15 Best Excuses to get out of a Date

Excuses to get out of a Date
Excuses to get out of a Date

Going on a date is common among young people and most times it is been abused. You don’t go on a date with someone today and tomorrow you conclude that you guys are dating. If you understand that dating is hugely complicated once you unpack it, it’s nice you quietly get out of a date without been hurt or hurting someone. In this article, I have outlined some of the best excuses to get out of date.

You may now ask HOW?

Very simple……

There are thousands of excuses to get out of a date you just don’t want. You might have arranged it when you were under the influence of alcohol, pressure and right now you are seriously reconsidering a choice that seemed perfectly fine whilst drunk.

It could be a blind date, or through a dating site arrangement, and you’re getting cold feet about the whole thing.

It could be someone you’ve already been on a date with, where you were convinced to go on a second against your better judgment. In any of these situations, there is a creative excuse to match.

In this article, I will be giving you Best Excuses to get out of Date if you don’t want to continue.

The table of content below gives you an overview of what to expect.


Date as a word is well renowned in our everyday activities. It possesses meanings ranging from time occurrences to meetings between two or more people. Here, we are going to focus on dates more related to meetings.

A date is an arrangement between two individuals that is romantically bonded. The arrangement could be over dinner or a place of mutual interest.

The idea of a date is for two individuals in a budding relationship to get to know each other better.

Sometimes, it happens when they are officially meeting for the first time and this could be pretty frightening too.

One might develop cold feet and not feel up to honoring the date anymore.

And to do that, one needs excuses to get out of date.

Now from my experience, there are fair and genuine reasons or excuses to get out of date.

I am going to take my time and explain these reasons to you. So if you really want excuses to get out of date this article will really help.

One thing about this is not really because you want to avoid someone. It can also help you determine how much you mean to your date partners.

A good well-planned excuse could mean that they care about our feelings. Meanwhile, a badly scripted one could mean that they don’t value how we feel and don’t mean much to them.

A perfect excuse also relies on timing. Therefore, for an excuse to be deemed perfect, it must be told at the perfect time.

Let’s look out some harmless excuses you can give to get out of date. These Excuses can be grouped into three;

  • Early Hour Excuses
  • Mid-day Excuses
  • Late Hour Excuses

Let’s start with the first…

You can give Early Hour Excuses

These are excuses that are most suitable to be given mostly in the early morning before the journey to the date rendezvous.

If these excuses are delivered close to the hour of the date, it becomes suspicious that the other party had plans to ditch the date.

Therefore the timing is highly necessary.

Some Early hour excuses are:

  • I Just woke up feeling sick
  • Have an Accidental Allergic Reaction
  • I am having Gastric problems
  • Work emergency

I Just woke up feeling sick

This is one of the oldest excuses in the books but it works like a charm. This excuse is a natural phenomenon that could occur by coincidence.

It makes the party being ditched to feel sorry for you instead of feeling sad that you abandoned their date.

It is a win-win situation for both parties. Also, it gives you the opportunity to retry the date if you finally feel comfortable with it in the future.

This excuse is highly believable if told appropriately and it is better if the symptoms of your illness are told to your date counterpart to make it more realistic.

However, the illness could be something common and communicable like flu. I am pretty sure no one wants to catch the flu on their first date.

The ‘waking up sick’ excuse is most effective on first dates, as you are both not really emotionally attached.

Have an Accidental Allergic Reaction

Allergic reactions vary in different people. It is of different forms and could occur as either mild or fatal.

More serious or life-threatening allergies are tackled immediately and easily with the right medication, so they make for bad allergy excuses.

Such allergies include reactions to some edible products, like the well- known peanut allergy, but with the right shot it subsides quickly and you are good to go.

On the other hand, allergies such as skin allergies seem to be mild but could be quite discomforting and best-taken care of at home.

A skin reaction as a result of cosmetic change could actually do the work, like rashes or appearance of spots, as this would require you stay at home when taking medications.

This excuse is better given at early hours of the morning so it actually looks like you woke up to a skin reaction.

Pretty tricky right?

But at least you get to walk out of the date with peace of mind, and not fretting over what to say to ditch your date.

I am having Gastric problems

Gastric problems are conditions that are related to the stomach and digestion of food.

Gastric problems are equally known for their nastiness and embarrassing nature.

It sometimes comes with the regular release of farts which tend to soil the air and make it uncomfortable for nearby individuals.

Apart from this, diarrhea is also a major symptom of gastric problems and it can be quite discomforting.

Diarrhea is more like the constant urge to stool multiple times, and the stool is normally really soft or watery.

Common gastric problems like indigestion are most suitable for the job. One can admit to suffering from indigestion as a result of a bad diet.

You can’t make the date today doesn’t mean it can’t work later when you supposedly feel better.

Work emergency

Everybody knows that work can sometimes pop up with an emergency that could tie one down and spoil one’s schedule for the day.

This form of excuse is not highly believable but could work if told correctly.

Before you play this excuse card, you should already be in your place of work and must have worked a little into the day, as you can only get informed of an emergency at work while present.

The specific cause of the extra late hours at work could be given or not, it’s a choice.

This excuse is most adapted for people who actually work.

We all know that we sometimes have no control over our bosses’ decisions, so this could be one of those moments when our work decides to spoil our day right?

You can give Mid Hour Excuses

In the write up above, we gave some excuses best adapted for the early hours of the date day.

In this section, we would discuss date excuses best suitable for when you are already on your way to the date.

This excuse is mostly used by individuals who develop cold feet on their way to the date rendezvous.

Mid hour excuses as the subheading depicts, are excuses best suitable to be told at the mid-stage of a presumed date day, which is said to occur during the drive to the date grounds.

Some Mid hour excuses are:

  • My Car just developed an Issue
  • Traffic Jam
  • Motor accident
  • I had a Stressful day

My Car just developed an Issue

This is actually among the best excuses to get out of a date and it is a very common excuse used by individuals looking to ditch a date.

Car issues are real disappointments and quite frustrating as they tend to happen accidentally most times.

When giving this type of excuse, it is best not to disclose the exact problem of the car so as not to get quick repair tips from your date partner.

So one would have to act sad about not being able to honor the date as their car is being towed to the mechanic at the moment for repairs.

This means you may not have enough time to make the date as you encountered auto-mobile problems on your way to your date and not hours before the actual date.

Generally speaking, mid hour excuses are quite suspicious as it draws closer to the date-time and could raise a red flag for your counterpart as a sign of cold feet.

But we all know the saying ‘you can’t be guilty until proven otherwise’ so we are good to go.

Traffic Jam

This type of excuse is highly dependent on the geographical area, not everyone is at liberty to use this form of excuse.

If used under the right conditions, it works like a charm. But if used sporadically, it just could let off the vibe that you feel like skipping the date.

There are places or roads with high traffic congestions, and this is where an excuse like this would thrive because of the high probability of a serious traffic jam happening.

To make this work perfectly, you need to call your date counterpart to indicate you are on your way for the date.

You can call several minutes later to apologize in advance for having to come late due to heavy traffic.

By the time a useful amount of time has passed, you can now call for a date reschedule as the traffic jam finally won and you are on your way home.

Motor accident

This excuse sounds a little bit extreme right? But we all know desperate times call for desperate measures.

Who wouldn’t feel sorry for an accident victim, especially one who suffered such fate on their way to see you?

The accident would be best if not described as being fatal. One could simply tag it as a mild collision and sustaining little or no injuries.

It is unwise to raise the gravity of the accident as this could require your date to insist on coming to see you as they may feel guilty for dragging you into the road at first.

This could raise problems as you begin to search for valid reasons to prevent their visit.

The key to selling this excuse is to appear quite shaken up after the so-called accident and not crying out loud over serious injuries sustained.

In this case, it is most likely your date counterpart would suggest you stay back and rest to ease your stress and voila!!…mission accomplished.

I had a Stressful day

Stressful days are a common thing in our everyday life.

It could be as a result of several factors ranging from work to chores or daily activities.

On such days, we end up really tired and unable to continue with later activities.

We just wish to have a cool shower and hit the bed. This is not really a good excuse as excuses go, but it also cuts you some slacks.

You don’t use this excuse at late hours, it’s better given at the end of working hours when one is expected to be home from work preparing for the date.

At least it shows you actually had the date in mind and can’t make it due to stress.

An excuse like this would sound cold if your date partner is already waiting at the date site and calls only to be told this.

It would portray you as not being interested and too rude for letting them wait for you when you had no plans to keep the date.

Late Hour Excuses

When we hear of the late hour, what comes to mind is the last minute, the final moments, hour of reckoning and so on.

This is quite true and shines a light on our context when applied in date excuses.

A late hour date excuse is an excuse that provides a suitable get out window when the date is already ongoing.

These excuses are for people who wish to get out of an on going date probably because it didn’t turn out as they expected.

But these last-minute excuses are quite difficult to pull off and requires the right expressions to pull it off without suspicion from your date partner.

The reason for this difficulty is because most last-minute excuses happen right in front of your date partner. Here are some ‘get out of date’ Early hour excuses for you:

  • Flow Season
  • Bad bowels due to dinner
  • Missed alarm

Flow season

This excuse is specifically meant for ladies. Ladies, if you decide to walk away from the date last minute, your flow can be a powerful weapon of excuse.

You just act like something went wrong, excuse yourself to the toilet and return with the sad news. You can pretend not to have expected it to come so early and are truly sorry for the unfortunate turn of events.

It now seems like a simple coincidence or a polite way of leaving without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Bad bowels due to dinner

This is like the most effective last-minute excuse. Individuals possess different bowel stability.

Though I must admit that this excuse is actually quite humiliating and funny, it actually gives us a ticket straight back home.

This excuse works perfectly for dinner dates, but could also be attempted in other dates provided something edible was bought during the date.

A few minutes into food consumption, you could give a fake belch to signal gas in the abdomen.

Then you actually act like you are having a stomach meltdown as a result of what you ate, the fact that you feel like releasing your bowels should also be pointed out too.

I guarantee this would send you back home without any suspicion of foul play.

Missed alarm

I think this is about the only last-minute excuse that requires over the phone chat to confirm.

This excuse is actually a flimsy one and is not completely believable. So it is best used for situations when you don’t plan on seeing the person anymore.

You just have to ignore the person till the date-time is gone. Your reply whenever you are called to ask why you canceled should be that you probably overslept, and therefore missed your alarm.

It’s a clumsy excuse but it drives the message home.


In this article, we tried as much as possible to compile a list of reasonable excuses and the best timings to apply them.

While these ‘get out of date excuses’ are most effective with proper timings, some can actually be told anytime at all.

For instance, emergency conveying of a loved one to the hospital, telling the truth about not making the date.

There could be more reasons than the ones mentioned above, but I believe this will go a long way in helping us get out of unwanted dates, and spotting when we are being ditched with an excuse in our dates too.


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