40 Questions Girls are Afraid to Ask Guys

questions that girls are too afraid to ask guys
questions that girls are too afraid to ask guys

This article has some interesting questions that girls are too afraid to ask guys. 

Ever wondered what your guy is thinking right now where he is? You stare at him all day, not because you don’t have anything to say, but just because you are scared.

Yea, it’s normal. I have sat in that seat before. I stared at him, dumbfounded. I was afraid to ask him questions because I didn’t know how he would respond.

At that point, I looked for a way out. Most of the time, I swallowed my thoughts and questions without knowing I was hurting myself.

The truth is, not asking these questions can lead to misunderstandings and more hurt feelings. 

No doubt, there are questions girls are afraid to ask their guys, especially if they don’t want to be the reason for breakups. This is understandable, as many of these questions can be potentially embarrassing or uncomfortable. 

In this article, I have listed some of the most common questions girls are afraid to ask guys.

Questions Girls are too Afraid to Ask Guys

1. Who will cover the cost of the first date?

This is one of the questions that girls are afraid to ask guys. Traditionally, the first date is on the boys to cover the costs.

They feel gratified and accomplished by being able to “take care of you” in this manner. 

Like this, other guys favor splitting the tab out of concern for financial equality or simply because they aren’t making much money.

Additionally, they might want to refrain from implying that they will always pay when you are in the city.

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2. Do you think about sex constantly?

This is among the common questions that girls are afraid to ask guys. Men reportedly consider sex once every seven seconds.

Although it’s not truly the case, I must admit that men occasionally talk a lot about women.

Both are having sex, and the number of women you’ve “seduced” is a commendable trait for males.

Being a virgin is frequently insulted, especially when one is young. Because of this, boys become more actively interested in and eager for sex.

3. Do you intend to marry someone?

I believe the overwhelming response you’ll receive is undoubtedly no. But why do men marry in such a case? So, women, it’s for you.

For many guys, making a woman happy or seeing her pleased might be life’s mission.

Guys agree because they know that marriage is vital to some women and will make them more comfortable.

Behind the scenes, you’ll frequently hear men lamenting to their buddies about how expensive weddings are or wanting the formalities to end immediately.

Guys don’t care to proclaim their love in front of an altar or your relatives; they want to be with you.

4. What does it take to make you feel like having sex?

Very little. He’s already in the mood for sex if you’re in the same room as your partner (or maybe a guy friend).

This is a plain fact, but it also depends on each individual’s sex drive.

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5. Are you a believer or a romantic?

You might find this surprising, but yes! I believe that other males support love more than women do.

But the cause is different. For guys, showing their love for you is more important than getting it.

It’s about safeguarding and supplying, about being content because someone else wants to be loved by you.

6. What is a girl’s most alluring quality?

This isn’t what you think. In fact, most men will claim that it is your face. Your eyes, cheeks, grin, and personality take first place, with other “assets” coming in second.

7. Which is better, more makeup or less/no makeup?

Typically, men will respond that wearing minimal or natural makeup is preferable. I love girls wearing some makeup since it shows that they care for themselves.

All you need is the foundation, eyeliner, or eyeshadow (avoid buying the less expensive brands because they will harm your skin; keep it natural instead).

We genuinely aren’t like artificial nails, injected lips, synthetic eyelashes, etc., but you should of

8. What characteristics characterize satisfying sexual encounters?

If you hang out with your male friends frequently, you might overhear them discussing their relationships with other women.

Take nothing at face value; sex isn’t just about the physical or anatomical components for guys. Men like sex more when they have an emotional bond and genuine desire.

9. What kind of first date is ideal?

For a male, the date activity won’t matter. He is there to converse with you and get to know you. It’s ideal if you have a comfortable place to sit, talk, and laugh with your date.

10. What are your opinions about menstruation?

We don’t like seeing blood on the bed or bathroom floor. Naturally, we understand, but it’s also not ideal. It just varies tremendously.

This category also includes buying pads or tampons for you.

Some men don’t mind, some oppose vehemently, and others will only participate if they are married or feel obligated to.

Some of us find it awkward to talk about it, while others have no trouble doing so.

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11. Is being a virgin crucial for a girl?

Most males won’t look down on you since you’re sexually active. Because there is also the notion that a girl should be “purer” than a guy, some guys may not date you if you have had 3-5 or more partners.

Nobody will consider you to be “serious relationship material.” Maybe wait a little while before revealing your past. Learn more about the person.

12. Do you enjoy giving presents?

There is no definitive answer to this query. Some men genuinely enjoy giving gifts to women, while others despise Valentine’s Day or similar celebrations.

Guys typically buy gifts for girls because they want to make them happy or feel forced to.

13. Do you give a damn about a girl’s attire?

Some men do, while others do not. Although fashion isn’t one of our strong suits, some males do have specific fashion tastes.

They are looking for a girlfriend who shares their preference for a particular dressing style.

The other men won’t give a damn. They won’t even pay attention to what you usually wear.

14. Why don’t guy feel their emotions more?

We may dismiss our unpleasant feelings out of a desire to appear more manly or because we are unsure how to handle them.

Some males are more pragmatic and logical, favoring logic and facts over emotions.

15. Should a female invite you out?

Definitely! Not all guys are as self-assured as Disney princes. Therefore it’s helpful if you want to be a leader. It conveys interest, a terrific way for men to bolster their ego.

16. Is getting SMS while out with friends annoying?

Yes. We prefer our attention to “the lads” when we are out with them. We won’t upset you, so we’ll message you back, but it feels like there should be more pressure. Separation time is crucial as well.

17. What are your thoughts on periods?

We do not like seeing blood on the bathroom floor or bedding. Of course, we comprehend, but it’s also not ideal.

This category also includes purchasing tampons or pads for you, which varies. Some guys don’t mind it, some flatly object, and others will only do it if they are married or feel compelled to.

While some of us find it uncomfortable to discuss, others have no problem doing so.

18. Do you mind if your girlfriend is acquainted with a lot of men?

If your partner continually criticizes you for hanging out with people of the other gender, you may have a deeper issue and insecurities. You can be treated like property by him.

However, if your male friends constantly approach you, your partner may have a point. But if you know it’s only for fun, don’t put your friendship at risk.

19. What defines a woman as “slutty”?

Some guys condemn wearing skimpy clothing, excessive makeup, getting wasted, etc.; others don’t.

If a female is eager to “go home with you” after a brief talk, most guys will view her as a one-night stand rather than “girlfriend potential.”

Other Questions that Girls are too Afraid to ask Guys

20. Can you overlook cheating?

No, is the typical response. Because their trust was betrayed and their pride was wounded, guys won’t forgive unfaithful girls. However, being married and having kids will affect this.

21. Should your girlfriend be into the same things you are?

Only a small percentage of guys seek out women who are very similar to them. You don’t have to enjoy sports, video games, nerdy collections, vehicles, etc.

However, if you show attention, that is always welcomed.

It doesn’t have to be authentic either. It will mean a lot to your lover to hear you listen to him talk about his interests. Who knows, maybe you’ll like them too!

22. Do you think of your lover or someone else while you “play with yourself”?

It varies. Many men reflect on the good times they had with their relationships. Sometimes they daydream about characters or situations that help them feel thrilled.

23. Do you feel constricted in your midsection when wearing tiny jeans?

It is possible. However, a guy shouldn’t experience any problems sporting a pair of thin jeans that genuinely fit.

24. Is holding your member necessary to urinate?

Men don’t have to retain their “aim” the entire time, but it might occasionally be helpful.

25. When you become “aroused,” can you still run?

Actually, no. Doing so would undoubtedly appear and feel absurd. There is certainly a valid reason I have never done it.

26. When your underwear is “excited,” can you urinate?

Yes, but you’ll undoubtedly miss your target. Additionally, it might be a little unsettling. Guys typically wait until their muscles are less tense and their excitement has subsided.

27. When you run, do your privates bounce? Is it painful?

It’s true. But male bodies are brilliant. During exercise, their nether parts constrict closer to their bodies to prevent excessive bouncing.

28. Do men worry about how they look?

Absolutely we are only human. We occasionally worry about our size or our physique. We detest losing our hair and watching it deteriorate.

But let us know whether we come across well to you! Men enjoy receiving compliments.

29. What do you do if you “excite” yourself in a negative situation?

It frequently occurs. Breathe deeply. Occasionally, sitting for longer than expected. Alternatively, you can flip your member up into your waistband to make it less obvious to onlookers.

30. What features of a female appeal to you the most?

When you require emotional support or when you are having second thoughts, we guys are prepared to be there for you.

However, it would be ideal if you were a fighter at heart. It is attractive to approach circumstances calmly and confidently and not be scared to exhibit who you are.

31. What should you do if a female doesn’t interest you?

A guy is indifferent if he ignores or ghosts you. Us males are usually the first to message or offer a date for a woman we like. If that doesn’t happen, the news is probably not good.

32. Is it annoying when it takes “too long” to prepare to leave?

Okay, sure. We put on a shirt and some jeans, and we’re done. We don’t want to wait for you to put on cosmetics and pick out some expensive clothes because it takes a very long time. Sorry, ladies!

33. Do men prefer it when women have hair “down there”?

Guys don’t seem to care, just like girls don’t seem to mind. A female won’t care if you are cultivated to suit your preferences.

34. Do you let your buddies see your girlfriend in her underwear?

Without a doubt. That is a severe breach of trust. However, a girl should tell her guy if she wishes to display her nudeness! Possibly entertaining.

35. Do all men watch online pornographic content?

Yes, a lot of males do. They are simple to access, particularly on mobile devices and laptops.

Watching them can be enjoyable. Additionally, they primarily serve as stimuli for fantasizing or excitement.

36. Do men desire to engage in the behaviors depicted in pornographic videos?

Although it would not surprise you, this. Yes, men may be motivated to try particular postures or activities. However, most adult videos serve only as visual stimuli for fantasy.

37. When you’re in the bathtub, does your member float?

It does, indeed! Similar to rubber duckies.

38. Does a guy feel more or less secure, depending on the size of his member?

It does occasionally, especially when a guy is young and still growing. If you do, tell your partner you enjoy his size.

39. When you ride a bicycle, do your genitalia suffer?

This is one of the common questions that girls are too afraid to ask guys because it sounds embarrassing. Most guys might answer you no. Contrary to popular belief, a man’s nether region is located far further forward on their body. And a bike seat is specifically designed to support this.

40. When guys get booted “down there,” does it truly hurt?

It is excruciatingly painful. Similar to an initial feeling of all-over agony. It has the power to knock a man to the ground and take his breath away.

In conclusion

Girls are afraid to ask guys questions for a number of reasons. Guys can be intimidating, and girls often feel that they need to know all the answers before they can speak up. However, by asking questions, you can learn more about the people they are interested in and build better relationships. So go ahead and ask away!

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