23 Spiritual Signs Your Ex is Coming Back

Spiritual Signs Your Ex is Coming Back

If you’re at the point where you’re wondering what spiritual signs are indicators that your ex will come back to you, you’re probably going to have them back.

50% of the time, breakups do not just end at breakups. After some growth and allowing time to heal you both, you may likely get back together. However, in most cases, it is difficult to tell if your ex will return to you, maybe because of how the relationship ended. 

What if I told you that there are signs that can help you know if your sex will come back to you? What if I tell you that spiritual signs will help you keep your mind at rest and help you know what to expect about your ex coming back to you?

Yes, you can tell!!! 

This guide aims to show you the top 23 spiritual signs of knowing your ex will come back to you eventually. Remember that these signs do not guarantee that your ex will be back. However, they serve as indicators of the possibility. 

Ready to know the signs?

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How do I know if my ex will come back?

Now let us take you on a journey on the signs that will help you know whether or not your ex will come back:

#1. You constantly have dreams about them

If you’re always seeing your ex in your dreams quite recently, that could be a sign. Dreams are gateways to your unconscious as well as the spiritual realm.  

Although dreams can be challenging to tell their meaning explicitly, the presence of your ex may be a strong indicator of them showing back up. Again it depends on the content of your dream. You may need to dig deeper into the symbols and meanings of your dreams.

If you have a dream of your ex running towards you but never getting you, this could mean that you’re restricting or ejecting the efforts made by your ex to get back together with you.

#2. Synchronicities

Seeing repeated numbers or other symbols that hold meaning can be a sign that the universe is trying to get you two back together. 

Synchronicities are not just coincidences. When such becomes constant and repeated, and each time the pattern shows up all you get to remember is your ex. That could be one of the signs that your ex will get back to you, as the universe is in agreement. 

#3. Strong Intuition

They say to trust your gut feeling because 70% of the time, they can never go wrong. A strong gut feeling or intuitive sense that your ex will come back can be a sign that you are in tune with your inner guidance.

Experts say after the mind gathers and processes information from many different sources, it gives you an overall feeling of what’s happening. So, it’s safe and advisable to rely on your intuition.

#4. Signs in nature

If you both share agreement on certain nature, such as a specific animal or natural phenomenon, sometimes nature can show itself again to you if you both are separated at the moment. If you see a genuine sign that holds significance for you it can be a sign that the universe is sending you a message that your ex will be back eventually.

#5. Music or Songs

Songs in themselves are spiritual. Hearing a particular song or lyric that reminds you of your ex can be one of the spiritual signs that they are still on your mind and that you may need to process your emotions related to the breakup and they may want to come back. 

Sometimes songs are all you need to process the thoughts and reach out to them or accept their reach out. 

#6. They Are Constantly In Your Memories

Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, months into years, and you still can’t get them out of your mind. That could be a huge sign that they were meant to stay. 

You see, once you’re in love with someone, that person has a natural influence on your consciousness and your thoughts, and it doesn’t just go away even if you just break up. When they’re gone, they still have an impact on you. 

Memories of your ex or past experiences together can be a sign that you are still holding onto the past. This could mean 3 things: you need to focus on healing, move forward, or have them back.

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#8. Telepathic communication

Have you ever been in a state where you catch yourself conversing with your ex in your head? It’s not like you’re relieving a memory. Rather, you can sense your ex’s thoughts or emotions. If it happens for you to think about them, and they text you the next thing you know, that’s it.

This can be a sign of a strong spiritual connection and a sign that your ex will return to you eventually. 

#9. Messages from loved ones who have passed on

You could hear or see messages from loved ones who have passed on to support or encourage you to return to your ex. This could be one of the signs that they are trying to communicate with you and offering their guidance for your ex to come back to you. Your loved ones, even though death cannot mean wrong to you.

#10. Feeling their energy or presence 

Sometimes, you can sense the strong energy or the presence of your ex around you. This sign does not only suggest that you miss them, but it also shows that they are still connected to you on a spiritual level.

Sometimes you feel them standing or sitting next to you. Although it may be in your unconscious thoughts, it could feel so real.

Before you feel uncomfortable about this, know that it’s harmless. What you’re feeling is your ex’s energy. And they mean they are yearning to have you back.

#11. A feeling of peace and forgiveness 

Separation from your ex affords you time to grow. Feeling a sense of peace or calm when you think about your ex after some time can be a sign that you are healed and ready to reconnect.

Also, feeling a sense of forgiveness towards your ex or yourself can be a sign that you are ready to move past the pain of the breakup and work toward reconciliation.

#12. Receiving unexpected messages

When your ex reaches out to you through messages, text, social media, or email, that can be a sign that they are thinking about you and may be open to reconnecting. If you feel the same way, it’s a good time to respond similarly.

#13. Signs of growth

If you and your ex have grown and evolved since the breakup, it can signify that you are both ready to come together with a new perspective and understanding. This is only a sign of either party reaches out and both feel the same way.

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#14. A real psychic confirms your ex misses you

One of the spiritual signs that your ex will come back to you is when a psychic confirms that fact. Psychics are gifted advisors who can tell the possibility of the future. 

A gifted advisor can not only tell you where things stand with your ex, but they can also reveal all your love possibilities.

#15. You constantly have hiccups

Hiccups? Absolutely 

When you start noticing you always have hiccups and can’t place your hand on what the cause is, they may be because of the influence of your ex on you.

Deep love connections can influence how intensely you feel emotions. When there is a separation, their love for you can cause intense feelings, resulting in frequent hiccups. Only their presence can subside it unless you find another deep connection.

#16. Inexplicable changes in mood

If you have a strong connection with your ex, then another spiritual sign of them coming back to your life is that their absence causes an erratic change in mood.

Your emotions may be out of control due to your ex’s influence on you, or it could mean they miss you and want to get back together.

#17. Your break-up was circumstantial

One of the most vital signs that your ex will come back eventually is if you have no strong reasons to break up. If your breakup was circumstantial and there is no trace of betrayal, then it might be possible for your ex to show back into your life, ready to start all over again.

#18. Twitching of the left eye 

The twitching of the left eye has a spiritual connotation. When your left eye twitches, you’re about to hear good news, which might be associated with your ex.

You can relate this twitching sign to them sending you a message. Or, you can take it as a sign from the universe.

#19. A strong desire to go see them

If your breakup did not take away the desire to see your ex, chances of reconnection are possible. So when you feel the urge to see your ex, that could be the universe reconnecting you both. 

Remember that the urge can be one-sided and, as such, may not be the right thing to do. Therefore, try to find out if that is worth it.

#20. Running into each other a lot

One of the spiritual signs that your ex will come back is when fate constantly draws you together without your knowing or planning. 

You both may have a spiritual connection that draws you together. That could also suggest that your ex is your soulmate, karmic partner, twin flame, etc. 

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#21. Finding or seeing pink feathers

Are pink feathers significant or associated with your ex coming back? 

Yes, pink feathers can be a sign that your ex misses you. Feathers in the spiritual realm suggest calmness and healing from any negative energy.

Seeing or finding feathers could mean your ex is trying to reach you. 

#22. Constant sneezing but are not sick

Sneezing could mean someone is thinking about you and calling your name. Could your ex’s thoughts have such an influence on you?

Yes, they can! 

Sneezing is a sign that your ex might be calling you back into his or her life.

#23. The chemistry is still there

It’s been months, but the chemistry is still as strong. The chemistry is still there if you still feel this instant attraction when you meet.

This suggests that you might be destined for each other, which could only be a phase in your relationship.


It is essential to remember that these signs do not guarantee that your ex will return. Regardless of the outcome, focusing on your growth and healing is essential.

Also, it is essential to respect your ex’s decisions and boundaries and not force or manipulate them into getting back together with you. The most important thing is to focus on your well-being and happiness and trust that the universe will guide you toward the right path.


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