Why Should I Date A Nerdy Person? 15 Reasons you Don’t Know


Being a nerd can appear silly at times, perhaps owing to their appearance or others’ perceptions of them, which can lead to inferiority complexes or a lack of confidence, so here is the truth. This is the fact why most people don’t date a nerdy person.

There is this conception that nerds are unsuitable mates for women, probably because of their appearance or lack of social and communication skills.

Society at large regards them as smart and intelligent ones who get along with studying books and obtaining good scores, but not so good in charming ladies.

This conception can be a fallacy because from the qualities Nerds are known for, they’re actually the best. In fact, dating a nerd is 100% better than dating a nacarissist.

So, if you’re asking, Why should I date a Nerdy person? there are many reasons to do that. Read on to learn why dating a nerdy man or woman is not a bad idea at all.

Who is A Nerd?

According to Wikipedia, nerd is a person seen as overly intellectual, obsessive, introverted, or lacking social skills.

Such a person may spend much time on technical or science fiction content which might not be popular or interest to other people.

In the world today, most people stay away from nerds because they believe they are shy, quirky, pedantic, and unattractive people.

What they don’t know is that Nerds are actually among the best people anyone can think of having around either as a friend or a life partner because of the unique qualities the possess.

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Dating A Nerdy Person

When it comes to dating, nerds are the best!

They are not only academically talented but also make fantastic boyfriends.

People normally have that you know the things you do simply because you are addicted to them but here nerds are just like a single individual with different talents just that environmental effect might hinder some of those talents from exploring.

In most cases, women prefer attractive players to dating a nerdy guy; yet, every decision is based on a choice, and the most unreasonable decision and a mistake could be the consequence of ignorance.

Dating a nerdy person may not be the ideal of course, but they can be wonderfully caring. With all of their quirks, nerdy guys are never boring, and they may be accommodating and, most importantly, honest.

You will only see nerdy people if you choose to look at them normally, thereby satisfying your outer perception of them.

15 Reasons Why I Should Date A Nerdy Person

The following are 15 reasons why you should date a nerd:

  • They’re kindhearted 
  • Dating a nerdy is stress-free
  • They prefer to stay at home and relax.
  • They strive in exchange for love.
  • Nerdy intelligently combine the use of their intellect and their hands.
  • They’re Devoted
  • They’re Amusing
  • A Nerdy is well manned in speaking
  • They have no intention of impressing anyone
  • Nerds are mystery
  • They’re good in smartypants
  • They’re aware of their own existence
  • Parents and friends will adore them.
  • They’re fascinated by Technology
  • Most Nerds are Extremely Sensitive To Their Emotions

Note, these reasons can form part of the Benefits of dating a nerdy guy or girl.

1. They’re kindhearted 

One of the be benefits of dating a nerdy guy or girl is that they are kindhearted. The greatest giver happens to be the nerds. They will adore you in a way that no other man has ever been able to.

These Nerds always put people first and are pleased when they can make someone else happy. When you’re happy, geeks are happy.

Apart from their many positive personality features, geeks simply have huge hearts.

And it is for this reason that they are relationship material although some ladies might not get to experience that rare trait probably because of the mindset the ad about them already.

It might call for a celebration whenever you meet a nerd! He has the potential to be the man of your dreams. Nerdy guys are fantastic—just make sure you give them a chance.

2. Dating a nerdy is stress free

It is unnecessary to acquire unessential shows or striving to be beautiful for guys by donning four-inch heels and dressing up like a diva.

We’re sure they wouldn’t object if you wore your hair in a ponytail, wore no cosmetics, and wore your preferred shirt.

You can be genuine around him, and he won’t try so hard to make you feel unattractive.

Most women prefer to be pretentious because they feel obligated to uphold a certain standard in front of their man.

For example, in order to appear more attractive to their boyfriend, they must always look their best, wear the best clothes, wear full makeup, and not act strangely.

However, neither appearing beautiful nor attempting to be attractive is never a terrible start. When you’re dating a nerd, however, these difficulties don’t exist since they want you to be straightforward and natural.

And because they are frequently condemned for their actions, they understand how it feels. So they are not often judgmental in general, let alone when they are crazy and obsessed with you and adore you just the way you are.

A nerdy guy might not be heavily demanding unlike some handsome and attractive players whom would want to extract all from you before loving you.

A nerdy guy is only after your happiness because he was not exposed to some playful lover boy lifestyle (life of a womanizer) that one of the rare trait they posses.

Your nerdy guy could be your own little gift that no one else has noticed, just like is very difficult and rare to acquire a diamond in any unfair and rough state.

3. They prefer to stay at home and relax.

Nerds aren’t used to spending much time outside, so skipping the club in favor of cuddling up, having hot sex, and binge-watching everything on TV (all of it) is much more their speed.

They may want to learn it from you, but if you aren’t into nightclubs, it isn’t for them.

4. They strive in exchange for love.

In high school days, a lady would rarely date a nerd. But how about they are grown up? Nerdy boys didn’t get the same amount of attention or popularity a normal handsome and attractive dude got when they were little.

This may not appear to be a terrible thing on the surface, but what it implies for you is that these guys didn’t grow up with the sense of entitlement that comes with being immediately attractive to women. Because it didn’t always come naturally, they had to work hard at it.

On that note, nerdy people are more likely to love and cherish whatever relationships they have now.

Now being a nerdy as a lady, you must strive to be with a man who truly loves and values you. This is because a normal social and attractive guy wouldn’t have anything to with the nerdy lady unless they have another hidden agenda.

Thus it might look more ugly but trust me there is always a good guy everywhere so you only need to work on yourself as a nerdy girl.

5. Nerdy intelligently combine the use of their intellect and their hands.

It’s true that nerds have long been known as the most brilliant people due to their high IQs, and since the brain is the most essential sexual organ, they’re a smarty when it comes to sexual satisfaction.

These folks are willing to go the additional mile to make sacrifices and conduct study as long as it keeps things interesting.

Nerds are also adept at manipulating pads, playing video games, typing on computers, and operating any type of handheld device as if they were wizards.

Their dexterity is out of this world, which makes them ideal for pressing all the appropriate buttons for you.

6. They are devoted.

Because of the kind of surroundings they’ve been given, nerds appear to be humble and faithful in some aspects, as if they’ve been abandoned on another planet. They hardly cheat in a relationship. Read10 Sure Signs my Partner Cheating.

These nerds don’t have many friends because they are probably lonely, lack communication skills, or are not social at all.

They tend to be introverted and want to be alone more than others. As a result, geeks have a strong sense of loyalty.

 They understand how difficult it is to make friends, and they don’t want to lose them. When it comes to developing friends, especially girlfriends, geeks are extraordinarily devoted and genuine, and they virtually always put their friends first!

Thus, they intentionally keep few friends because those are people that might try to understand them and as well accept them genuinely. Another interesting thing is that those few friends probably might be the best friend anyone could have because in a normal instance ’’ brilliant persons choose a brilliant fellow as a friend’’ so they good at making a good friend.

7. They’re amusing.

“Funny guys can make a girl fall for them fast,” is a common mindset among males. Most guys have believed in such a remark, despite the fact that girls prefer humorous individuals, which makes the statement real.

However, most guys cannot be humorous because being a humorous type requires more intellectual qualities.

Nerds are amusing because they require the use of one’s brain to calculate, grasp, and produce a joke. Whether it’s sarcasm, light conversation, or telling a joke, nerdy is always the funniest guy today.

Because some of them appear funnier mere looking at them without even saying any words and besides from fact that they spend most of their time reading publications, watching comedy and enhancing their functional intelligence thus this have perfected their ability to be hilarious without putting in any stress.

If a man is intelligent, he will be able to make you laugh.

8. They have no intention of impressing anyone.

Nerds have the perception that no one cares about them or wants them, therefore they acquire the habit of remaining alone. As a result, they do things with the thought of not impressing anyone.

This individual appears to be the nicest, friendliest, and sharpest, but on various occasions they don’t sense the need to advertise themselves, implying that they are talented.

That’s why they don’t give a damn about what other people think since it doesn’t matter to them. In most cases, it allows them to freely explore their interests.

Those trait is very spectacular about them because they do things on their own without entertaining doubt nor fair from people. This is one of the benefits of dating a nerdy guy or girl.

9. Nerds are Like mystery

Nerds are like the characters in a good mystery thriller they might appear challenging, intriguing and elusive just like any other complex game (puzzle or scramble) just as some individual might perceive them to be and they enjoy attempting to solve them.

Nobody wants a spouse who can be summed up in a few words or who is easy to predict.

 Instead, she wants someone who can make them think, and often time people admire someone who can make them work hard to figure out who they are. And that is exactly what nerds do.

They are unlike most other guys, and their personal strategy of spicing things up is completely unique and unfathomable in ways that few other men can’t comprehend.

Nerds have a haziness about them that adds to their appeal! However, if given the opportunity and time to demonstrate these characteristics, they may become apparent.

10. A Nerdy is well manned in speaking

Nerds have practically all of the desirable characteristics in a relationship; they are well-mannered and examine every single word that comes out of their mouth.

They don’t say things without first considering them. Nerds will mull things over for a while before coming up with the perfect words to say! As a result, geeks are extremely well-spoken.

Thus they have this ability to stimulate things through their head and giving it a thought at a speed of seconds before letting it out.

This enhances them in altering rightful words most times. They create the best answer in split-second accuracy practically every time they speak, being the smart, brilliant men that they are.

11. They’re good in smarty pants

People genuinely believe that guys who are nerdy are labeled as such because of the wealth of potentials and information they possess, particularly in any profession in which they find themselves.

These guys can hold a long, in-depth conversation because they know how to enrich it without ruining it, and they can do so with ease, and no one wants a dull or boring dialogue in their relationship.

 If you’re looking for a deep, intriguing, and extended talk, geeks is the place to be. They will never tire you, and the talk will always be fascinating and enlightening in a way that both of you will enjoy.

12. They are aware of their own existence.

 Nerds are typically acutely aware of how they are seen and what people think about them thus, been the more reason they work and invest more on themselves.

Despite this, they continue to be nerds. The ability to turn a potential stigma into a badge of honor is the mark of a cool person, in which not every person could change itself potential into a great opportunity.

This guys appears to be more courageous than a normal attractive guy because they always explore more with their lonely moments.

13. They are fascinated by technology

 Say goodbye to driving in circles; relying solely on Google maps is entirely okay. Plus, you’ll never need to use the internet again because your partner starts every conversation with, “Did you see that stuff online today…”, keeping you pleasantly up to date.

Sometimes they intend to turn themselves into a search engine, for this reason, they acquire more vital and crucial information about newly invented technology most times they make it their ultimate priority because nerds don’t do things because of their necessity but they virtue into it as caused by passion.

14. Parents and friends will adore them.

A decent family and friends will always want the best for you, so if they see that a certain geek meets these requirements, they will be quick to embrace him or her.

And it is said that a learned person seeks for advice not only from friends but from family also which serves as a guide line because we believe they have been in some kind of situation before.

Many people adore these so-called nerds, yet none of them despise them. No one would overlook their numerous positive traits. Many people adore them because of their friendly demeanor.

Your geeky man will be adored by all of your friends, family, and associates. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with a nice nerdy person who has excellent qualities?…… None in my opinion

As a result, geeks are generally adored by everyone they meet, particularly those who spend time with them. So their very tendency that parents and friends will adore them.

A decent family and friends will always want the best for you, so if they see that a certain geek meets these requirements, they will be quick to embrace him or her.

And it is said that a learned person seeks for advice not only from friends but from family also which serves as a guide line because we believe they have been in some kind of situation before.

15. Most Nerds are Extremely Sensitive To Their Emotions

Nerds are very aware of their feelings. They spend a lot of time in their heads and know exactly who they are. Self-reflection and self-observation come naturally to geeks.

Because of the lonely moments they’ve always had, they’ve put their life lives into becoming analytical, and thinking things through.

It’s only natural that they’re aware of who they are and how to manage their emotions. It’s not often that a geek doesn’t know how to manage his emotions.

These individuals may learn to love, but they will not allow their emotions to control them; they always know what to feed their minds with at the appropriate time.

In conclusion, despite nerd have been ignored and underrated by their fellow mates and gender, nerds has always been the best for date because they have great talent and they appear be realistic because of their nature and they kind of environment they came from.

Nerds can never be ignored nor slide lined not with this great characters.Their major weakness is that they can be Emotionally Abused in a Relationship.

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