20 Convinced Ways on How to Tell if a Girl likes You

Ways on How to Tell if a Girl likes You
Ways on How to Tell if a Girl likes You

Women are mysterious beings that take delight in playing mind games. They’re unpredictable when it comes to their love life. Most men believe that it’s difficult to know if a girl likes them.

For instance, a guy flirts with her, tells her all the sweet words, and showers her with gifts, which she shows appreciation most times by giving warm smiles or attention. With those smiles the guy is like, is she really into him or is she just showing appreciation?

Placing a finger at whether she really wants the relationship becomes difficult because of the belief that women although can be fragile is difficult to know when they are in love.

The belief may sound true, but it’s not if you take time to study them psychologically. Truth be told, women are like books, you study them, you get to know them in and out. When you don’t study them, they appear to you like a puzzle or mystery.

So, the best thing to know in order not to be wasting your time with a lady is to first study her. Only then will you know if she is really into you or not. If the love is really mutual or she’s just been kind.

Now, the question is, How can a guy study a lady?

It’s very simple!

Look out for some undeniable signs. These signs tell if a girl likes you and is ready to hold you in her bosom until the time afterlife.

To help guide you, I have put down 20 sure signs that can help you tell if a woman likes you or not. And if you didn’t see any of these signs, you can still make her Fall over heels for You Fast.

Carefully scroll the table of contents below to get an overview of all the points.


Below are 20 ways on how to tell if a girl likes you:

  • Spontaneous grooming
  • Odd intimacy
  • Communication
  • Flirty text messages
  • Body language
  • Emotional attachment
  • Physical touch
  • When she hardly asks for financial assistance
  • When you can tell her default behavior
  • She Trusts you
  • She Respects You
  • Jealousy
  • Introducing you to her friends
  • Interest in your personal life
  • When you become her go-to do person
  • She will have your back
  • consistency
  • When she begins to put  effort into her appearance
  • She teases you
  • When she begins to see you in her future

#1.  Spontaneous Grooming

One way you can know if a girl likes you is if she applies spontaneous grooming.

Generally, healthy hygiene makes people want to identify with you irrespective of your age, class, or gender.

Women have taken note of this and would go the extra mile to remain attractive to the man their heart yearns for.

Spontaneous grooming is when a lady puts in great effort to look neat and ever ravishing just to have the attention of the man she’s in love with.

Whenever you notice she adjusts her hair, dress or powders her face at intervals when she’s with you, just know that she likes you more than you think.

Truth be told, women in love would never want her dream man to catch her looking weird, dirty and dry, She goes out of her way to make good hair.

Get a new pair of shoe. Get that new red dress that would keep your eyes glued to her body and your heart panting after her.

So, you know it is time to make a move when she goes beyond normal to look and smell nice.

#2. Odd Intimacy.

Another way on how to tell if a girl likes you is if she wants intimacy.

Naturally, women value their space and who they grant access into it.

This is to say that when a girl becomes closer to you than normal, it’s a heads-up. She is simply saying ” Hey dude, I want you, All of you, that’s what I want”

This is the safest stage to strike and believe me, you sure would hit the target right on the head.

At this stage, you don’t have to do too much to have her because her heart is already connected to yours.

All she thinks about is you and how to make her feelings known to you without breaking a leg.

Yeah….. That’s it.

# 3. Build a strong Communication with you

” Good” communication is a very strong determinant of a long-lasting relationship. When a girl is emotionally attracted to you, you don’t need to hear them say it because it becomes obvious with time.

They try to keep up with the communication if even you don’t call or text back.

# Here is how to tell if a girl likes you over text

  • She replies very fast to your messages.
  • Can’t help texting you first.
  • She hoists good topics to keep the conversation lively and continuous.
  • She puts everyone else on hold just to savour the beauty of love in letters.

# 4. Flirty Text message

The heart of a woman is very fragile and her mind this means that her thoughts are vulnerable and as such flows through her feeling. It cannot be hidden.

A very sensitive man could read a woman’s mind through her action and won’t be wrong.

A girl in love would flirt with you often, she would tell you stuff like “I want to be the girl you give your sweatshirt to when it is cold, the one you’ll tell your friends, “That’s my girl.”

” I don’t really have anything to talk about but I want to talk to you. hey. “

Dude, you are smitten already. No two ways about that.

All you need to do at this point is to relax and receive the love that is been showered upon you, unapologetically.

# 5. Her Body Language Changes

What does she do when she’s with you?

Does she look you straight in the eye as she watches the movement of your well-sculptured lips, while you talk?

Does she feel comfortable around you?

Is she her authentic self, no forming, no pretense

Oh, if the answer to these questions is “Yes” then you have her all to yourself.

A woman n’s body language when she’s with you is very important and should be studied. It goes a long way in showing how soft your presence has made them be.

That’s love…I’m sure it is.

It might interest you to know that there are 7 body-language clues that tell that someone is nervous According to Business Insider. These clues can actually help you out.

Check them out!

  1. Face touching – it’s a means of pacifying. When you put pressure on your body part, it’s the brain’s way of being “soothed.”
  2. Blinking frequently – according to research, blinking your eyes frequently occurs either when you’re nervous or lying.
  3. Lips compression – compressed lips may mean psychological distress, which can occur when someone feels nervous or under pressure.
  4. Hair playing – a “pacifying” action that soothes anxiety.
  5. Hand contortion – interlacing fingers, squeezing hands together, cracking knuckles indicate nervousness.
  6. Rubbing hands – another display of nerves is when someone rubs the skin of their hands together.
  7. Yawning – this might be tricky, as it can mean boredom or nervousness. However, research indicates that yawning helps regulate body temperature by bringing cool air into the nose and mouth.

# 6. There is an Emotional attachment

You can tell she’s in love with you when she becomes emotionally attached to you.

Like, she feels she can’t go a day without hearing your voice or speaking to you in person.

Her mind is filled with the sweet little memories you both shared. It may not have meant a thing to you but it means the world to her.

She starts to feel numb without you and unfulfilled when she thinks of how best to approach a gentleman.

Make that move now, it’s time.

#7. She touches you when talking

Women do this often, they just can’t take their hands off her heart desires shoulder, head, palm or body. It’s a good sign don’t panic.

She is simply interested in you and love with your masculine features. Like, she gets to feel the warmth of your body. It’s her moment and your opportunity to say something to her, do not ruin it.

# 8. She hardly asks for money

This is also one of the ways you can know how deep a girl has fallen for you as a man.  Women are blessed with the most beautiful heart. They are very compassionate and considerate.

A woman who cares about you would hardly ask you money. It’s not because she’s not in need but because she can’t bring herself to ask you for what you may have pinch yourself so hard to get.

They would rather keep quiet than put you in such a tight state because they care about you.

#9. When it is easy to tell her default behavior

A woman’s behavior is often real and constant when she’s found peace in you. She doesn’t need to do any extra stuff to impress you, she’s just her true self when she’s with you.

That’s a good sign.

A woman who does not fancy you that much would be too uptight and would constantly look for a way to impress you, even when it means losing their authentic self for that purpose.

So, when she tells you things about the place you took her to, about you or your friends that she dislikes or like, just pay attention and tick the 9th box of your dream woman.

She’s so into you.

#10. She Trusts You

When a girl is attracted to you, she believes you’ve got some superpowers. She will be like” Hey Josh, I know you can do this, go for it”

They bring hope alive in you and draw strength from your capabilities. She believes you can make her happy if you guys date. She believes you won’t ever make a tear drop from her eyelid.

Yes, that’s how far love controls women. She would trust that her life is safe in your hands and her sanity intact when she’s around you.

How to tell if she is into you

#11. She gives you Respect

You will learn her respect when she is so into you. You don’t have to do anything differently from the way others are doing it because she had discovered your uniqueness long before now.

Your opinions are appreciated and would not be countered. She adorns even the ground you walk on.


That’s what a woman in love exudes in her day to day journey with the man she’s so into.

#12. She easily get Jealous

In relationships, people believe that something is lacking when the relationship is not seasoned with some drop of jealousy.

That having been said, it is very easy to know the woman that is attracted to you by this sign. She wants to know how long you are going to hang around. Know who the lady at your workplace is.

And even wants to know if she is the only candidate contesting for the position of the CEO of your heart. And wants to know every single detail about you that might make her question her importance to you.

# 13. Always introduce you to her friends

She introduces you as a friend to her friends with a smile on her face. You are not just a ‘friend ‘to her friends, you are that special friend that she had told them a lot about.

You may not know this but yeah, that’s women for you. At this point, you just have to behave yourself and get along with her friends as you would yours. Be free with them and be authentic, you are there for assessment already.

#14. She is always Interest in your personal life.

Here, she gets really interested in your personal life. She wants to have access to your personal information.

She may want to know about your family and siblings. About your hobbies and vision in life. Know what your favorite food and drinks are. She wants to know virtually everything about you.

She’s not prying in your personal affairs, she just wants to know the man she is head over heels in love with.

#15.  When you are her go-to all guy

She talks about everything and anything with you even when you are trying to keep a distance.

She comes to you for advice always. Like, you are the first person she thinks of if not the only person, even.

When this happens frequently, do not shut her out unless you don’t like her.

#16.  She will always have your back.

Also, you can tell if a woman likes you if when you notice that she is always on your side.

Even when your actions and decision do not make sense to others, it will always make sense to her.

She will defend you with her life and protect your happiness.

It doesn’t matter what others think, her view about the man she’s in love with and the things he does remains accurate.

#17. Consistency.

What does she do often? 

Does she smile, rub your head, her arm around your waist or prolonged eye contact?

Find the answers to these questions and you may find love. If she’s always happy and playful around you, it is a good sign.

Take a step dude.

# 18.  When she begins to put more effort into her physical appearance

You may start to notice new classy hairstyles. Beautiful bags and shoes. Dress. Makeup products. A better step and standing/sitting posture etc.

That’s a good sign. You haven’t told her how you feel yet?

Please do, she’s so into you.

#19. She teases you.

Another way on how to tell if a girl likes you is if she always tease you because girls don’t do this often. So, consider yourself taken or about to be taken by her when she does this.

She can’t hide her feelings anyone and cannot speak to you about it. Just make a move if the feeling is mutual…

#20. She begins to see you as part of her future.

Another way on How to Tell if a Girl likes You is if she makes herself part of you even without you asking.

Here, she starts to envision a perfect tomorrow with you by her side.

No worries. No doubt or feeling of uncertainty. It would be just the two of you in a very perfect love story.

Yes, that’s how beautiful her mind is.

She will most likely not mention this to you but will subsequently bring up things that may put this thought in your head.

It could come in this form ” Hey Wills, have you ever thought about life before and after marriage? “

” What would you want your woman to look like, is she going to be anything close to me?”

Allow this to get into your head, it’s a good one. Open up your heart to accept love when it comes by.


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