15 Ways on How to Be a Good Girlfriend | No. 10 will Surprise You.

how to be a good girlfriend to your boyfriend
how to be a good girlfriend to your boyfriend

A friend is someone who has our interest at heart. A friend is someone who constantly pushes us to be the best version of ourselves.

A good friend is a wealth. This is why every one of us feels incomplete without one.

However, friendship is a slow ripening fruit, its process may be taxing but with patience and great work, something extraordinary is achieved.

A good friend is difficult to come by these days, your intended relationship with them notwithstanding.

That said, we must normalize building a healthy and lasting relationship with those we call ‘Friends’. Hold on to them closely If they mean something to you.

Before you looked up this topic you must have been wanting to know how important you are to someone and how helpful you have been to them.

Yeah, this person could be your girlfriend, bestie or lover. Making up your mind to look out for things that would help you build a strong and healthy relationship with people is very commendable.

So, to appreciate your efforts to gain more knowledge and clarity on this topic, I will be giving you tips on how you can be a good girlfriend to your boyfriend, girlfriend, and any other friend at all.

With these tips fully imbibed, you can be ready for any Relationship at all.

The table of contents below will guide you.

15 Tips on how to be a Better Girlfriend to your Prince Charming.

Mmmh, someone is obviously in love with someone she wouldn’t want to lose huh?

Don’t worry, I will help you with some tips on how you can be a good girlfriend to your boyfriend.

Enjoy the read:

  • Respect your man
  • Trust him
  • Be a good listener
  • Accept his flaws
  • Encourage him to break his limits
  • Be genuine
  • Appreciate him often
  • Learn the art of massaging his ego
  • Do not Nag
  • Do not compare him to other men
  • Be empathic
  • Be a good communicator
  • Respect his friends and family
  • Be part of his growth
  • Be his friend

I will go ahead to be more explicit on the tips listed above, I believe it will help.

#1. Respect Him to the Core

Imbibing the act of respect is one way you can be a good girlfriend to your prince charming.

Of a certain, every man desires to be in a relationship where their partner would see them as a god and respect them.

Respecting your guy has nothing to do with fear. Respect is evidence of companionship, which is what every man wants.

Your man wants to know he’s not planning a forever journey with a rival instead of a companion.

#2. Trust your Man

One of the best gift you can give to your man is to trust him.

Trust that he is capable of protecting you and will always be there for you.. Trust in his vision and expansion.

It makes the process a lot easier for him. His heart leaps in joy whenever he thinks of you and how strongly you believe in him.

This is one of the ways on how to be a really good girlfriend. And with this, he can never ask for a break up.

#3. Be a Good Listener

As a lady, being a good listener is one of the best ways on how to be a good long-distance relationship girlfriend. This has rude a lot of relationships including my last relationship.

Just like everyone needs a shoulder to cry on once in a while and one person who could hear us rant all day and won’t feel awkward, so also is that your prince.

So, give him an ear when necessary and lift his soul with words of encouragement.

I bet you, his soul will be forever tied to us.

#4. Accept His Flaws

Perfection can only be a reality in the dream world. No man is perfect. In fact, every human being is flawed, there is no perfect human out there.

Just learn to accept people’s flaws and love them regardless. You need to understand this truth and love your man regardless of his flaws.

if you want to be a good girlfriend to your girlfriend or boyfriend, accept them the way they are. This alone makes them confident and comfortable whenever they are around you.

#5. Encourage Him to Break his Limits

Push him to become better. Support him in every step he takes and hold him by the hand from one phase of his life to a greater one.

That is how to love a man. Men are like babies, even though they know what to do or what they want they still need someone to cheer them and encourage them to get it.

Be that someone. Show them you care. Be a strong support system and enjoy love.

#6. Show Appreciation

Everybody in the world feels happy and motivated to do more when appreciated. So also are men, especially when they love you.

Never think that because you’re charming, hardworking or finanical woman, you deserved to be loved.

No, that’s not it. Out there, there are millions of women better than you, so for him to love you, appreciate him, and make him feel honored.

Put aside society’s definition of a man and create yours. They are not Stones. They are humans who yearn for words like “thank you. you’re the best.

I love you always. you are a strong man and you will scale through this phase soon. I’m so proud of you etc”

These words makes them feel loved and encourage them to be the best they can be.

Bless them often with these beautiful words and they will love you unapologetically.

#7. Massage His Ego

This is also another way on how you can be a good girlfriend to your boyfriend. But, to do this, you must be careful so that it won’t get into his head. Men have Egos which they value so much.

Crushing their ego down is like demeaning or reducing them to nothing, which they hate.

No doubt, we all love to be praised and given a pat on the back no matter how little our achievement is.

When a man’s ego is bruised he feels worthless. Constantly massage your man’s ego by making him feel needed every moment.

#8. Do not Nag

A nagging woman is perceived to be toxic and no sane man would love to lead himself by the hand into his grave, no sane man would.

As a good girlfriend, you are not expected to nag like an angry bird. This does not mean you shouldn’t voice out your fears and speak your truth, but it should be done nicely.

When you nag always you are not different from the mad women roaming around the streets and this is could put some men off.

Being a good friend means you have to learn how to chase after peace and abhor chaos. A peaceful woman is the backbone of a man.

You are there to calm his storm and solidify peace not to bless his already shaky heart with more pains. A good woman speaks peace.

#9. Do not Compare Him to Other Men

You must understand that when you choose someone to become a part of your life, they become as unique as you are.  If you think they don’t deserve you, then you don’t deserve them either.

Now here is the trick, you man is special, unique and irreplaceable. You can never find him in Mr A. So, loving your man the right way includes seeing him first and placing him above other men.

If you consider yourself a special breed, you will see the people you roll with as one too.

#10. Try To Be Empathic

Put yourself in his shoes to feel his pain and see through his heart. It not always about you, don’t be selfish.

Consider people’s feelings when making a decision. Love is kind they say, be compassionate and understand they people go through stuff once in a while too. Help lift them.

Your boyfriend is one of them, love him more than you confess, that way you will feel his pains and share his happiness.

How to be a Good Girlfriend in High School

#11. Be a Good Communicator

He must not text or call first. Spoil him silly with beautiful text messages and calls. Let him know you care.

When you are out on a date with him, it’s very okay to initiate meaningful conversations, don’t just sit and wait for him to do all the talking.

Be logical sometimes and watch him get lost in your love.

#12. Respect his Friends and Family

Another way on how you really be a good girlfriend to your girlfriend or boyfriend is by valuing his or her loved ones.

You must understand as a lady that his life doesn’t have to stop because he met you. He had friends and family members before you showed up.

So, you should respect his friends and family and associate with them like they were yours. That is the purpose of friendship/relationships.

We connect and build great relationships with people around the world. That is what genuine love is all about.

#13. Act Real

Be yourself. Real is rare and that’s why you mean a lot to your man. Stop wanting to be like every other girl out there, he met you and he came to be with you for a reason.

You don’t need to adapt to other, people’s ‘Normal.’ Live your life and enjoy love.

#14. Be Part of his Growth

When your man is not progressing, you are at a spot too. Why?

You will practically drain yourself just to find a way to please him because everything you do seem to irritate him.

Wish him growth. Teach him growth. Help him to grow.  Teach him how to work smart. Support him the best way you can.

Trust me, you may not know what you are doing for him until you see the mind-blowing results.

Love is strength!

Be his strength.

#15. Be His Friend

Finding a friend is a lover is the best feeling ever. Having someone who understands you more than anyone else, is a blessing.

Friendship is wealth and a wealthy man is a happy man.

Be your man’s best friend.

Make him comfortable enough to be able to talk to you about anything and everything.

However, the art of being a good girlfriend Is simple, just make your man feel loved and wanted and he will reciprocate the love with no reservations.

How to be a Good Girlfriend to your Girlfriend

There are no set rules for achieving a hitch-free relationship with your female bestie. We all live and implement our own rules.

Yeah, women are very complicated creatures you may never succeed in your Quest to please them.

You just have to study them to know at least a handful of how to kick start your journey to satisfy them.

Now, here are some tips on how to be a good girlfriend to your girlfriend.

#1. Become The Leader

This simply means to have the courage to reach out first even when you have been forgotten.

Send that text first. Call first. It’s totally okay.

Do not be a consumer, but a creator. Create beautiful memories that would last forever.

#2. Learn to Keep Secrets

A lot of girls are gossip, so finding someone with a touch of uniqueness is a blessing.

As a good girlfriend, you must learn to teach your girlfriend how to trust you by saving her secrets and never letting it out.

#3. Help out

Learn the art of kindness. Assist your girlfriend when you can.

Learn to be kind to people and lift them when they are down.

That is what good friends do.

#4. Maintain the Relationship

Always keep the fire burning even when your friends own seem to be going off.

Let them know you are thinking about them as often as possible. Let them know you care.

A lasting relationship requires great work and patience which we must all be ready to give.

Nothing good comes easy, they say. You have to keep pushing.

The people you love have no reason to not love you back when they see you are putting in so much effort to prove your love for them.

Live and connect with people, that’s the essence of life.

How to be a Good Girlfriend Quiz

Providing the correct answers to these questions will help more to score yourself whether you’ve being a good girlfirend or not.

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