15 Twin Flame Physical Symptoms

Twin Flame Physical Symptoms

What are the merging, separation, and awakening physical symptoms in a twin flame relationship?


Does twin flame have physical symptoms? I bet you may have doubted that.

When twin flames are around the corner, a magical magnetic attraction is undeniable even to spectators. 

Many argue that twin flame attraction shows when your twin flame is manifesting you. However, that is not entirely true. Twin flame connection shows spiritually, mentally, and physically in the body!

Hence why you may have been or still are experiencing some changes in your physical body, and you’re wondering if all is in order. The fact is all is in order. You’re just experiencing twin-flame physical symptoms. 

In this guide, we list twin flame merging physical symptoms, separation symptoms and awakening symptoms. This will help you effectively diagnose and pick out what exactly is happening and know what to expect.


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What type of Twin Flame Physical Symptoms are there?

Physical Symptoms in the case of twin flames are changes you can expect on a physical level. These changes range from external and internal changes.

External changes capture how your body changes outside, affecting how you look, sound, etc. On the other hand, internal changes are changes you feel inside your body that aren’t necessarily perceptible to outsiders.

Why do these Physical Symptoms Show?

Symptoms in themselves are indicators of the presence of something. Although no research proves why the spike and arousal in physical changes happen, it is known that when you meet your twin flame partner, your vibrations are raised dramatically, resulting in those symptoms. 

Remember that these physical symptoms show when there is a merging, separation, or awakening with your twin flame.

How Long Do Twin Flame Symptoms Last?

In most cases, twin flame merging, separation, or awakening physical symptoms do not last longer than a year. Most do not get up to a year.

What are the Twin Flame Physical Symptoms?

Without further ado, we discuss the various twin flame changes you may experience when merging, awakening, or separating from your twin flame. 

For clarity, we have subdivided these changes into categories

External Twin Flame Physical Changes

Here are the external changes you can expect to change in your appearance;

#1. Change in eye colour 

The eyes are a very central part of a twin flame relationship. By locking their gaze, twin flames can tell what their partner feels.

So, expect an eye colour change when you meet your twin flame. This often starts reflecting when you first lock gaze with your twin flame. As time progresses, the eye colour change becomes solid.

Depending on your twin flame, the eye colour change may differ. Some twin flame pairs have lighter eyes, others darker or something moderate.

Keep in mind that the change in eye colour is a symbol of the unity and bond between the two.

#2. Voice change

Another twin flame merging physical symptoms is the change in voice. More often, you will hear “You sound like each other.” As you spend time together, there will be a noticeable shift in their voices.

Of course, the woman tends to keep her feminine tone, while the man sticks to the masculine tone. Beyond the voice change, each also gets to pick up on the manners of speech.

#3. Change in weight

Weight? Yes. One of the external changes with your twin flame is a fluctuation in weight. Upon the twin flame union, the sensory overload caused by myriad feelings and emotions can lead to direct bodily changes.

This change can be vice versa: weight gain or loss. However, remember that the body weight will stabilize once the twin flame relationship stabilises.

#4. Change in facial expressions and mannerisms.

Change in facial expressions and mannerisms is the most noticed physical change for twin flames. As you spend time continuously with your twin flame, the more your facial expressions will match.

This happens because you’ve gotten used to each other, and the brain adopts their behaviour and mannerisms and vice versa.

#5. Presence of complimentary illnesses 

You might have complementary illnesses, but you can heal each other. You easily get to absorb each other’s pain because you will be incredibly attuned to each other.

This means that when your twin flame is sick or in pain, you have the propensity to cure them by absorbing whatever is causing them distress.

Also, if your twin breaks their left arm, you might start experiencing pain in her right arm. Although these complimentary pains can happen with loved ones, it will be exponentially stronger with a twin flame.

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Internal Twin Flame Physical Symptoms 

Besides the externals, what other symptoms can be felt by twin flames when in unison or merging, awakening or in speciation? Here they are;

#6. Heart palpitations

Over the years, twin flames have reported that heart palpitations, chest pain, or heart chakra pain are probably the most common physical symptom they feel. Heart palpitations occur at the first meeting and may become constant. 

The closer you are, the more you will feel symptoms of tingling, palpitations, chest pain, heart chakra pain, or even heartburn. Remember that these heart palpitations can occur when you’re together or away.

#7. Dizziness

Due to the immense energetical and magnetic power you two exert, feelings of dizziness are very common. This is so because the body cannot cope with the vibrations this energy exerts; as such, dizziness sets in.

#9. Spontaneous climax

The spontaneous climax is one physical symptom that occurs when a twin flame is undergoing separation. However, note that this symptom is very uncommon.

The climax is simply a feeling of intense pleasure, but it is not always of sexual nature. It could happen in a dream or randomly. 

#10. Body temperature

Temperature fluctuation is a common change when you’re with your twin flame. A feeling of warmth is usually the most common. When they leave,  it feels cold all of a sudden.

This body temperature change can be traced to the energy of the vibrations, which causes this internal shift. However, once the body gets used to it, the phenomenon disappears.

#11. Pressure in the body

Another symptom of twin flames is pressure sensations at different points in the body. These pressures can be a result of an imbalance that needs healing.

To balance these pressure sensations, meditate, move, have a healthy lifestyle, and engage in energy work.

#12. Stomach pain

Another quite uncomfortable internal change you might experience when in a twin flame relationship is stomach pain. This usually is one of the physical merging symptoms of a twin flame. 

This discomfort stems from an unfulfilled desire to be with your twin flame 24/7. However, the stomach pain should disappear once the relationship is more balanced.

#13. Being moody and emotional

The first few weeks of the union are often full of emotional outbursts or mood swings. This could cause moodiness and unstable emotional expressions. There is a need to know how to handle stress and anxiety.

#14. Fatigue

One of the physical symptoms of merging or awakening your twin flame is fatigue. The waves of inexplicable energy can be exhausting. Once you get used to the energy and strike a balance, your body will adjust.

#15. Insomnia 

You might also notice changing sleep patterns, like sudden restlessness, waking up at night, or even insomnia when merging or separating with your twin flame. 

Chances are that you will develop the habit of waking up at the same time each night, like 1:11 am, 2:22, or 3:33.

Don’t worry; as soon as you and your twin flame get more accustomed to each other; these symptoms should subside.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Twin Flame Symptoms 

Can I physically feel my twin flame?

Of course, you can physically feel your twin flame. Because you share a similar mental, emotional, and causal body, you can sense, feel, and hear them. 

What does twin flame energy feel like?

The twin flame energy is intense, familiar, recognizable, and longing: When a person encounters their twin flame, there will be an extreme sense of recognition and familiarity. 

What parts of the body do I feel twin flame symptoms?

Twin flame symptoms are often felt in the

  • Heart
  • Eyes
  • Voice 
  • Weight 
  • Nerves


The twin flame’s physical symptoms manifest a deep spiritual connection. These physical symptoms occur in twin-flame relationships’ merging, awakening, and separation stages. 

However, note that you will gain stability and consciousness as your twin flame relationship stabilizes and you evolve spiritually. 



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