29 Undeniable Signs You Are Unofficially Dating

Undeniable Signs you are Unofficially Dating

Undeniable Signs you are Unofficially Dating

Dating can be a tricky thing to navigate. It’s indeed like riding on a roller coaster. That’s why most people prefer unofficial dating, which has become the norm in this new era.

People go into dating without defining what they want or having any profound connection. Once there is sex, romantic moments, hangout, and warm company to kill boredom, they are good to go.

Young people now prefer to be in unofficial dating relationships as it gives them time to do other things without being serious with the other person.

While some seem to enjoy the nature of this relationship, others still have questions and want to find out if they are in an unofficial relationship.

Are you currently dating and can’t understand where the relationship is heading? Then this article is for you. This article will give you 29 undeniable signs that you are unofficially dating and help to confirm your relationship status.

From spending quality time together to introducing one another to family, these signs can shed light on the reality of your connection.

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What Does it Mean to be Unofficially Dating?

Unofficial dating is a relationship where the connection between two people is not established. It could look like they are into something serious, but it all seems to be a mirage, as both partners may be connected for a particular purpose but not for a long-term relationship that might stand the test of time.

Unofficial dating is like your ordinary relationship, but ironically, it is not labeled as one. Somehow, both parties may often be seen together, and they may also have some chemistry.

This type of relationship is usually causal, as one partner may decide to pull out of the relationship at any time. It has been predicted that relationships like this last two to three months.

Individuals in an unofficial relationship may be in one because of the flexibility of finding another partner as they choose. And since they are not deeply connected, they might not spend much time together often.

Unofficial relationships are often motivated out of an interest, which may be to satisfy their sexual desires or may be financially motivated as well. Either way, one is allowed to move on when one so chooses.

How Do You Know if Someone Wants to Date You?

1. They will be open to you

We all know that many people hide so much from people that they wouldn’t want people to know.

But when they are open to you, especially on matters that concern their family or personal life.

Anyone who has been in close touch with you and is not afraid of sharing things with you loves and wants to date you.

But they may seek an unofficial relationship when they are not opening up to you, especially about their personal life.

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2. Respect boundaries

No matter how small, everyone has areas they wouldn’t want anyone to cross. Anyone who respects your boundaries wants to be in a relationship with you. They know that by respecting those rules, they are bound to sustain your attention.

3. They planned dates for two

Anyone who loves you and wants to date you will always want to spend quality time with you. They will want to buy two tickets to ensure they spend time with you. They will have a way to include you in an existing or future plan.

4. They think about a future with you

Thinking or trying to put you in the future can never be in the plan of anyone in an unofficial relationship with you. Anyone who wants to date you will always want to have something to do with you in the future. 

This attribute can often be found in the questions they ask and when they discuss buying a house and raising children. They go out of their way to ensure your goals are achieved.

5. They introduce you to friends and family members

In unofficial dating, partners don’t seem to take each to their family because they don’t see it as necessary. But when someone takes you to see their friends and family, you should know they don’t want to be in an unofficial relationship with you. 

They usually do this by inviting you to a dinner or a birthday party to see the larger house. Doing this is one way they want to tell everyone they are proud of you and want to be in a relationship with you.

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Signs You Shouldn’t Be Dating

1. Emotional issues

If you find it difficult to control your emotions, you shouldn’t even think of being in a relationship. Being in a relationship requires being emotionally ready and prepared to tolerate the excesses of the other person. 

If you are still given to unforgiveness, promiscuity, drunkenness, and maybe a hot temper, I suggest you stay single.

2. Distracted by Love

If you see yourself constantly thinking of someone loving you, then this is one of the signs you shouldn’t be dating. Being distracted can hurt you and your partner when you expect them to love you in a particular way.

Dating requires you not to be too distracted by who loves you or doesn’t, but it also requires you to appreciate who you are and not let things on the outside distract you.

3. You are figuring yourself out

If you are trying to understand your personality, you shouldn’t date. Before dating, you must know your makeup and mission before considering dating another person. 

Understanding who you are will help make you the right partner and choose the right person for you.

4. Dating is your priority 

If dating takes you away from other parts of life, you must take a break. When it seems you can’t do anything each day without going on a break, give it a break.

5. Not financially stable

Relationships involve so many things, from which money is not excluded. It would be best not to date when you have problems paying your rent and paying off debts. A financially unstable relationship will not go well.

6. Spending time alone

This is one sign you shouldn’t neglect. If you are obsessed with spending time alone, dating is not for you, as it might destroy the other person’s emotions. Dating requires you to go out of your way to spend time with the other person, not the other way around.

7. You don’t seem to know how to make yourself happy

Before doing anything, you should know how to make yourself happy. When you cannot make yourself happy, you will find it challenging to make the other person happy.

So when you notice you can’t do things to make yourself comfortable, then you shouldn’t be dating.

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8. Too Clingy to Your Family

You shouldn’t be dating if you only consider how to please your family and not your partner.

Dating requires you to spend accurate time with your partner, ensuring that nothing comes between you both. But when your love for your biological family supersedes that of your partner, then take care of that before dating.

9. You don’t seem to know your life’s vision

Every man is designed to know what he was born to do. Having a vision of what you are called to do will help you decide whom to date and what you want your date to be like. If you do not have a vision of where you are going, you shouldn’t date, as that frustrates the other person.

10. You don’t have an interest in the opposite sex

Dating works well when two people are interested in one another and move things forward. Dating someone you are not attracted to, especially if you are of the opposite sex, will not go down. Some of these can be caused by experience and should be dealt with. Otherwise, you shouldn’t date.

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Signs that You Are in an Unofficial Relationship

Here are sure signs your relationship is unofficial:

1. You are Yet to Define the Relationship

A proper relationship is well-defined and headed somewhere. And if you have been dating for some time now, and your relationship with your partner has not been defined, then you are in an unofficial relationship.

This shows that there may be no feelings attached to it, as your partner seems not to have any plans with you in the future.

2. There are Other People Involved

This is another obvious indicator. If your date is seeing others, you are in an unofficial relationship.

Unfortunately, this is what your partner could tell you firsthand. You might be familiar with these people or through social media.

While this sounds terrible, it could get worse. If you’re in a situation, your unofficial partner will keep playing with others – regardless of whether they’re out with you.

3. They are vocal about not getting serious.

Someone in an unofficial relationship with you will be vocal about it in one way or another. They might tell you what they want from you and suggest you find other ways to support yourself and not depend on them.

Some of them believe that speaking up gives them the upper hand. You are in an unofficial relationship when someone cares little about how their actions affect you.

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4. There is no talk about the future.

When someone has something serious to do with you, they usually show you by sharing with you their plans. But when your partner doesn’t talk about the future with you, it indicates that you are in an unofficial relationship and should be considering moving forward with your life. 

This is because making plans is an essential ingredient in a healthy relationship.

5. Everything was last minutes

If your date does make an arrangement, is it generally without a second to spare? It’s a sign you’re in an unofficial relationship.

Tragically, this implies that going out with you isn’t their need.

You are their contingency plan. If their most memorable choice isn’t accessible, their endeavors of sprucing up for a date will not go to waste.

Tragically, having a reinforcement accomplice is expected in all cases.

6. You don’t date “date.”

One thing that makes unofficial relationships different is that you go out, yet you don’t consider it an official date.

There are no blossoms, extravagant suppers, end-of-the-week excursions, or anything heartfelt.

There’s no time to discuss the more important things.

A “How’s work/life?” inquiry might be posed occasionally, yet once the other answers “It’s fine” or “It sucks,” one wants to investigate further.

The date is the “Netflix and Chill” type, with some focal point or food conveyance as an afterthought.

7. They are inconsistent

Inconsistency is one of the significant attributes of an unofficial relationship. Because mostly no feelings are involved, you may hardly see each other for long. Last-minute invites often happen, even without you planning for them. 

You may see them once a week or even more. Unfortunately, this inconsistency in an unofficial relationship can keep you from taking advantage of what it takes to find real love. 

8. It always has the same excuse

An individual in an unofficial relationship with you will have a similar explanation each time you ask them why you haven’t seen them recently.

They’re very much like someone who needs to separate – yet doesn’t have the foggiest idea how. You’re a bit of hindsight, so he’ll consider ways of pardoning himself of his irregularity. They might say, “I’m occupied with work,” or “I invest a great deal of energy in the rec center.”

Somebody who likes you will constantly need to associate with you.

In this situation, they don’t.

Assuming they’re not kidding about dating you, they’ll set aside a few minutes for you – regardless of how occupied they might be.

Regardless of whether you try this, you will be met with similar weak reasons – irrespective of whether they fit the ongoing circumstance.

Newsflash: you people are in an unofficial relationship, and that’s it. They’ll come up with similar reasons and won’t twist around in reverse for you.

9. You haven’t met their family or friends.

There is no better time to meet your partner’s friends and family than when you are in a relationship with them. However, if they are not considering introducing you to any of their family members or friends, you are right in an unofficial relationship.

Unlike in a real relationship where real love abides, your partner may not want to discuss it with you anytime you mention it. This is simply because they don’t have plans with you.

10. You like them

You are in an unofficial relationship if you like them and do not love them. When you have positive impressions of them and like being in their organization. Here, you experience some glow and closeness at any point with them.

It’s broadly unique about cherish, where you have significant consideration and responsibility towards the individual.

In a serious relationship, you feel energetic love – a deep yearning to be with them again.

Similarly, you might feel empathetic love – where you’re committed and profoundly connected to your accomplice.

In an unofficial relationship, you truly appreciate their conversation; however, nothing else exists. They’re not somebody you consistently long to be with toward the day’s end.

11. You are not part of their daily life.

When you are not part of their daily life, it is a sure sign you are in unofficial dating. Let’s assume you’ve been dating a devoted sprinter throughout recent months. You’ve heard them discuss running with loved ones, but that is it.

They haven’t welcomed you to run with them, regardless of whether they realize you like working out too.

If they’re not trying to integrate you into their life, then what you have going is a simple relationship.

As you see, a serious relationship works the other way. Your partner will do all that to incorporate you into their life.

A similar circumstance concerns you. If you’re not ready to acclimate your date into your life, you’re keeping everything informal.

12. Status: Single

When individuals get information about your status, do you generally answer ‘Single!’ without fluttering an eyelash?

Do you generally disregard it when they get some information about the fellow (or young lady) they’ve seen you with?

Assuming you reply, you generally tell them, “Definitely, we’re not together.” We appreciate each other’s conversation.

You’re dead on or in an unofficial relationship.

13. They are not your go-to person.

If you’ve been dating somebody for quite a while, they ought to be your best option to bring to a birthday, wedding, or event.

They ought to be the primary individual with whom you share your concerns by day’s end.

Yet, if they’re not your main point of reference – a sign you’re dating them unofficially—

14. There is no apparent sign that you are dating.

People in unofficial relationships often see themselves as single because they do not see the ingredients that make up a real relationship.

Dissimilar to different couples who flood their online entertainment with affectionate pictures, relationship accomplices will keep their feed as flawless as could be expected.

You won’t track down an image of their date on their telephone!

Subject matter authorities agree it might mean an avoidant connection style.

As such, you “normally pull out and separate from your accomplice consistently, rather than offering them the consideration they could need.”

You might find a text string or call logs, but that is essentially it. You won’t realize they’re going out because their date’s name is composed as though they’re a simple colleague.

15. You feel Stuck

Change is the only constant thing in the world. But if both of you remain stuck with the same old thing for months (hopefully, not years), you have a relationship.

Instead of being exclusive and committed – even moving in with each other – you both remain at square one.

You’re still casually approaching dates, and your conversations are very shallow. You haven’t met his friends and family, even if you feel you should’ve now.

You don’t feel yourself in the relationship, and you’ve run out of good reasons why you should stay in this relationship.

16. You are bored

One of the signs you are unofficially Dating is when you get bored. An unofficial relationship can make you feel stuck — and bored too.

As mentioned, there’s no progress. It’s the same old thing over and over again.

According to the Relate relationship support website, “Boredom can be linked to bad habits when it comes to communication and maintaining your connection as a couple.” 

Additionally, you may feel bored due to excess energy – but there’s nowhere to direct that.

Yes, “Netflix and chill” can be pretty fun, but it can be tiring—physically and emotionally—especially if it’s the only thing you guys are doing.

You may find yourself daydreaming about other dates—or hating that you’re with them now.

17. Your anxiety is off the roof

Relationship nervousness is typical in a severe organization.

Be that as it may, assuming you’re in simple situations, uneasiness can take another form.

You stress over your accomplice and ongoing circumstance so much that it prompts incapacitating pressure.

Many things can bring the uneasiness you feel: Absence of trust, fear of abandonment, unreciprocated feelings, and so on.

 18. Their hero instincts are yet to show

Does your accomplice neglect to play the legend every time?

Unfortunately, an obvious indicator that you’re in an unofficial relationship – and that’s it.

Men are naturally designed to play the role of legend in each situation. They are intended to secure and accommodate the women they love.

19. You can’t depend on them for support.

If, for any reason, you don’t think of reaching out to your partner when the need arises, then you are in an unofficial relationship.  It is expected that two partners who love each other should be able to share things in common, as long as it concerns how they feel.

But when the two of you have no time to spend and discuss the little things that bother you, there is no connection in the relationship.

20. They don’t call or text you.

Most people who have fallen in love seem to have one thing working for them: calling and texting each other every time. This is to create a bond and discuss important things that affect the relationship.

But if, on the other hand, they don’t call or text you, then it’s an unofficial relationship, and you may as well think of moving on.

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21. No growth plan with you

One of the primary goals of any relationship is growing. This means that both partners work hard to ensure they are growing together. You are in an unofficial relationship when your partner isn’t interested in what you do or things that concern your growth plan.

Someone with something real to do with you will want to know what you are doing with your time and at what pace you are growing.

22. Fighting instead of discussion

One of the undeniable signs you are unofficially dating is when you fight a lot with your partner. An unofficial relationship can be characterized by fighting over minor issues that should be discussed.

The partner deeply in love with you can also find grounds to discuss issues when there are challenges, which can avoid fights.

When you are not interested in your partner, you probably do not want to hear what they want to say. You quickly pick up a fight all the time instead of taking the time to talk about it.

23. No Sign of Jealousy

One of the healthy signs of true love is jealousy. When you are with another person, and your partner doesn’t seem interested in who you are with, it indicates that you are in an unofficial relationship.

24. Not Proud walking with you

Everyone serious about you will want to make sure everyone around you knows about you. This is especially noticeable if they are always interested in strolling with you anytime.

But when this is the opposite, you are in an unofficial relationship because the person who loves you will always want you to walk with them.

25. No quality time

An effective relationship that is going to improve demands that both partners spend time with each other. In an unofficial relationship, partners often drift away in the name of being busy or whatever excuse they might come up with. If not having a quality and efficient time is the case for you, then it’s an unofficial relationship.

26. Buying Gifts

The buying of gifts is essential in any meaningful relationship. It is one of the ingredients that are needed to enhance any relationship. That relationship is unofficial when your partner does not remember to buy you a gift, even on your birthday.

Anyone with some real life with you will never forget to get you a gift on the road because they always think of you. The one who doesn’t bring anything doesn’t consider you at all.

27. They don’t have a pet name for you

Those who are in love have a natural way of calling themselves. This is usually known by the kinds of names they call themselves.

However, it becomes an unofficial relationship when they do not care about giving you a pet name that is very dear to their heart.

28. You don’t feel comfortable around them.

This is one of the signs that you are in an unofficial relationship. You may like them for one personality trait or the other, but you don’t feel hanging out with them is that important to you.

The same can be said for your partner, who may not want to go out with you to critical events.

29. Your Opinion Doesn’t Count.

True love demands that each other’s opinions be respected at all times. But you are in an unofficial relationship when they do not regard your opinion on any issues. Anybody who seems to care about you will want to hear your opinion on any issue.


Every relationship can be defined depending on the partners involved. Everything is usually passive in an unofficial date or relationship, as both partners may not be into each other. Some of these attributes include not spending quality time with you, not being comfortable with you, not having plans with you, and many others.

This kind of relationship, as mentioned earlier, does not have any bearing or rules, as things seem to happen at any time, even with your involvement. 

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