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ways on how to fix a relationship
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Yes, you saw someone that caught your attention. Whatever that was.

It got you thinking this, “I would need to know this person better”. One thing led to another. You asked for a date, hoping to get to know this person.

You eventually conclude in your heart, that this person amuses you, makes you laugh, gives you butterflies, and you just realize that you enjoy spending quality time with this person.

Amidst all these, you entertain thoughts of BOO/BAE zoning.

So you weigh your thoughts, diving deep in them, asking sincere questions about this person.

Every thought of who the person is that you have known via dates or whatever conjures in your mind and you feel nothing but sparks of love.

Finally, you decide you would want to spend your life with this person. The question is asked. The answer, in the affirmative. Will you be my lady? YES! You are my MAN.

The forever sail into the romantic begins. However, in the journey, there could be a tempest. It’s inevitable!

You would have different opinions. A party could do you wrong sometimes, and refuse to apologize. A relationship once entered comes with commitment, tolerance, advanced forgiveness, and empathy.

The question is when what you share hits the rock bottom, how do we fix it? When it’s sinking, can you actually save a struggling relationship? will you try to make it work or better still let it go?

I’d say, it depends.


I will tell. But before let’s talk about relationship in Love first.

What is Relationship in Love?

The free online dictionary defines love as “a strong feeling of affection and concern toward another person, as that arising from kinship or close friendship.”

In relationships, however, love means different things to different people, and it also depends on who defines love to you and their own love journey.

For example, the description of a couple on honeymoon, a couple divorcing, and a newlywed couple will not be the same.

Whatever your definition of love is, it is obvious that everyone has an opinion on the subject.

What the relationship means to you will give you direction. So also, how much of value or how much of regrets or pain you have received will.

You may love reasons you should fall out of love or the relationship fast, but still want to fix it.

That I think is the best!

So, instead of putting efforts to forget someone who you’re deeply in love with, you channel the efforts into making the relationship work.

To get that done seamlessly, check out these expert sure ways to save a struggling relationship I have compiled in this article.

I bet you, these my fix a relationship recipe will save your relationship if you believe in its resuscitation.

Don’t doubt!

Sure Way On How To Fix a Relationship

Here are 25 ways to save a struggling relationship:

  • Have your mind prepared
  • Take a break and spend time apart
  • Take full responsibility
  • Be genuine and transparent about what led to your fall out
  • Don’t pull the strings anymore
  • Compromise
  • Communicate with your Heart
  • Be positive about your relationship
  • Be grateful for little things
  • Create time for each other and do fun things.
  • Have intentional communication
  • Never ask your partner to be who he/she is not
  • Don’t keep secrets
  • Be ready to tolerate
  • Quit Nagging
  • Never Radar on Jealousy
  • Be there for each other
  • Do not heap blames
  • be wary of Third Parties
  • Don’t keep tabs of mistakes
  • Don’t make recourse to the past
  • Be empathetic
  • Listen to the voice of your inner man
  • Never raise your voice at the slightest provocation
  • Work on Yourself

1. Have your mind prepared: offences will not but come

One of the ways on how to fix a relationship is by preparing your mind. Truth is, there is no relationship without its strains. So be well prepared and not be taken unawares, that there will be conflicts.

However, how you deal with it is very primary. Don’t be petty.

Know for sure how important your relationship is, and be ready to look past flaws.

2. Take a break and spend time apart

You guys might need to give yourself some space for a while, to heal from whatever wrong or hurt you have suffered, from each other.

Or think about what you’d really want from your relationship.

This could help you see you gotta do what you need to do for your relationship to bounce back, right?

3. Take full responsibility

If you did something wrong, that could make him pull away from you, own up and don’t play defensive. If you caused the rift, admit you’re wrong and take full responsibility.

This shows how much your relationship means to you. This is among the sure ways on how to fix a relationship.

4. Be genuine and transparent about what led to your fall out

You can always make a relationship work by being transparent.


Talk about what led to you guys falling out. You’d need to talk about it. Not trying to hide from it, because you don’t want more hurt.

The point is, if it won’t be repeated again, you’d have to talk about it.

5. Don’t pull the strings anymore

You should know when to drop the reins. After all, relationships are to produce value.

If after you strove to build back a bridge and it didn’t come to shape as planned, let go.

Let go, especially where the other party says he/she isn’t interested anymore. Forcing one to do something against his/her wish will be wrong.

6. Compromise

Compromising is one of the best ways on how to fix a relationship if you really need it. Honestly, things wouldn’t have to go your way, or your partner’s ways, all the time.

You might have to reach a consensus, a sacrificing one at that, to help restore your strained relationship.

7. Communicate with your Heart

Speak about how the strained relationship makes you feel, and how you know it won’t be easy to return to how you were before.

However, you know this is achievable, as you won’t give up.

8. Be positive about your relationship

It’s okay that you have conflicts or you’re getting signs he wants break up. Help yourself by not pulling the strings, by dwelling on the wrongs and hurts caused by your significant.

Think more about the good things you know about your lover, always. Hurt naturally dissolves this way.

9. Be grateful for little things

Be thankful for things by your lover. As little as this sounds is one reason some are done with themselves.

When others help you out with something, be sure not to take for granted and see it as such’s responsibility.

10. Create out time for each other and do fun things.

A relationship is a work. As much as you are busy, which could be a reason your relationship Is strained.

Find time/ create time/ be intentional about each other, spicing up your relationship. Do fun things together like have interesting things to talk about.

11. Have intentional communication

Never give the silent treatment if you really want to save a struggling relationship. Convey how you feel respected. Such that the other party sees what you are seeing.

Don’t assume. Don’t play down communication. It helps dot your i’s and cross your t’s. talk about your pain, hurts, needs and resentment.

You should as well pray too. Whilst communication is ongoing, parties should give rapt attention to what is being discussed and answer appropriately.

12. Never ask your partner to be who he/she is not

You might have several underlying unrealistic fantasies you created in your head, as regards your partner in romance or your relationship.

An attempt to compulsorily condition your partner to these fantasies is a problem starter. Tread carefully!

13. Don’t keep secrets

To be in a relationship is to spew secrets. if you intend to keep secrets then stay single. Doing this is to create unnecessary suspicions and distrust from yourselves to each other. This is also among the sure ways on how to fix a relationship and make it stronger.

14. Be ready to tolerate

The moment you signed up to be romantic in this life of yours, is the day you signed up for tolerance.

You’d have to look over something and let go. This is so that, your relationship can work.

This won’t mean the tolerated party should keep doing things nasty all the time.

15. Nagging

I personally dislike this habit. Dangerous, as simple as it looks. It tires people and makes them feel less. Quit nagging, it drains.

16. Never radar on jealousy

For you to be with someone, it shows you love the person. For you to have been chosen out of so many, it shows commitment. Hence, the reason not to work yourself up with jealousy. It’s not healthy.

17. Be there for each other

Sometimes a party could feel too overwhelmed and frustrated for several reasons.

This can tell on how such relates with the significant other. In these times, it’s noble for partners to be very supportive and encouraging.

18. Do not heap blames

One relationship advice that can help you fix a relationship and strengthen it is avoiding heaping blames. This is trying to evade responsibility. Own up! Stop heaping blames.

19. Be wary of third parties

Don’t! don’t! it’s a serious warning! whatever goes wrong between you two, never involve third parties.

If you would ever ask for help, be careful of whom to ask from. Be wary! A great warning it is!

20. Don’t keep tabs of mistakes

Deadly! It usually helps in piling hurts and one day just because it’s a climax, you could have a terrible outburst.

This outburst could have an indelible mark on your relationship. To save your relationship, trash out issues as they come. Leave no stone unturned. This is also one of the ways on how to fix a relationship.

21. Don’t make recourse to the past

It’s like cutting open a scar. Let go of past mistakes. Everyone at some point has made mistakes.

Staying in those mistakes is a dangerous thing to do. Renovate your mind and get past it.

22. Be empathetic

Sometimes, you’ll need to put yourself in your partner’s shoes to see how things really feel. That way, you can navigate through till reconciliation is achieved.

23. Never raise your voice at the slightest provocation

Raising your voice makes you uncultured. You don’t have to shout to state your point.

I know sometimes you could be pushed to the wall and you can’t help it. But you could take a walk from the situation for that moment. This is to help you from overreacting.

24. Listen to the voice of your inner man

You should quiet the noise making. Free your mind, and ponder on the salient.

Such as, what has this relationship borne me and the other party? How has it made me any better? That could be your token to fixing or letting go of that relationship.

25. Work on yourself

How do I get better in this relationship with my significant other, in all spheres? These questions will help prompt you to adjust, if need be, just to save or fix your relationship.


You can fight for what you care about. No doubt! Of truth, that is the only reason you’d want to fix things.

 However, trying to reconcile with someone who looks down or abuse you mentally, emotionally, verbally, and physically is a time bomb. You want to explode!

Please, your mental, emotional and physical health is very key.

Don’t try to fix something that can’t be fixed, because you are desperate not to be alone.

Know that you are undeserving of a relationship, that burdens you with regrets.


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