23 Sure Sign that You Are A Clingy Girlfriend | Signs you don’t Know

signs you are a clingy girlfriend
signs you are a clingy girlfriend

As a lady, the easiest way you can kill your relationship is by having clingy girlfriend signs. It tears relationships faster because most men frown at it and can go the extra mile to stay away from such relationships.

Being a Clingy girlfriend doesn’t mean you’re a lovely or a perfect girlfriend. Don’t be shocked that I said this!

To be the girlfriend that all that matters to you is “the both of us”, ‘You and I” or “Only us”, doesn’t mean you’re showing love and care. Yes, it might not be your fault. You might even be doing that without knowing, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

This attitude has destroyed so many relationships and can still destroy yours if you don’t draw the line. So, all you have to do is to be show that you’re not being clingy in that relationship you are into right now.

You may ask, how do I go about it?

The answer is right in this article. Just be carefully reading this article, you will learn 23 sure signs that you are a Clingy Girlfriend. If you’re exhibiting any of the signs, is of no doubt that you’re clingy. And you have to stop!

And for a guy, if you’re noticing any of these signs in your girlfriend, there is every tendency that you have a clingy Girlfriend.

Clingy Girlfriend Meaning

According to Collins dictionary, a clingy person is someone that has become very attached to people and depends on them too much.

Most importantly, a clingy girlfriend is certainly not an awful girlfriend. Allow me to clear that up right up. Typically, clingy girlfriends are girlfriends who don’t feel appreciated or adored in a relationship.

This absence of appreciation transforms into insecurity, which can at last transform into a plea for love and attention.

Also, that is the genuine meaning of a clingy girlfriend. A clingy girlfriend is an incredible girlfriend who either lacks love or simply needs more love from her boyfriend. Presently is that actually something bad? Sometimes it can be.

23 Obvious Signs You are a Clingy Girlfriend

As a girlfriend that is clingy, your boyfriend may wind up attempting to get some space, rather than appreciating every one of the advantages your relationship has to bring to the table,

If you think you’re being clingy yet aren’t sure if it’s ordinary or not, the following will assist you with deciding whether you are or not.

Below are some clingy girlfriend signs:

1. You envy your guy whenever he does something without you.

This is one clingy girlfriend sign that is common among girls. And this sign is one of the reasons a guy can break up with you.

If aside from you getting jealous whenever you see him with someone else, you’re also envious whenever you are concentrating on whatever that is not you, restrain from that.

2. You need his assistance with everything

If you’ve noticed that you always need his assistance in everything you do, you might be one of the clingy girlfriends.

Normally, that a guy is dating you doesn’t mean that he owns you everything. That’s not what dating or relationship is all about.

Yes, your guy can help you out in one or two things, but not in everything. The truth is if you’re always expectant all the thing or you anticipate that he handles everything about you, you’re very clingy.

3. Low confidence

If you’re battling with low confidence or you depend on him to always give you a positive view of yourself. You really need to work on yourself if you don’t want to lose that relationship.

4. You Hate it when he spend time with friends

This is another clingy girlfriend sign you would love to know. The night doesn’t happen any longer since he generally needs to be with you. In fact, because of you most of his friends quit inviting him for hangout.

5. Always dropping Texts

Yes, sending texts to your guy once in a while isn’t a bad idea at all. When it looks clingy is when you do that 24/7.

And the most part guys find ignoring is the fact that when they don’t respond as expected your call immediately to know why. And if by chance you find yourself here there are still steps to take when he doesn’t call or text back

6. Space in a Relationship

This is the greatest clingy girlfriend sign that most guys despise. Do you give your boyfriend ample time to do whatever he might feel like doing?

Guys love their space and they need some time without help from anyone else, regardless of whether they’re sitting idle. It’s their approach to loosen up after a long day.

And even in a long distance relationship, there are still time they want to be left alone.

7. Always Talking

You may cherish cuddling up in bed and speak with him via telephone or text him for quite a long time each night.

Your boyfriend may cherish doing that toward the beginning of the relationship as well. However, as the relationship’s curiosity begins to wear off and the love sinks into a happy zone, he might need to eliminate the time he goes through solely with you.

It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you less. It simply implies he’s prepared to return to his ordinary life when he had different activities.

If your boyfriend hints about needing to invest less energy talking via the telephone, don’t force him to converse with you since that would mean you’re slipping into the clingy girlfriend domain.

All things considered, keep your calls short for a couple of days and hang up even before he needs to hang up. It’ll make him miss you more! 

8. You don’t have a unique kind of life and dislike the fact that he has a life

This is one of the clingy girlfriend signs that is very bad. Be straightforward with yourself about this one. Do you detest that he goes out with his friends, and you end up sitting alone at home and exhausted?

Go out with your own friends. Don’t be waiting for him to make arrangements and take you out. Regard yourself and don’t be accessible at his beck and call.

If you are trying not to get a tag of the clingy girlfriend, make your boyfriend a piece of your life. Never make him your entire life.

9. You really think you are a negative influence on him

Let it out, your boyfriend got along fine with his life until you came into it. You fell in love with him for who he is before he met you.

Indeed, he may have a couple of bad friends. Yet, rather than requesting that he keep away from every one of his friends since “you’re the one in particular who really knows him”, assist him with realizing his mistakes by quietly revealing the flaws of a couple of friends when he’s talking about them.

10. Don’t often play the victim

Another sign that shows you’re a clingy girlfriend is when you don’t want to play the victim in your relationship. Guys love to play the role of the protector in the relationship. Request help and he’ll feel manly.

However, request excessively, and he’ll simply get irritated. Figure out how to request help in the right manner, and he’ll cherish you more.

11. Insecure when he meets a charming young lady

Another sure sign that you’re a clingy girlfriend is insecurity. Let me ask you, do you at any point feel insecure when he spends time with a charming young lady?

Are you scared that he’ll go gaga for her and leave you? If yes, then you’re a clingy girlfriend or You might be low on confidence since you’re not talking with any appealing guys yourself.

Go out with your friends and meet hot-looking guys and have a flirty discussion with them if that is what it takes to raise your confidence and have a positive outlook on yourself.

You’ll understand that simply talking with a sexy guy doesn’t mean you want to have intercourse with him.

Also, you’ll most likely begin to confide in your boyfriend more.

12. You don’t like it when he gives attention to his friends

So your man likes to give attention to his friends rather than you? For what reason do you think he does that?

a. He might be giving you more attention already.

b. He may believe you’re always accessible to him whenever he needs you.

The major reason you feel lonely without him is on the grounds that you don’t have anything to do other than spending time with your boyfriend.

Try not to be that clingy girlfriend. Have your own life and make him want to spend more time with you and give you more attention. Reverse the situation and he’ll trail you like a lost pup.

13. Want your Relationship to be improved

Learn to expect the unexpected. Most relationships aren’t great. If you’re troubled in a relationship, leave it. Try not to attempt to change somebody to suit your requirements since that won’t happen.

You may believe that raising issues in the relationship all the time will make him a better man who can love you in a great manner.

Be straightforward and clarify what you feel without losing your cool. Say it in a reasonable way with no frustrations. However, don’t constrain him to become your idea of ideal man.

14. You’re Skeptical

This is one of the sure signs of a clingy girlfriend. Since he’s out with his friends or working late doesn’t mean he’s having an affair outside the relationship. Do you truly think you can prevent a person from having an affair if he really wants to?

People have relationships because they need to, not because they’re away from their partner for a short time.

Furthermore, in the event that they truly would like to have an affair, they’ll find ways to do just that. Your boyfriend loves you for who you really are.

Meeting one new charming young lady will not make him loveless of you. If he truly loves you, he’ll realize the proper thing to do.

He truly doesn’t need a skeptical girlfriend sniffing his clothing each time he returns home. What’s more, think about what, the more skeptical you are, the more he’d subconsciously want to cheat.

All things considered, you’re now sure that he’ll cheat on you, so he might as well do it and prove your point. 

15. You want to keep in touch constantly

Let’s be honest. We all are different. You may want him to keep you posted on his life consistently, yet does he want to do likewise?

Try not to push somebody to do what you want. Explain what you need in a relationship, however, don’t drive it down your boyfriend’s throat.

You can call him consistently and tell him what you’re up to if you want. Call to keep him updated if you want to step out of the office to have coffee with a friend.

Yet, don’t ask him what he’s doing. Hang up in a minute or two. If he gets the clue and likes these short calls to keep each other posted so often, he’ll begin doing likewise as well.

In the event that he’s not that sort of guy, tell him a couple of times that it would feel ideal to know what he’s up to from time to time. If he dislikes it, love him for who he is or find another person.

16. You want his attention constantly

Do you feel like you deserve his attention constantly, regardless of whether he’s talking with another person, chipping away at something, or simply relaxing without anyone else?

Obviously, you are his girlfriend. However, that does not mean he doesn’t have his own interest.

Recall that both of you are two people who are in love with each other. You don’t possess one another.

Do you at any point feel like you’re the just one making every one of the plans or attempting to hold the relationship together?

You may believe you’re the savior of that relationship, while he may believe you’re a clingy irritating girlfriend.

Keep yourself occupied with doing what you love and make him come to you. Be that ideal lady in his eyes and cause him to acknowledge how much of a catch you are!

17. Can’t acknowledge the fact that his life doesn’t revolve around you

Love makes the entire world go round. It very well may be baffling to see that you are not the focal point of the universe in your man’s eyes.

Rather than nagging about it, figure out how to make him need you and want you more. Do you get irritated if he’s watching a film and needs to get back to you in a short time?

That is presumably because you’re idle and have so much time at hand. Make him miss you by keeping yourself occupied.

If he sees that you’re not always accessible for him, he’ll see the value in your time and love you more.

18. You feel he doesn’t love you as much you love him

If you at any point feel that way, you’re already showing one of the greatest clingy girlfriend signs.

Except you’re in a relationship where both of you need to see yourselves consistently together, you need to make a stride back and let him carry on with his own life.

What makes you feel he doesn’t love you enough? Is it since he doesn’t spend each moment talking with you? Speak with him about it and hear his thought about it with an open mind.

If you feel like both of you have different priorities in love, reconsider the status of the relationship.

19. All his attention ought to be on you

You need him to give you his full attention. Indeed, even him discussing another young lady makes you angry and skeptical.

You feel like you ought to consistently be on his mind like he is on yours. At first, your boyfriend may find it charming. He may even believe it’s a sign of love.

Steady seeking for attention will make him frustrated and he will want an out from the relationship.

While jealousy is totally normal you should be able to control your behavior and show some restrictions. Do it before he thinks you are an unsteady girlfriend.

20. You become Suspicious

There are parts of his life which you probably won’t be involved in. Not realizing his whereabouts will make you suspicious.

All sorts of random thoughts will be in your mind. The fear of him cheating on you will make you suspicious. You will begin asking him constant questions and you won’t believe him regardless of whether he is telling the truth and will continually request a proof.

Constant doubt is a huge turn-off. It will just distance him much more and he would see all the clingy girlfriend signs in you and put an end to the relationship.

21. Insecurity sneaks in

Somewhere inside you, you get a feeling that your boyfriend isn’t that serious about your relationship as you are. This makes you worried and insecure.

Considering the fact that you may not be his topmost priority may make you fear that your relationship is endangered. You attempt to become his priority.

You may be significant in his life yet you can’t continually seek validation concerning this. Your boyfriend will have things in his day to day life that are as important to him as you are and this is totally normal.

Trust is the foundation of a sound relationship and if you don’t trust him, what are you battling for? If he is looking gorgeous in a particular clothe praise him, rather than thinking other ladies will be attracted to him.

22. You are envious that he has a life without you

Your boyfriend has a life of his own outside your relationship. He could be making arrangements without you and you don’t enjoy it.

You are envious of him enjoying without you and question whether his friends make him more joyful than you do.

You even attempt to disrupt his arrangements and forcefully include yourself in them. You are only being a clingy girlfriend and you could wind up being his nightmare.

He would not actually know how to manage his clingy girlfriend that would prompt fights and consistent quarrels and at last, he may dump you.

23. You are too accessible

Continually being accessible for him will make him underestimate you. He will know that you will always set aside a few minutes for him and consequently he will just make plans whenever it suits him and not be scared to cancel a meeting on the last.

Know your self-worth and make him realize it as well. Try not to place him above everybody and everything. If you have plans to meet your friend for coffee don’t cancel it because your boyfriend is accessible at this point.

Can I stop being a Clingy Girlfriend?

You certainly can! It just takes a little work to identify the signs of a clingy girlfriend and to know where to draw the line.

Most importantly, you must learn to accept and enjoy yourself. It all begins with self-love.

You can’t trust your boyfriend to provide you with the affection, attention, and validation you need to feel whole. It must be felt from inside!

On the flip side, if you’ve lost your relationship because of this signs there are still ways you can win him back again.

Bottom Line

If you think you’re a clingy girlfriend you might think of considering the aforementioned signs and start working on yourself. Do this will help improve your friendship, increase your boyfriend’s desire for you, and provide you with a life you will enjoy!


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