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signs he wants to break up with me
signs he wants to break up with you

Hey! are you mad at yourself right because you don’t understand your man anymore? Are you worried that he is no longer that sweet, caring and down-to-earth lover you use to know? Do you think he wants to call it a quit when its the last thing you want to here? This article on signs he wants to break up is just for you.

I understand how you are feeling right now because there was a time in my life when I had all the above questions in my mind. it was really tough for me to get the answers, I could even remember that I lied to myself severally just to feel good.

Imagine a situation whereby a guy you know so well all of a sudden turns to a total stranger. He starts putting up attitudes that make you see yourself as a worthless bitch who finds stalking people as a hobby.

Although part of you tries to say “All is fine” but part of you still tells you that these are signs he wants to break up but doesn’t know how to go about it.

You confidently tell yourself that it’s just that he is moody and will some snap out of it. And even if he wants to break up, you get these panicky thoughts that you can’t get him back.

What are signs he wants to break up

Dear, if you have started noticing these signs am going to drop down here about your guy, I advise you to act fast and smart. Here are signs your boyfriend wants to break up with you:

  • No Communication
  • Your peresence irritates him
  • Always giving you a Hint
  • Making fun of you in Public
  • You can’t Please him anymore
  • Doesn’t go out with you Anymore
  • No more sex Fun
  • He doesn’t show you love again

1. No Communication

Whenever your guy starts bridging the communication with you, you don’t really need to ask “does he want me to break up with him” because this is sure signs he wants to break up. Now, this is applied only when he starts that with no genuine reason.

Over the years, he uses to be that talking type. he even told me that if there is anything he enjoys doing; it’s talking with me.

The communication then was pure, natural, and fun-filled. Responding to my chats and messages was what he treasures most.

And Boom! He just stopped

No more calls, no talking to again and most annoying, always have 10 thousand reasons and excuses to explain why he doesn’t have my time again. 

It is a telltale sign when the guy you are dating and have been seeing for a long time, suddenly in mid-course of the relationship, starts ignoring you, your text messages, and your phone calls for hours and days at a time.

Is your relationship crumbling and you don’t really know where the problem is coming from? I doubt if you have checked your intellectual compatibility. These are Signs you are not Intellectually Compatible with and work on it.

2. Your Presence Irritates Him

Among the signs he wants to end the relationship is when he starts getting irritated with your presence. Now, this is someone that enjoys your company, tells you everything about himself, how his day went, what he did and what he intended doing. You find out he doesn’t tell you about himself again.

He clams up when you come a calling. He is no longer sharing things about what he is up to.  He seems more aloof and when you make efforts to talk with him he generally wants to end the conversation and pivot into another direction.

Sometimes that pivot is him telling you he has to suddenly go somewhere.  Yep, he gives himself away when he starts getting jumpy and impulsive.

If you didn’t know better, you would think he wants to break up with you. Of course, that is exactly what he is up to.  In a situation where a breakup is imminent, he will start to avoid eye contact.

Psychologically, he is trying to escape the burden of having to tell you that he wants to break up with you.  So you end up getting this kind of crazy behavior.

3. Always giving you a Hint

Do you ever get that feeling that your boyfriend is trying to tell you something, but he never gets around to laying it all out there?

If so, it could be because he is hiding something from you. Maybe his feelings are confused about you and he is not sure what he wants.  Frankly, there are a lot of guys who just don’t have their stuff together.

They may be plagued with uncertainty about a great many things.

They may be afraid to make commitments and sometimes these behaviors can run deep at a psychological level.

There is this one kind of personality attachment style called “Avoidance”.

Some men have trouble with starting and sustaining relationships with women.  Maybe they have been burned before by another girl and those painful memories sear at the back of their mind.

Sometimes, it is just in their makeup to avoid getting too serious because of some “fear” they are grappling with deep inside. Maybe the guy is just selfish and wants to keep all of his options open and so when the relationship looks like it is getting less interesting, they start looking to withdraw.

So when this kind of thing unfolds, you will usually get these unmistakable little signs where your boyfriend might talk about “taking a break” or “let’s just slow things down a bit” or “let’s not get ahead of ourselves” or “let’s just flow with things and see where it takes us”.

When you start picking up on these vague hints that he doesn’t want to get bogged down, then it is likely something is up.

4. Makes fun of you in Public

This is one of the signs he wants you to break up with him. When you notice that your guy or partner enjoys making fun of you not only when you guys are alone but when he is with friends and other girls.

He says nastic and deteriorating things about you behind you.

It is obvious he wants a breakup because he has lost the respect he has for you and has no problem throwing you under the bus to make you look good. At worst, he feels miserable and trapped in the relationship but is too afraid to tell you the truth.

5. You can’t Please him anymore

If your guy doesn’t want you again and is even looking for an opportunity to break up with you, nothing you ever do will ever be enough for him or please him.

Believe me, feeling appreciative of anything you give him or do for him will just not happen, no matter what you try.

And not just that, they will always be demanding, asking for more not because he is in need of it but because he just wants you to say no so that he can use it as a reason.

6. Doesn’t go out with you Anymore

One of the signs your boyfriend wants to break up is when he stops inviting you for parties like his own birthday party, friends party or even wedding parties that require him going with you. Maybe a wedding party of someone you knew through him.

Hence, to get him to go out with you now is like pulling his teeth off. For crying out loud, it is not an issue with any guy that truly wants you.

Note, If you have to book time with him weeks in advance and regularly worry that he won’t even show up, it’s not that he’s too busy. Rather, it’s that he hates your company and has stopped making you a priority.

7. No more Sex Fun

This is a serious sign that once you notice in your relationship, there is a 98% chance that your partner wants to break up with you. Especially for couples, sex in a relationship is a major ingredient that spices the relationship.

Just like the way your food will taste when you don’t add salt, that is exactly how your relationship will taste if it’s an intimacy one.

If the sex has dried up in your relationship, or if your partner doesn’t want to make time for intimacy, it’s a strong indicator that your relationship is not heading in a good direction.

8. He doesn’t show you love again

Has your guy stopped showing your love and care? He doesn’t tell you how much he loves and adores you like before? If yes, then there is something fishy either is he trying to break up with me or is going to dump me sooner or late.

Now, this is the same guy who tells you he loves you all the time to the extent you got those warm fuzzy feelings that every beloved girl should receive, is now seldom even uttering the words.

You are bittered right now because he broke up with you again and you are still asking yourself Why did he Ghost Me Again? read this

What to do when your boyfriend wants to break up

This part is very interesting and you need to give it maximum attention because if you take the wrong step, girl you will lose him completely. I know this what most ladies want to know how to go about it when they start getting signs he wants you to leave him alone.

But listen carefully, how to stop him from breaking up with you is very easy if you apply the rules carefully.

But first ask yourself if you really want to be with him. Will you be better off without him or is the decision he is trying to take the best for you? Answering these questions will help you alot.

And to get the answers, you can quickly check our post on 25 unquestionable signs that you are really in love.

If you have truly answered these questions and you are sure that your answer is ‘YES’ then, below are how to stop him from breaking up with you.

Don’t try Stopping Him 

When you notice that your boyfriend wants a break-up, don’t try to stop him from doing it. Although it might be difficult for you especially if he is someone you truly love, by doing that, you might end up keeping him.

There is nothing that surprises a guy in a relationship than when the girl he is 100% sure that is madly in love with him just said “Okay” after getting a break-up note from him.

Definitely, he will expect that you will put up a lot of resistance. So don’t play into his fears. It conveys to him that you are not wholly dependent on him, which unconsciously will make him more attracted to you. Remember, all boyfriends want that which they can’t have.

Standing on an equal footing with him and accepting his terms can be better than groveling and throwing a tantrum. That way, you may be able to show your worth better.

When you show a man how valuable you are, even if he leaves you, he would one day wish he had not let you go.

Don’t allow your emotions to take the better side of you

When looking for a hint on how to stop him from breaking up with you, not be emotional about the break up will help you a long way. Don’t get worried or angry with you, even if you are, avoid making it obvious so that he won’t brag with it.

To start with, he brought up the break-up discussion, so you don’t have to be bitter with yourself or be the shadow of yourself because your guy wants to break up with you or is trying to get rid of you.

I know that is a big ask, but to the extent, you can keep your emotions out of it, you will be better off in the long run.  The idea is not trying to beg and plead for him to give the relationship another try.

Be hard to Get

Playing hard to get will make you even more attractive and desirable to your ex-boyfriend. Avoid being desperate for him even if you really want him back.

You may even discover you don’t want him back. You are not going to be initiating any communications with your former lover, nor will you be responding to any of your boyfriend’s efforts to check up on you.  All of this will cause them to want you more.

And please, don’t fall into the trap of trying to talk your boyfriend out of breaking up with you if he springs the awful news on you.

Sometimes it is best to give people what they think they want.

You might believe they are making a mistake.  But allow them to fail and learn.  In the meantime, you too may learn something about yourself and your boyfriend.  And with that knowledge, you will be better served to choose the correct path going forward.

Every guy is different, so it is hard to predict their exact behavior. But if the parting of ways went smoothly (you behaved like a pro) and the prior relationship with him had its share of really good times, then they will have a little hunger inside them that will awaken after days later.

Don’t give them the luxury of fulfilling that wish.  Boyfriends never realize how much they will miss their girlfriends until much later. Then it will hit them like a pile of bricks assuming it was not some kind of terrible dysfunctional relationship.

Initiated the No Contact Rule

Now, this rule really really works, believe me. I was so in Love then that when I noticed he was trying to break up with me for reasons I don’t know, I quickly initiated the No Contact rule before him.

Although it was very hard for me, sometimes I will sometimes off my cell phone once I noticed I have dialed his digits.

So, I am not telling you that this it will be easy girl because it won’t, but trying not to call him, chat him up or even reply to his calls because I know he will not stop calling immediately even when he was to dump you and has concluded within himself.

Most guys when they break up with their girlfriends expect their former lover to miss them.  They are expecting to hear from you and may check in with you to see how you are doing.

And when they find out that you don’t call or take their call, their thoughts will gravitate back to you and they will want to check in with you. You will even check you up on social media like Instagram, Facebook or even twitter just to get your attention.

But you are not going to fall for that.

I hope this post is of real help to you? if yes, leave us with a 5-star rating in the Review Box below. if no, leave a response on the comment box to express your concern or ask a question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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