Can Unrequited Love Turn to Requited Love in a Relationship?


Have you ever felt something serious for someone who doesn’t know that you’re on this earth’s planet? Have you ever been at the mercy of your lover who doesn’t give a damn about you or is deeply in love with someone who tells you occasionally that there is someone else he is in love with?

If yes, you must have had this question – How can unrequited love turn to requited love? Come across your mind once or twice.  

And not getting a concrete answer that profounds a solution or gives you the comfort you need can be frustrating.

I’ve loved someone that never for once reciprocated my love. He treated me like a bag of shit, yet letting him was still like embarking on a mission impossible.

So, when I talk about how to deal with unrequited love, I am coming from the angle of one with experience.

Even Christina Westover said, ‘Unrequited love is the infinite curse of a lonely heart.’ This agilely explains the pain that comes with unreciprocated love.

Truthfully, being in love is sweet and one of the greatest things among us humans. But when you talk about falling in love with someone who doesn’t love you back, hmmm…

It’s meaningless!

Nothing in this world can be compared with having a requited love or romantic relationship that is reciprocated. It can help you grow and develop into the person you were meant to be.

Tell me, who doesn’t love a romantic evening spent with someone they’ve had their eyes on?

Guess you have the same answer as mine?

No one!

That is to say that unrequited love in a relationship should be squarely dealt with. And to do that, you must turn your unrequited relationship into requited love. Yes, it’s not easy to do that, but it’s 100% possible.

Read on to learn how you can turn requited love to requited love, including signs of unrequited love. Before we proceed, let me brief you on the meaning of unrequited love.

And also check out the signs and How to get over an Emotionally Abusive Relationship can give a helping hand while reading this article.

What is Unrequited Love Meaning?

What does unrequited love means? Unrequited love refers to a love that is not returned and is one-sided. It’s the experience of loving someone without corresponding with them.

As humans, you find it difficult to detect when someone loves you or answers back to what you offer to the person.

Unrequited can also wall down to one-sided love with no spark or intimacy because one partner has created those things alone.

You’ll agree that there are moments when we have deep romantic feelings for others, only to find out that they don’t feel about us the same way.

This is called unrequited love, which is not returned or rewarded with love. It’s a one-sided encounter that can leave us with anxiety, sadness, and guilt.

If love is unrequited, you would think it would be easy to say, but it’s not always straightforward and can cause a lot of uncertainty and emotional turmoil. Learn what to look for and how the problem can be handled.

Who you love or who loves you, you can’t manage it. That’s the fun of it and the curse.

Therefore the difficulty comes from figuring out the other person’s real emotions. You may think it’s easy to find this out, but it isn’t always obvious.

Because is exceedingly unusual and unreal to read or foresee minds.

Long ago, unrequited love was described as admirable, selflessness, and having a headstrong ability to tolerate suffering.

Now, let’s talk about the various types of unrequited love.

Types of Unrequited Love

Unrequited love can be categorized into various types.

  • Pining for somebody who is not accessible.
  • The reciprocal connection between people who are both in other relationships.
  • Loving someone who does not return those emotions
  • After a partnership has concluded, a longing for an ex

Signs of Unrequited Love in Relationships

Unrequited love is felt and not seen. Thus, there are some signs which are observed. Such signs will help you understand what is going on and whether you reciprocate your love for others.

People report feeling as though they receive “confusing messages” only to discover that it is, in fact, unrequited love from a love interest.  

According to Melissa Stringer, LPC, a major unrequited love sign is “intense longing that spans a significant timeframe and involves little to no reciprocation from your love interest.”

Below are some of the unrequited love signs that indicated that your love is not reciprocated:

#1. Always having Physical Contact

Do you feel like touching another human, holding hands, kissing, or hugging? Mine was very crazy. I felt like I was holding him every minute of the day.

I often imagine him sitting behind me in the kitchen and even in the shower. Please don’t look at me that way because that was what I felt then.

Besides, longing for interaction requires physical touch, and when people are similarly attracted, both sides seek to communicate physically by reaching out.

I’m not trying to justify myself here!

But notwithstanding, if you are still seeking some physical contact or want to spend time, yet it’s as if your time is not respected, it may signify that this is a one-sided desire. It is a sure sign of unrequited love.

#2. You always seek out ways to spend time with them

This is one of the signs of unrequited love. Normally, people in love spend more time together. So, it could be unrequited love if you notice that you’re designing reasons to maintain popping into anyone, and they’re not even giving it back.

#3. The Familiarity

It takes time to get to know another human. Over time, couples interact in a stable relationship, ask questions, and try to learn and get to know each other.

There is an emotional attachment on just one hand of an unrequited love dynamic.

You should find that you often ask questions, initiate communication, and make attempts to invite the person into discussions or experiences.

The other person, in exchange, does not know anything about you, never asks you questions, or appears to invite you into some constructive discussion about you.

Such as your desires, ambitions, objectives, or passions, and you might seem to want the person to know you more, but the opportunity might not come to actualization.

#4. Touch initiation

Are you the only one who makes an effort to communicate? You’re the only one to check in with the other person to see how the day is going.

It can be a sign that this love is unrequited if you are the only one who takes the time to reach out and communicate with the other person, catch them up on things, or ask about their lives.

Wall hooks who care for each other are encouraged to communicate in nurturing processes and participate in fluid, healthy contact.

In a healthy partnership, the energy transfer amongst lovers seems equal, not forcing one person to bear the burden of reaching out to communicate.

When they spend time with someone, you get jealous.

Did you get mad when that girl you like told you about taking a boat ride with a new man?

This is a crucial indication that you are jealous of that romantic relationship that you don’t have.

Take the hint too. As a romantic partner, she’s not interested in you.

#5. Unrealistic viewing

Unrealistic viewing is one of the signs of unrequited love. Often, one person has the other on a raised platform in circumstances of unrequited love. The love interest is viewed as almost flawless, and any inconsistencies are quickly explained away. In lost love, there are seldom safe limits.

People can still see each other’s flaws, vulnerabilities, or imperfections as they develop a healthy romantic relationship. Beneficial partnerships offer a place for people to make errors and use those activities to help develop stronger connections.

Each group can see and hear each other and their vulnerabilities. In an unrequited love relationship, only the emotionally engaged person can perceive and listen to the other individual.

Having gotten the signs of unrequited love, let’s look at the possibility of turning unrequited love to requited love.

Can Unrequited Love Turn to Requited Love?

Yes, because feelings change, just that it might require a lot of time. It can also be difficult and frustrating, especially if it looks like it’s not working out or if you’re a competitor, just like my ex told me.

Every minute of the day, you’re like trying to do something he will appreciate. You want to win him even when you don’t know who you are competing with.

How to Turn Unrequited Love to Requited Love in a Relationship.

There are several ways of turning unrequited love into requited love. In this article, I’ll be giving you seven sure ways how you can do that. I call them ‘HACKS TO DEALING WITH UNREQUITED LOVE’. With these hacks, you can win your ex back again.

Below are the eight ways how to turn Unrequited love to requited love:

#1. Improve and Make Yourself Better

Working to improve and make yourself better is one of the ways to on how to end unrequited love. Working on your outer look is not only necessary. You may look for compassion, generosity, and empathy in your needed love.

 lf you’re a little short on stuff like that, you may want to locate that perfect thing inside you.

Remember what you offer to others, and if you have been relatively “shallow,” it might be enticing to find more depth to your character to bring out everything your needed love finds appealing.

#2. Give no Room to Assumption.

Make no assumptions that calling them your unrequited love means you’ve admitted your feelings, and they don’t give them back, right?

If you’ve never been honest or questioned about how you feel, you haven’t allowed them to tell you whether or not they love you.

You presume from where you are now that, in exchange, they’re not in love or can’t love you.

Being frank with them is the first move. You might find they have the same feelings for you until you let the cat out of the bag, but they were too insecure to tell you.

So you should allow them the advantage of doubt to prove to you that.

#3. Make Yourself Inaccessible

This is one of the ways how you can turn unrequited love into requited in your relationship. I tried this out, and it worked.

Often, when someone finds out that you love them, and they don’t feel the same way about you, they might be reaping the benefits of you if you know it, or they do at all.

Once he doesn’t reciprocate your love, try to make yourself inaccessible the next time he reaches out to you. Honestly, that’s far sexier than someone who is no longer into us or blows up our ego by waiting in the wings at all times.

Empirically, individuals are quickly fed up with what they are used to; always making themselves available will never alter their purpose over you. Instead it might wall down to undervaluation that would see you as a gap.

#4. Invest in Yourself

You have probably poured a lot of emotional energy into another individual, which may leave you drained. Reinvesting energy into yourself, your interests, and your personal goals is critical.

When witnessing lost love, our sense of self can become lost because our sense of self can often be strongly linked to our interest in love and our continuous longing for them to return that love to us.

 Take stock of your interests, stuff that gives you peace and joy, and stuff that makes you, you. Evaluate your goals and values and become conscious of letting those parts of you represent your decision-making and behavior.

Although people often love people with a passion for their skills and goals, people who like what they are good at are.

#5. Talk About What You Don’t Like About Them

They’re excellent, I know, but if you can, talk about the little things that bother you. It helps you to turn your case of the heat into something a little cooler by concentrating on those items that are not all that hot.

I usually tell someone to concentrate on the bad, but if you can’t have them, it’s a perfect way to say to oneself you might not want to do something about it!

#6. Try Stepping Away

Both of us are creatures of habit. When we have things, we don’t want them occasionally. What we can’t have always looks very excellent and becomes our desired’s subject.

 When you start explaining that you can live without them, you can make them hesitate or perhaps have thought about you and know your stand in their heart. And this is one of the killer examples or signs of being clingy in a relationship that most people detest.

In a normal circumstance showing too much love and care to anyone who is yet to decide over you is very risky thus, you might lose him/her if she is secretly into you. You can also learn how to stop being a clingy girlfriend.

#7. Avoid Calling and Texting

Not doing this broke me. It tore my heart to shreds. The more I call and text without getting any reply, I feel empty, abandoned, and downcast.

I’m not telling you not to call or text when you’re in love. Calling and texting are important, but only when the opposite sex is into you. You don’t have to constantly try to be in someone’s head when it’s obvious he or she doesn’t love you that much.

The best thing to do is to consider taking a step back and not being available. And also, try to disconnect if you get the role of the eye every time you try to connect.

Doing this won’t only push you to take action to move on, but it will also make you miss them. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

And they have no excuse not to think about you when you unexpectedly avoid the bugging attitude towards them. Before you move to the next hack, take your time to check out 10 Steps to Take When He Doesn’t Call or Text Back.

#8. Never Sit and Wait for So Long

 Waiting and hoping won’t get what you want for yourself. The more you constantly believe in someone who isn’t interested in you, the worse you feel for yourself. It’s like standing in quicksand, waiting for someone to love you.

 Take the Band-Aid off and prepare to move on. It will not only reveal your dominant side, but it will also make you feel a lot better about yourself.

Just find somebody else. For some reason, trying to find someone else is the key.

Firstly, when you’re not blowing up their phone or looking at them like a lost puppy, they probably start to take a look at your relationship.

Secondly, no power is greater than being unachievable to make you look appealing. We always want what we can’t have, and who knows that if someone is found, they might be better for you. They might ask your required love why they didn’t grab you up and run after you.

9. Have a Discussion around it 

Although it may be daunting, talking to the other person about how you feel is frequently the best course of action.

Talking about such things can be helpful if you notice some perplexing indications from the person you’re interested in, such as flirtatious conduct or affectionate gestures. You might not always be able to discern exactly how someone is feeling until they express it to you.

Feel excessively demanding? It’s also OK to simply discuss your problems with a reliable buddy. Sometimes, relief comes from simply expressing these emotions.

The Bottom Line

Unrequited love can be frustrating, but if it’s you finding true love through an unrequited relationship, it’s possible. The only challenge is that working out requires time and tolerance, patience, and more love.

Now in a situation where you’ve tried all you could and yet there’s no change, break up and move on with your life. Although you might get someone exactly like him, there is a 100% possibility you may get someone better.

Yes, you’ll feel pain because the love is there, but the wound will heal faster than you thought with 10 expert guides on steps after a breakup.


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