When is the Best Time to Get Engaged?

When is the Best Time to Get Engaged
When is the Best Time to Get Engaged

Engaging your partner at the right time helps to build a long and happy ending in your relationship. When you get engaged because your friends are getting engaged or you have known your partner for ages, it can really end in hot tears.

Engagement is a higher level of relationship. That means, you have moved from just being friends to dating, then to courtship and then before engagement before marriage. You can break down emotionally when you make a mistake at this level.

You can’t say its too late or too soon to get engaged, It all depends on timing in life, emotional availability, and how ready you are. It is expedient that you look at the personal circumstances around you.

Reading this article will help you know when is the best time to get engaged and how to go about it.

Below is an overview of all this post entails;

First, before you talk about when to get engaged, don’t you think that knowing why you should get engaged will help you understand when and then How to get engaged?

Yea, I know it will.

So let’s talk about the reasons why you should get engaged. Keep reading to find all of it.

Why Should I get Engaged?

Very importantly, knowing why you should be engaged to that guy or lady before walking down the aisle can help you build a lasting relationship.

Also, it will enable you to know whether the time is right.

There are a couple of reasons you should get engaged. Find them below:

It Shows Your Commitment Level…

When you engage your partner as a guy, it shows her how committed you are and even if she is having a double-mind or double dating, she tends to give you all her attention.

Although some people get engaged without having the intention of ending up together, its wrong to an extent because they can end up scaring the right people away.

Moreso, you can get engaged as a way of showing your family and friends the depth of their relationship. Your family gets to know that of a truth, you want to settle down with your partner.

It gets you ready for Marriage…

Another important reason people get engaged is to get ready for marriage. For some people, married life will be the first time they permanently live away from their parents’ home.

The engagement period gives you time to save money and prepare for the wedding and your new life together.

When is the best time in a relationship to get engaged?

Like I earlier said, it is very important that you look at your personal circumstances and external factors.

Talking about the personal circumstances can mean knowing whether you are intellectually Compatible; do you guys reason alike? How is your conversation? Do your goals and purpose align?

Next, you look at the physical compatible. That you are in love now with his or her look is not really all that matters. In the next 5-10 years, will she still be tall, will he still be that cute? Will you still find him or her attractive?

Now you consider emotional and sexual compatibility. You ask yourself, what is the degree to which you and a partner are ‘on the same page? What is the chemistry like? This includes our values, beliefs, desires, sex drive, preferences, and expectations when it comes to sex.

The external factors, on the other hand, can be Family pressure, getting engaged as a result of emotional trauma such as after a major argument or through peer pressure before getting engaged.

These factors can positively or negatively affect your decision of when to get engaged. That is why you should know your compatibility level.

One of the best time in a relationship to get engaged is when you start sharing a common view unconsciously, not that there will be no arguments, there will definitely be.

According to a certified matchmaker and director of Amare Exclusive, before deciding to get engaged, you should have talked at length about your future and taken age, career stage and financial stability into consideration.

Moreso, you must be sure that you have emotional and rational feelings towards one another before engagement. If possible, give it one year to be sure that it’s not Lust you are feeling.

Engagement is the first step in a long and happy relationship that, for many couples, will last a lifetime. It is worth spending a little time early on to make sure that the time is right.

As Sarah said, “Romantically speaking, you should get engaged only when you are truly, madly, deeply in love, and really want to show an outward commitment to the world of how you feel inside.”

How to know when to get engaged

Trying to engage someone can really end in hot tears if not done properly.

It’s beyond just going to a jewelry store getting a diamond ring and giving it to your partner.

It involves more than planning a romantic proposal. You start by planning how to move your relationship to the next level.

Before you say ‘Will You Marry Me’ or ‘ Yes I will’, you should plan it carefully plan it in other not to give your partner reason to say ‘No’ easily.

Planning the marriage proposal takes time, patience, and paying attention to detail. So you must not be in a rush to get it done with. 

Considering the best place or location to engage or propose to your partner.

Hmmmmm…….very Important too.

You can propose in a family gathering, Special restaurant, under the stars, on a beach, or in a garden. You can even decide to do it on Valentine’s Day, Birthday, New year eve or even on Christmas day.

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When is the Right Age for me to Get Engaged?

This is where many people get it wrong.

There is this misconception about this question. Some say there is no right time to get engaged. It’s wrong.

The truth remains, there is a right age for getting engaged.

The first misconception many couples struggle with is that there is some predetermined age that is appropriate for a marriage proposal and that they may be too old or too young for such a step in their relationship.

You can get engaged at many different stages of a relationship, but very importantly, you and your partner must consider your own personal circumstances and any special factors that need to be taken into account.

Your individual ages, as well as the age of their relationship, will have a tremendous influence on whether or not they are the right age to get engaged.

By understanding how individual ages and the length of the relationship can affect the engagement, however, a couple can smooth over age-related bumps as they prepare to grow old together.

Finally, let’s talk about the steps involved in getting Engaged

Steps in Getting Engaged

It brings a certain level of fulfillment when you are convinced that you have seen your lost rib and is now thinking on how to begins the steps in getting engaged. It is natural to start dreaming about a future together.

Knowing the steps to take will help spice up your engagement and even your wedding.

Note, the right timing can make all the difference in planning a happy engagement. Here are some steps that can help you make sure you have your sweetest engagement party.

1. Be sure you are ready to walk down the Aisle

Before engaging your partner, be sure you are ready for marriage. You don’t engage someone and expect the person to wait for the next 3-4 years before marriage. Marriage readiness is about love, commitment and a decision to merge two lives together as one family.

2. Talk about your Goals

The next step to take is to start discussing the future with your partner. Spend quality time to talk about your goals and expectations.

Knowing about your partner’s goals and expectations can help you know how ready your partner is to accept a marriage proposal.

Hence, married life discussions should cover issues such as the desired number of children, parenting styles and lifestyle expectations.

3. Plan the Marriage Proposal

Once the time feels right for both people, the man traditionally begins planning a marriage proposal.

Since this is a special event that both people will remember forever, it can be a little stressful to plan.

If a man makes a woman feel special and takes the time to incorporate things that are significant to their relationship in the proposal, there is no way to go wrong.

Here are some proposal ideas:

4. Introduce her to your Family

This part has always been existing long before now. Taking her to your family house shows a higher level of seriousness.

However, it can add a romantic touch and many parents appreciate the respectful gesture.

5. Get a Ring for jewelry Store

Whether it’s a diamond, golden, bronze or even metal ring, it doesn’t really matter. You can even ask for the advice of your friends or family about what type of ring your girlfriend would like.

You can choose to select an engagement ring prior to the proposal or wait to shop for a ring with his fiancée.

6. Propose Marriage

One of the last steps in getting engaged is proposing marriage. When a proposal is accepted, the couple enters into an agreement to make a lifelong commitment to each other. Now that the happy couple is engaged, it is time to announce it to family, friends and the public.

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7. Make it Official

The last step in Getting Engaged is to make it official. Making it official can mean, making a public announcement, like telling your family and friends.

After verbally telling close friends and family about the engagement, You can choose to announce the engagement to extended family and friends in a number of methods.

Once the engagement is announced, it is socially recognized as an official engagement.


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