She is Tough; How Can I Turn Her On? | 11 Ways to Turn a Woman On

how can i turn her on

Is she tough, and you are asking; How can I turn her on? This article guides you to 11 proven ways how to turn a woman on.

It is believed that women are tough to turn on, but did you know that you can turn on a girl quickly and easily without much effort, to the point where she’ll be dry-humping your leg, begging you to do it?

It’s very easy and simple to turn a girl on.

Generally, both genders are different when it comes to getting turned on. Things that turn guys on DON’T turn women on, and vice-versa.

For instance, a guy can be turned on merely by looking at a girl, while some women are turned on more by their imaginations.

A lot of guys get turned on by a giggling bimbo who laughs at all his jokes and is way too forward. But nothing turns off women more than some giggling dummy who is too forward…he’s creepy.

However, understanding this as a guy can really help you enjoy your sex life with your partner without having to punish yourself on the bed or cumming before orgasm.

So, is your woman tough? Are you having an issue with turning her on when you want sex? Well, this article contains some powerful, proven ways how you can turn a woman on without sweating or wasting time.

Now, I know you might be aware of this, but the question is, have you been taking advantage of these things?

The problem is that many guys already understand this, but what they don’t understand is how to make it work for them when it comes to turning their girl on and giving her incredible sex.

Without further ado, let’s begin

How to turn a woman on

Below are ways you can turn on a woman, be it your wife, girlfriend or sex mate.

1. Look Good and Cute

Most women, no matter how tough they can be, are not when they see fashionable guys. You can win a lady over with your Style & Fashion Sense.

That means the way you dress can turn a woman on first sight. You do not necessarily need money to turn a lady on.

Most women find seeing a guy’s forearms and hands extremely attractive, so wear short sleeves or roll them up and wear a watch to draw her eye where you want it.

In addition, you can wear some tight-fitting jeans if you have a cute butt, and don’t wear a long sleeves shirt without rolling your sleeves if you have great hair.

Believe it or not, many women like a little leg, too, so when the sun is out, short shorts are the way to go.

Moreover, some women can be turned on easily when they see guys in a uniform like a military man, Doctor or even a pilot.

Don’t go down to the thrift shop and pick up some second-hand fatigues, but consider dressing up in different ways to turn her on. You should dress to accent your best attributes.

Therefore, never neglect your appearance if you don’t want to be able to turn a lady on without stressing yourself that much.

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2. Get her Attention

When thinking of ways to turn a woman on easily, try getting her attention.


You can get her attention fully by engaging her in a conversation, make her be present and get her out of her own head. You can tell her some silly stories and jokes that can make her smile and laugh.

When you’re in your head that much, you spend much time worrying and stressing over menial things. Because women are a detail-oriented species, this can sometimes affect their mood.

Your goal in getting her out of her head is to focus on you and the moment you are sharing, not on the problems of her day.

If you can get a woman out of her head, she will have more time to focus her attention on you. This might not sound like the sexiest way to turn a woman on, but it is the best first step.

The way to a woman’s heart is through her mind. Penetrate her thoughts, and you will be well on your way to arousing her feelings.

3. Float her Phone with frisky texts

You have to be very careful in this one……

Most women hate it when guys flirt with them, so to turn a woman on is a tip: you must be consistent. You can do it every day, but be careful to avoid her blocking your line from reaching her.

You know your partner better than anyone, so hopefully, you have a sense of how overtly sexual you should be, but if you aren’t 100% confident, start off with cute, innocuous texts like, “Guess you had a stressful day, wish am there to help you out.”

Over the course of the day, let the communication naturally evolve to a more sexual level: “It’s going to be so sexy having your naked body next to mine”—or something along those lines.

Because women are excited by words, it arouse their imagination. Girls can think about many exciting things. They can interpret the words they hear in a way that will turn them on.

One of the advantages of texting is that it stays between you and her. It’s private, and there’s no social pressure.

4. Turn Her On With Touch

When she’s comfortable with your presence and your advances, you can start to incorporate touch into the equation. You can even make her squirt.

Sexually, women need more of a build-up than men do. Turning her on through touch is also about teasing her. It’s as simple as rubbing her arm and/or running your hands through her hair as you kiss her. Think foreplay.

How to turn a woman on with touch is very simple, I tell you; once you understand what makes your girl tick, she is putty in your hands, literally.

Women are aroused by many things aside from a stark-naked man, which is actually lucky for you because it means that we’re open-minded about what turns us on.

These are some great starting points to drive her wild, but there are some big things you can do through your behaviour to take it to the next level.


5. Talk Dirty

Another way you can turn on a woman is by sending her dirty text messages. You can whisper naughty thoughts into her ear when you’re sitting together on the couch or while you’re out to dinner.

Let her know you’ve been thinking about her hot, naked body all day long and tell her all of the things that you want to do to make her feel amazing.

Tell her that you think about her when she’s not there and EXACTLY what it is you think about — in detail.

Most importantly, talk to her when you’re in bed together. Hearing what you want and how is pretty much guaranteed to drive her wild!

Put in a little extra effort, and you might just be surprised by how quickly your woman turns into a purring sex kitten before your very eyes.

6. Be passionate

Being passionate when you are with your partner can easily turn her on. You can lend her on by making her feel like the sexiest woman ever. Tell her words like

” You are the prettiest lady I have ever seen.”

Perhaps you can give her a look that will make her feel that you want to eat her raw or take off her clothes, starting straight from her Pants. Kiss her like you’re starving for it, as if your life depends on it.

Grab her face and pull it toward your own.

Another good way to increase the passion is by doing little things like gently kissing her neck while she’s cooking or doing the dishes. Most women love small gestures of affection at the most unexpected moments.

There’s nothing sexier than a guy who can speak well about something he cares about. Make sure it’s interesting to her, as well (but it doesn’t have to be politics or the environment or something equally cliché!).

7. Tease Her

And don’t forget that a surprising and unique compliment goes a long way. She’s heard that she has beautiful eyes countless times. Look for something about her that makes her different from others and shout it out.

Don’t be too forthcoming with your compliments, though! It’s definitely great to use some flattery now and then, but you shouldn’t be afraid to tease her or disagree with her, either.

Both of those can also be great ways to build attraction and turn a woman on.

8. Take control of the situation

Taking control of the situation is one of the best ways to turn a woman on because it achieves many things.

First of all, it shows her that you are confident.

If you can control the situation and make decisions without hesitation, you remove some of the pressure on her. This is a trait that almost all women find attractive, so don’t be shy when it comes to taking the lead and playing an ‘alpha male’ role.

For example, if you’re trying to decide on which movie to go to, instead of engaging in a back-and-forth dialogue and asking what her preference is, what time she wants to go, and which theatre to choose… just make the decision and pose it as a statement rather than a question.

Now, if you just met her………

9. Tell her some dirty secrets about you

how can i turn her on

In a situation whereby you just met her, maybe that is her first time visiting, and you want to turn her on and have your way.

Start by telling her some secrets about yourself, maybe about your past relationship, how many girls you have been with and how serious you want to get with anybody you finally fall in love with.

In addition, you can convince her that you have slept with many girls, talk about your experiences, like

Dear, I have been with so many girl, I have fuck girls. My last girl left because she notice that we dont feel each other again”

This is what it will result in…….

She will think you are trying to be straightforward and honest with her. So, without even asking her out verbally, she wishes that you could just ask her on a date officially.

10. Tell her you are not interested

Make her think you are not interested in having sex with her. Sex is not really what you want, so you won’t focus on anything.

You make a comment in which you point out the impossibility of a relationship between you and the girl.

I dont really date slim girls, I prefer big girls with attractive backsides. So you are not my type.

By feeling rejected this way, the girl is going to want to come back and seduce you.

She’s going to want to prove you wrong. It can even make her addicted to you.

11. Be vocal about your own pleasure

We’ve all heard some men complain about women being too quiet in bed, but in my experience, women are way more vocal in the bedroom than men, and there is nothing that turns us on quite like hearing the man we’re with moaning in ecstasy or, even better, moaning our name.

Hearing you cry out in pleasure in reaction to what we’re doing not only majorly turns us on, but it also makes us more enthusiastic as we keep raising up the ante.

FAQs on How Can I Turn Her On

Can I turn a woman on without being in a relationship with her?

Yes, you can turn a woman on even if you’re not in a committed relationship. The key is to establish a connection and mutual consent.

Are there universal turn-on techniques for all women?

While some techniques work for many women, it’s essential to understand that every individual is unique. What turns one woman on may not work for another.

What if she’s not responsive to my advances?

If she’s not responsive, it’s vital to respect her boundaries and communicate. Sometimes, external factors can affect her desire.

Can I turn a woman on through text or online communication?

Yes, you can. Engaging in flirtatious and suggestive conversations can ignite desire, even from a distance.


Turning on a tough woman requires understanding and respect for her independence and strength. Rather than trying to change or manipulate her, it is important to appreciate and celebrate these qualities. Building a strong emotional connection through open communication, genuine interest in her thoughts and feelings, and shared values can help create a foundation of trust and intimacy.

Additionally, finding ways to support her goals and aspirations can demonstrate your admiration for her determination and drive. Ultimately, it is crucial to remember that everyone is unique, so what may turn one person on may not work for another.

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