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best asian dating sites

Online Asian dating sites have made finding love and fostering relationships in Asia easy irrespective of the population.

According to Wikipedia, Asia makes up to 60% of the world’s population. Asia is the largest continent in the universe with more than 4.3 billion people. In a real sense, meeting and mingle with people ought to be difficult.

In fact, when you think of the population and where to start from, you can easily give up because it can be intimidating.

This plight is one thing Asian dating sites have helped curtailed. Now, the in-question is which dating Asian site should I go for considering the numerous dating apps and sites for Asian singles and married available.

This is where you need this article the most. This article has helped to narrow down your search. That means you won’t have to be in a dilemma stage due to the long list because we’ve picked the best of the best.

In this article, we’ve highlighted the 10 best Asian dating sites that are 100% legit. So, whether you’re an Asian single yourself or you love Asian culture in general, you can find what you want.

On these sites, you have a chance of meeting people, finding a life partner, and even flirt if that’s what you want.

Another interesting thing about it all is that most of them are free. That means you don’t need a credit card to browse profiles and find your Asian match.

Without further ado, let’s explore these top sites. But aside from that, in case you want an interracial relationship, there are also free black and white dating sites where you can meet your partner.

Best Asian Dating Sites that are Legit

Here is a list of online dating Asian sites for both Asian singles and married:

  • AsianDating
  • eharmony
  • Cherry Bkossoms
  • EastmeetEast
  • Trulyasian
  • Asianmingle
  • Buddle
  • DatInAsian
  • AsiaFriendFinder
  • FindLoveAsia

#1. AsianDating

One of the most trusted and biggest Asian dating sites is AsianDating. This site has over 2.5 million members from various Asian countries including the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, China, and Japan.

With this Asian dating app single account, you can access over 30 Asian dating sites, including JapanCupid, ThaiLoveLinks, and VietnamCupid.

One interesting thing about this site is that it’s free. Therefore, it is among the Asian dating sites free for Asian singles.

You can join, search for friends and even send messages all for free.

#2. eharmony

Unlike other Asian dating sites, eharmony is dedicated to helping its members find lasting, long-term relationships based on compatibility.

eharmony has been bringing people together for over 20 years using their unique, scientifically based matching algorithm.

Whether you’re looking for a Chinese, Korean, Filipino, or Vietnamese date, they will find your ideal match. They do this by analyzing the characteristics that make you a perfect match for each other.

Also, you can find like-minded people on this online Asian dating site because the site does not believe in swiping culture or online hook-ups.

Above all, this site allows you to easily send messages, search for partners on daily basis, and be among the top Asian dating sites in the USA. This and more makes it a more interesting and right option for many. Click below to join this Asian dating site.

#3. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms is among the top Asian dating sites in the USA. You can meet Asian girls and caucasian men—mainly singles looking to marry. So, you won’t be wrong if you call it an Asian dating site for married men.

The majority of the profiles on this American Asian dating site are of Filipina ladies and members from Vietnam, China, and Thailand.

Interestingly, the site is user-friendly with some unique features. Cherry Blossoms is a free membership site with a mobile app.

#4. EastMeetEast

Next on our list of best Asian dating sites is EastMeetEast.

EastMeetEast is one of the most popular Asian-only dating sites with over 100,000 American-Asian members. These Asian singles work hard to identify ideal matches for Asian singles looking for a long-term relationship in North America.

When you join EastMeetEast, you’ll be asked a series of questions about your background, languages, dialects, and hobbies so that the site can match you with people who share your culture and interests.

This American Asian dating site now has a fully functional mobile app.

Above all, EastMeetEast is one of the top dating sites for women, and women can join for free, but men must pay for a complete membership that includes suggested matches. Click below to join this free Asian dating website.

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#5. TrulyAsian

If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, this Asian dating app quickly matches you with compatible Asian singles.

The features we provide make online dating a lot of fun, as we are one of the top Asian dating services connecting individuals from all over the world.

Over 400,000 verified individuals from North America, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Europe make up our present (and increasing) membership base. Thousands of people have already put their hope in Trulyasian.

Join the fun and meet your perfect match today!

#6. AsianMingle

For those who are interested in video dating, Asian Mingle is the app for you. However, it is regarded as one of the top dating apps on the Asian dating market, with a high user rating.

Millions of Asian men and women are looking for someone to date or interact with them.

There are tags on the profiles and chat rooms for your convenience. When searching, tags can help you quickly locate people who share your interests or have similar aspirations to you.

If you’re looking for a casual meeting at a pub with the possibility of something more, you’ll find at least a few profiles of the same people. You will be able to meet folks from all over the world.

You can meet people from all around the world directly from Asia, or as a traveler, you can meet Asians. Locals are eager to form new bonds, but what if this is their destiny?

Flash conversations are a new feature on Asian Mingle. There is a message timer in these chat rooms. That is, you can share photographs, movies, and audio files with new contacts for a limited time before they are deleted.

Your data is always secure, and you have complete control over your chats. Install Asian Mingle and start meeting new people. The official website is

#7. Bluddle

This is a free Asian dating app that allows singles, single parents, gay and bi males to meet and discover love matches depending on their blood type.

However, this does not imply that you will need to obtain a medical analysis card or something like that to identify a match.

The term “blood type” is used here as a metaphor. In reality, you can search for mates based on gender, age, availability, ethnicity, distance, and blood type (obviously).

The software is designed in such a way that quality takes precedence over quantity. Bluddle is also the first video swiping chat app, so you won’t be selecting your match solely based on the photographs and assuming whether they are real or not. is the official website.

#8. DateInAsia

You are looking for a date as a foreigner who is just a resident of Asia or someone who has an Asian appearance, this is one of the best Asian dating sites where you can find what you want.

The largest network of one of the world’s most populous countries will assist you in selecting the most fascinating person with whom to communicate.

People can be found using search categories – the filter will select the most relevant profiles from all across the world for you. Even if you’re in a different area of the world, you can meet Asians!

You can choose a fast-track search if you’re tired of scrolling through people’s profiles and images. It will display the profiles of people in your immediate vicinity, allowing you to begin interacting right immediately.

If you’re single and planning a trip to Asia, Date in Asia has millions of profiles of single people to choose from.

They are all open to new connections, so you can meet them and share some amazing romantic days with them.

Who knows, these encounters could turn into genuine feelings. Perhaps you will meet your true love in Malaysia and spend the rest of your life together. Click below to get this best Asian dating app.

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#9. AsiaFriendFinder

Around the world, AsiaFriendFinder has over 7.5 million Asian singles. It’s a free online dating service that connects you with singles from all around Asia, including Taiwanese, Cantonese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indian, and Filipino singles.

People of multi-racial heritage, non-Asian, and Asians throughout Asia, the United States, and Europe are also connected through AsiaFriendFinder.

You may browse and search profiles, send messages and private chat, and join communal chat rooms with AsiaFriendFinder. Click below to get this best Asian dating app.

#10. FindLoveAsia

It simply takes a minute to join the dating scene on FindLoveAsia, add a photo, and fill out the basic information about yourself.

Following that, there are hundreds of profiles to peruse and thousands of Thai, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, and Chinese individuals to begin chatting with — as well as a sizable number of Asian American singles.

The Timeline on FindLoveAsia is a really cool feature that shows you who’s new on the dating site, who’s posted additional photos, who’s become friends, and who wants to start a conversation.

It’s also worth noting that FindLoveAsia is both a gay Asian dating service and a straight Asian dating site, so it’s ideal for LGBTQ+ Asian individuals. Click below to join this best asian dating app.


As you can see, there are a variety of Asian dating services to choose from if you’re looking for that special someone with whom to spend the rest of your life.

Some services cater to certain ethnic groups, while others encourage mixed dating with people from Western countries.

Try a few websites, and you’ll almost certainly find the perfect bride or groom you’ve been looking for.


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