Is my Partner Cheating | 10 Sure Signs

is my partner cheating on me

Although cheating is very common in relationships today, yet it’s not always easy to know when your partner is really cheating on you. To avoid your relationship ending in hot tears, don’t make the mistake of approaching your partner without being sure.

You might approach your partner and they deny it, or even break up with you because it’s not true that he is cheating on you, Can you ever win him back again?

So in order not to pass through that stress or destroy what you have built for years, it’s expedient you are sure that they might be cheating.

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Most times you keep yourself busy with dirty assumptions that your partner is doing something funny behind you.

I know there is nothing that takes away joy from you and keeps you thinking other than when you think that your partner is cheating.

Begin challenging your assumptions. Your assumptions are the windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in awhile or the light won’t come in.

Alan Alda

So dear, instead of trying to build roadblocks out of assumptions which you must avoid or just fold your hands waiting to be told the truth, I have way out.

I have put down in this article 10 signs that when you get to experience from your partner, you can then say of a truth that he or she is keeping a skeleton in his cupboard.

However, if you are in a relationship and you are seeing any of these signs in your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse… then your relationship may be in trouble.

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10 Sure Signs my Partner Cheating

Here are sure signs my partner is cheating on me:

  • They tend to be too busy for you
  • Always picking quarrel
  • They start keeping to themselves
  • Your Partner suspects every move you make
  • They care less about who you hang out with
  • They Take decisions on Their Own
  • Your Partner’s Interests Change
  • They Get Uncomfortable with you
  • Your Partner’s Sex Drive Increases
  • They Don’t Like You Coming Over Unannounced

#1. They tend to be too busy for you

Now, whenever a partner is cheating, he or she tends to be so busy to have time for you especially a boyfriend or girlfriend.

He or she calms to have other engagements that will justify the reason for not been with you when you need him or her most.

Sometimes, when your partner is having unexplainable engagements outside the home, there is 85% chance that he or she is cheating on you.

Although in some cases, there might be a challenge your partner wants to handle that is really giving him a sleepless night.

#2. Always picking quarrel

This can really be a big issue. Your partner can be cheating on you if he or she all of a sudden starts picking a fight every now and then.

However, When a partner cheats, it’s common for them to feel emotions like shame, anger, and guilt, and to look for somewhere to displace those feelings.

If your love starts picking a fight and enjoys arguing with you on every little thing then there is every possibility that he or she has someone outside.

Note, that your partner picks a fight or argument all the time might not really mean that he or she is cheating especially if your partner is a Choleric.

#3. They start keeping to themselves

This can be painful, I know. ‘Communication’ they say fuels relationships. Something must be wrong if your partner suddenly stops talking or communicating with you often especially when you did nothing.

So, if your partner happens to be the kind that always has things to say, and yet they’ve suddenly become quiet or distant or prefers giving you a straightforward and short reply to questions that he or she knows that requires a detailed answer, then your relationship may be losing intimacy.

#4. When your Partners every move you make

A butcher is always cautious about a knife going behind him.

Whenever your partner starts suspecting every of your move, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is overprotective or jealous.

In this situation, your partner might be thinking that you are cheating on him or her too.

A friend once told me how her partner always suspects her to the extent that he had to get another cellphone with a new SIM card and stopped her from apply makeup.

Only for her to find out that he is cheating on her and is scared that she might do the same if given the opportunity.

5. They care less about who you hang out with

Watch this, when your partner immediately loses his jealous streak especially if your partner was once the type of person who would get upset when another man or woman checked you out, it may mean that partner is seeing someone else and really care about you again.

It may seem that they trust you that much, but it’s also a red flag for cheating.

#6. They Take decisions on Their Own

Your partner might be up to no good if he or she has excuses for taking decisions on their own.

However, it may mean that your partner doesn’t want to do things with you, it may be because they’d rather spend their time with someone else or that your opinion doesn’t really matter again

#7. Develop the Habit of Hiding and locking Phone

This can be very suspicious. 89% of partners that hides and lock almost all the apps in their phones including phonebook and message box cheat on their partners.

Whenever your partner starts hiding his or her phone from you or decides to excuse himself just to pick a call, watch out, there is every possibility that he is cheating on you with someone else.

Therefore, if you have caught your partner hiding their phone from you, deleting messages or getting paranoid anytime you’re near it? If so, then the alarm bells should be ringing!

This kind of behavior is a clear sign that they’re hiding something from you.

#8. They Don’t Like You Coming Over Unannounced

A friend of mine back then in school once told me that one thing he disgusts a lot, is friends visiting him unannounced and that was two weeks after gave me his house and said I can visit him anytime I want.

Although, this sign is common among partners who are still dating. If your partner used to love your surprise visits but is suddenly irritated by them, it’s because they don’t want you around at certain times.

They feel uncomfortable and scared sometimes that you might visit when they are doing something silly. So because of that, they tell you should try to call before coming over.

It could be a matter of someone else being there, or you found something they’ve forgotten to hide, but if your partner gets paranoid about you visiting, then it’s time to get to the bottom of things.

#9. Your Partner’s Sex Drive Increases

Although in committed relationships, sex is important and seen as a flavor that spices a relationship, it is wrong when it forms the bases for maintaining the relationship.

However, when sex is what your partner enjoys the most about you, my dear there is every possibility that he or she is cheating or doesn’t intend to stay long with you.

#10. They Get Uncomfortable with you

Another sign that your partner might be cheating on you can be if they all of a sudden start getting uncomfortable with you being around them.

Yea, it’s understandable when you upset your partner and out of anger decide to keep away from you, maybe by going to start with a relative or casually friend just to get over with what you did.

But when your partner starts feeling unease around you and decides to be alone or with someone else other than you, then something is cooking.

#11. Your Partner’s Interests Change

When someone spends enough time with someone new, they begin to adopt their views, or at least understand them. This can include anything from music and books to politics and social views.

If your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse becomes interested in things they hated before, it could be because they are absorbing someone else’s interests.

The same goes for speech. As humans we have a habit of adapting our speech to those we are around, so keep an ear out for any strange words or sayings that suddenly become part of your partner’s everyday vocabulary.

If your partner is actually Cheating

Now, if you are confident and you have evidence, this is what I think you should do. Don’t take action based on your emotions or how you feel at that time.

  • First, try and find out the reason for your partner’s action. If you truly love your partner and you believe you can work it out.
  • Let your emotions pass the anger, the frustration, the feelings of betrayal. Never allow it to take a hold of you for long.
  • Give yourself the time and space to feel what you need to feel without making any real decisions. There is no reason to shape the rest of your life around urges that may last for only a short time.
  • You don’t want to live in regret simply because you acted too quickly.
  • Don’t be in the should of yourself. yes, its necessary you get upset with your partner but don’t angry with your self. Put yourself together and keep your future going.
  • Then talk to someone. A problem shared they say is half solved. You can talk to a marriage counselor or therapist. You can also talk to family or friends but not all your friends.

Yes, I know you probably don’t want to be used or have your intelligence played, let alone your partner or spouse. 

So keep your eyes peeled for multiple indications and try on how to build your relationship back. Confront the problem when you’ve seen enough to quash any doubt about your partner’s infidelity.


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