and overprotective. They are ready to stand by their Girl’s side in every situation of life.

#4. Take her to a Party

In finding a soulmate, I notice one thing that is common among girls- Having FUN. Every girl whether extrovert or introvert wants to have fun, especially with a guy she is dating. And going to parties can help give any lady, the funniest moment of her life.

Also, try to make her laugh. You can achieve this by telling her jokes. Laughter they say releases the feel-good Chemical, Dopamine into the Brains.

#5. Spend time with Her

Another way to make any girl fall in love with you is by spending quality time with her. Spending time with a lady makes her feel special and valued. Aside from time, spend some dollars on her. You can get her gifts, take her on a treat or tour.

#6. Don’t Rush or Stuck Her

This is one mistake most men do in relationships, especially if they are trying to make the girl fall over hill in love with them. Because they just met the girl, they keep calling and sending messages now and then.
Yes, you want to win the girl’s heart and you want to build and nurture the relationship, but truth be told, stacking won’t get the job done.

So what is the best way to go about this?

Be unavailable sometimes even if you are free. Don’t always spend all your time with her and limit the number of time you call and text here even when you feel like.

By doing that, you’ll be able to keep your emotions in check and cool wave to long-term love. And with that, you can make any woman fall in love with you madly.

#7. Don’t be a Fun Sponge

Girls hate it when you are a killer of fun or when you are a negative nancy. Avoid being pessimistic all the time, especially when you are with your girl. Always try to look at life from the bright side in both good and bad situations.

#8. Get to know her Family

Getting to know her family and friends will make her fall deeply in love with you. Every girl loves it when the guy they are dating tries to take it home. What I mean here by taking it home is making efforts to know a girl down to her last name.

Apart from them like that, it will also give you the platform to get closer to her family and know them more.

#9. Stick to One Girl

Most guys believe that it’s very difficult to stick to only one girl at a time. To be honest, it is not, especially if you think you really love this girl. By sticking to her alone will make her have that unique-mindset. And it will also help keep you focused and less distracted.

#10. Listen to Her

No girl wants to get serious with a guy who doesn’t listen to her. So, listening to her, give her attention, and acknowledge her. Also, hear her whenever she is expressing her thoughts on any subject. This will make her feel good. And make her fall in love with you.

#11. Initiate a Physical Contact

One thing that easily makes a woman fall in love with a guy is a physical connection. Initiate physical contact with her. Remember, don’t be too quick to start this because it may make her feel that you are only interested in her body. You can start gradually and once you start reacting, the job is done.

#12. Don’t ghost her

Leaving a girl and waiting for her to be the first to approach you don’t make any sense. Don’t ghost any girl you love and you really want to start up some serious with. Ghosting on her I mean is waiting a long time before making your intention known to her.

Even when you have sex with her, keep up with the communication. Doing that will always make her feel secure in your affection.

#13. Don’t be too serious

Okay, okay, falling in love is about connecting on deeper levels and having important conversations and shared values. But it’s also about having fun when you’re together!

If you can’t put your guard down, make jokes, try goofy activities together and release stress, then she won’t feel comfortable around you.

After all, there’s something empowering about knowing your partner is equally weird and ridiculous as you are.

#14. Be wary of body language

There’s no question that body language can be more relevant than the words you use when you’re trying to impress a woman. 

Most guys ruin any hope of success by expressing tense, submissive, or apologetic body language and tone-of-voice as they find out how to approach a female. 

However, once a man paves the way to connecting with a woman by losing the nervous twitches, sustaining eye contact, and speaking, strongly, slowly, and clearly, he’s halfway to winning her full attention. Act confident and you will be confident.

#15. Attract her

Another way on how to make a girl fall madly for you is by doing things that will attract her and not just surprising her. You can surprise her with gifts, flowers, and dinners but you can only attract her with your communication approach.


How to Make a Girl Fall for you Over Text

In making a girl fall in love with you over text, you must know how to text a girl. Below are 7 powerful things your text must contain that will always make her smile whenever she is reading it.

With these words or expressions, you can text a girl who’s losing interest in you and you will see her getting excited about meeting up with you again.

Here are the expressions:

  1. Send it and forget it.
  2. Be positive
  3. Playfully tease her
  4. Speak her language
  5. Keep your grammar in check
  6. Mirror her rhythm and style
  7. Mix up reply times

Bottom Line

When looking for steps on how to make a girl fall in love with you, there are lots of steps to take. Considering some of the steps aforementioned will definitely make her mad for you.

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