15 Best Online Nerd Dating Apps

Nerd Dating Sites

It’s often funny when people ask if there are online nerd geek dating apps and a match site for geeks and their likes. There are plenty of dating sites and apps for geeks which are free for nerds and brainy people who are looking for love.

Geeks are humans, too, and deserve to find love just like anybody else. So here we have put together 15 nerd dating apps and what you should know about them. Also, we have stated which apps come for free and what geek nerd dating is for newbies who do not understand the concept.


What’s A Nerd Dating Site?

A nerd dating site is a website or app supporting the intellects, the enthusiasts, the bookworms, and the sapiosexuals to find love. Just like there are dating sites for married people, dating sites for Christians, and such like it, there are online dating platforms for nerds.

Knowing you can find someone just like you is ideal if you’re a nerd at heart. Some with the same intellectual orgasm. Someone who is obsessed with that book, movie, show, game or series just as you are. 

All these geek dating sites aim to help geeks and nerds find love with someone of their kind. One who shares similar interests with them.

15 Best Online Nerd Dating Apps

Let’s guide you on discovering the best dating app and geeks dating site. Keep your eyes open for free nerd dating apps if you’re seeking to explore in the meantime. 

Here are the geek nerd dating websites;

#1. Match

Match has been in existence since 1995 and has been connecting a lot of lovers. Regarding the dating industry, Match has a stellar reputation as one of the best dating apps and sites.

With many single people of different categories enrolled, indeed even a nerd can find a like-minded person on Match. To get started, all you have to do is to sign up, create a bio, and choose date preferences. 

Match is a paid and free nerd dating app or site. To enjoy many other benefits, you must switch to a paid membership. You can always widen the search algorithm’s mile radius if you’re willing to journey far to meet a potential geek, a gamer, or a single nerd.


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#2. Zoosk

One of the geek-nerd dating apps of the 21st century is Zoosk. Zoosk embodies a lot of nerds, geeks, dorks, and a lot of single people searching for love.

An outstanding feature that singles out Zoosk as a dating app is the Facebook integration. Also,  registration is swift and easy. Zoosk has free features as well as paid features. There are behavioral matchmaking and advanced search features for premium users.


#3. Geek Nerd Dating

As the name signifies, Geek Nerd Dating is an online dating app and site for nerds and geeks. It’s easier than most geek dating sites. 

With Geek Nerd Dating, you must choose a gender, share your birth date and email address, and adopt a screen name. Once you’re set, you can browse members, use the advanced matchmaking system, and send virtual flirts for free.


#4. Geeky Friends Date

Geeky Friends Date is another straightforward nerd dating site. You will find your geek preference on the Geeky Friends Date app. 

Geeky Friends Date dating site is mobile-friendly, full of real people, and 100% free. To match lovers, the app uses profiles of members, even long-distance.


#5. SoulGeek

Next on the list of online dating nerd apps is SoulGeek. As the name signifies, SoulGeek has many geeks on its membership looking for geek lovers to match.

In line with the founder’s goal, SoulGeek is helping all geeks, nerds, and dorks find their perfect match. In addition to the matching service, the app has a free dating advice blog, community forum, and free lists of events and conventions around the U.S. 


#6. Match Geeks

Match Geeks combines a nerd dating site and a social network. So if you’re searching for love and a community of nerds, you should download Match Geeks.

All you need is to create a profile stating your name, age, location, etc, and you are on your way to finding the geeky pal or partner of your dreams.


#7. Trek Dating

Not to worry, you won’t trek to find your date. Trek Dating is one of the dating apps for nerds that is easy, quick, and free. 

Trek Dating is exclusive for Trekkies of varying degrees, including those who speak Klingon, love role-playing, quote every episode, or enjoy the movies.


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#8. eharmony

eharmony is home to all kinds of people searching for lovers and true connections; this includes geeks, nerds, and dorks. Unlike most other dating websites, eharmony uses a compatibility test to make their match. 

The compatibility test covers everything from hobbies and interests to family values and goals. Enrolling is free, but the features you can access are minimal. To enjoy the other possibilities and features of eharmony, you must upgrade to premium. 


#9. Dating For Muggles

Dating For Muggles is an online dating nerd app for geeks searching for love. The basic subscription to Dating For Muggles is free. 

All you have to do is to create a profile, upload pictures, and then search for and receive magical matches. You can also send various virtual flirts. 


#10. BronyMate

Another geek-nerd dating site is BronyMate. BronyMate is one of the free nerd dating apps where magical relationships begin. 

On BronyMate, members meet for various purposes, including friendship, a casual date, or a serious commitment. Signing up is free, and you have access to all the features you need to use to get a potential nerd match. 


#11. Mouse Mingle

Another popular online dating nerd app is Mouse Mingle. Mouse Mingle is a geek nerd dating site for geeks who can’t get enough of all things Disney. 

So if you’re a Disney fan like me, hop on and register on Mouse Mingle.  Mouse Mingle is free on desktop and mobile.


#12. Nerd Passions

Nerd Passions is a geek dating site combining matching lovers and social media. This dating app houses anime lovers, gamers, readers, or any so-called dork. 

All You have to do is sign up, view profiles, chat, interact in the message boards, and send private emails to a fellow geek.


#13. Geek Meet Club

Geek Meet Club is a dating site where plenty of geeks meet for friendship, a casual date, or something more serious. This club is the first UK online platform for the geek community. Therefore it’s safe to say that Geek Meet Club is a site to unite British geeks and nerds in one safe space.

Membership is free. Users can join groups that share similar interests and fandoms. Keep in mind that Geek Meet Club prioritizes safety first.


#14. Trek Passions

Trek Passions is another online nerd dating community for Star Trek fans. Registration is quick and easy. Once done, you can upload photos, search profiles, and start conversations about Star Trek TV shows and movies. Keep in mind that Trek Passions offers free membership.


#15. Whovian Love

Whovian Love is one of the online nerd dating apps and sites open for singles obsessed with the “Dr Who” TV series. 

This is one of the nerd dating apps which is free. You must create an account and search for someone special to see the world with. 


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Where can I meet nerds Apart from nerd dating apps?

Besides nerd dating apps, here are some ideas on where to find the geeky love you’ve always been wishing for. Go to

  • Geek themed bars
  • Board game cafes.
  • Geeky Bars and Hangout Spots
  • Comic books that do events/meetups/readings.

Can a nerd be romantic?

Nerds often come off as socially awkward or anxious, but they are always very romantic. Nerds also know how to display their affection through little meaningful romantic gestures.

How do I chat with nerds?

Getting on any of the nerd dating sites is one thing; it’s another thing to get down to business, find a partner and get the relationship rolling. 

Here are ten hacks to effectively communicate with geeks.

  • Don’t disturb the geek. 
  • Find something geeky to talk about. 
  • Be clear about what you want.
  • Don’t talk to the geek to fill in gaps in conversation.
  • Respect the geek’s valuable time. 
  • Approach the geek with caution. 
  • Request the geek’s unique expertise.
  • Be prepared to listen to geek language
  • Respect the geek’s space
  • Treat them as people, not as foreign aliens from a galaxy far, far away


If you enjoy science fiction or are a one-of-a-kind introvert, bookworm, intellect, enthusiast, or sapiosexual, any of the nerd or geek dating sites we have listed above will help you find love. 

Take advantage of the free nerd dating apps and many geek dating sites available, and get ready to find your match with similar interests. 


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