15 Best Dating Sites In Nigeria Without Payment 

Dating Sites In Nigeria Without Payment 

Are you looking for rich Nigerian sugar daddy dating apps, hookup sites in Nigeria, or the best dating sites In Nigeria without payment? If that’s your search, here is a one-stop guide on the best free dating site for Nigerians searching for love. 

When it comes to finding love on dating sites, it’s usually easier and stress-free if you streamline your search to the country you want to date from.

If you’re a Nigerian seeking to date a Nigerian, or you’re not a Nigerian but you want to date a Nigerian, the hookup dating sites we have in this guide will help you find love in Nigeria. 


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Can Nigerian Dating Sites Be Trusted?

Dating sites can be tricky as not everyone on the app or website has good intentions. This does not mean that all dating sites are fraudulent.

You have to keep your lenses on when on dating sites. Act smart, and do not release more information about yourself than necessary.  

Can I find love on Nigerian Dating Sites?

Finding love and the right partner is the goal of most dating sites in Nigeria. Thanks to her system, Naija Planet records that over 69% of her registered users have successfully married. So yes, finding love is possible on Nigerian dating sites.

10 Best Free Nigerian Dating Sites 

Before quitting finding love as a Nigerian, check out these online dating sites without payment. If you stick to your guns, you will get the result that you seek

#1. Tinder

Tinder is an American-based dating app that is popular among Nigerians. Over the years, Tinder has become one of the mature hookup sites in Nigeria. 

Tinder is available on iOS and Android. This dating site in Nigeria has a free version, but downloading it is not accessible for residents outside of the USA. Its free version app has limits to its features. To access all its features, upgrade to Tinder Plus.

Tinder uses your Facebook, Twitter, or Google information and current location to create your profile.


#2. Nigerian Dating

Nigerian dating is a rich dating site for a hookup or love relationship. It’s important to note that Nigerian Dating is also a free dating site with over 3 Million users in Nigeria.

Beyond its free feature, it also has chat groups that make conversations easy and connections happen swiftly with the group members.


#3. Badoo

Badoo is a Russian-based dating app and site with many rich Nigerian men and women searching for love. Like Nigerian Dating, Badoo is one of the dating sites in Nigeria without payment.

However, upgrading to Badoo Premium to enjoy some advanced features on the Badoo app or site would be best. Keep in mind that only Nigerians above 18 can register on Badoo. 

You can download the app using an iPhone or an Android device. Once registered to find love, you can use the chat groups and newsfeed section.


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#4. Christian Dating for Free (CDFF) 

As the name signifies, Christian Dating for Free is one of the best dating sites for Christians looking for love. To find a God-fearing partner who is a Nigerian, you can take advantage of the Christian Dating for Free site. 

Christian Dating for Free (CDFF) is on IOS and Android, and it is 100% free. On the app, you can specify if you are searching for a long-term relationship, a friend, or even marriage. Upon signing up, the app uses the information you provided for dates that fit your personality.


#5. Mingle2

Mingle2 is a rich Nigerian dating site. Also, it is one of the mature sugar daddy dating apps and sites in Nigeria for a hookup. Since its inception in 2006, Mingle2 has had a stellar reputation for providing users with a unique online dating experience.

On Mingle2, users create profiles, upload photos, engage in chats, exchange messages, send virtual gifts, and search for love. Mingle2 users are in Lagos, PH, Abuja, Ghana, South Africa, and Egypt. 


#6. Christians. ng 

Christians.ng is one of the best online dating sites for Christians in Nigeria. This is one of the mature dating sites in Nigeria to find love within the Christian faith. 

In addition to helping its users find love and relationships, Christians.ng offers free online dating advice. Also, users can find friends and become part of a community of the same faith.


#7. Friendite

Another of the best dating sites in Nigeria without payment for a hookup is Friendite. Friendite is a dating site for rich Nigerian men and women who want to hook up. 

Although you can find singles mingling on Friendite, Friendite is also one of Nigeria’s sugar daddy dating apps. In other words, you can meet a sugar daddy or sugar baby on Friendite. 

One good thing about Friendite is that the app prioritizes the safety of its users. Your personal information is kept private and secure from prying eyes. 


#8. Soul Singles

Soul Singles is one of the best dating sites in Nigeria without payment. This app is just free for Nigerians. Soul Singles is a great choice for singles who want to find love or expand their social circle. 

Unlike most dating sites in Nigeria, soul Singles has an easy user interface. Its features are easy to use hence why it stands as the best free dating site in Nigeria with the ultimate online dating experience.


9. NAIJing

Just like the name suggests, NAIJing is a Nigerian dating site. NAIJing is not available for iPhone users, just Android. NAIJing is a free dating site in Nigeria, easy, safe, and connects many singles. 

One of the cool features of NAIJing is that users can find their perfect match fast while keeping their identity safe. This rich Nigerian dating site is committed to providing its members a safe and secure environment by ensuring the data is encrypted for complete privacy. 


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#10. Metro Date

Another rich Nigerian dating site is Metro Date. Metro Date has millions of users in its database, mostly Nigerians. If you’re looking for a relationship online, Metro Date is one of the best dating sites in Nigeria without payment.

On Metro Date, users can share photos and videos and view the profiles of all registered users. You can search for dates by location, interests, appearance, and other criteria.


#11. Naija Planet 

Naija Planet has an extensive database of 5 million members who want to date. This Nigerian dating website is accessible. 

Not only is it free, but Najia Planet also has a blog where they advise singles in search of love. Advice on different topics is shared, personal experiences are shared, and they offer support to each other. There are also forums and chat groups for interactions.

And just so you know, Naija Planet records that over 69% of her registered users have successfully married, thanks to her system.


#12. Eskimi

Eskimi is one of the Nigerian dating sites that connects you to Facebook and allows you to read Nigerian news and play games. In addition to these features, Eskimi is also a free dating site in Nigeria. You do not need to pay to sign up.

With over 10 million members, finding love is easy. The user interface is easy to use. No particular skill is required to navigate it. 


#13. Nigerian Date-Line

Nigerian Date-Line is the next app on our list of best dating sites in Nigeria without payment. This dating site is unique in its services. It allows users to view profiles of Nigerian singles all across the world. 

All you have to do is sign up for free. Once in, you can start searching for other members of the website. Search CA. It is done by gender, location, interests, and hobbies.


#14. SexyNaija

SexyNaija is one of Nigeria’s mature hookup dating sites and apps where you can find a sugar daddy or something more. With millions of users, finding a relationship is fast and easy if you’re ready. This is one of the best places for a Nigerian searching for a relationship to find one.

Because of its easy profile and search feature, the site is easy to use. There are chat rooms and forums, which allow members to get to know each other and build up a social circle.

If you want an easy hookup, SexyNaija is your dating site in Nigeria, filled with rich Nigerian men and women, especially in Lagos. 


#15. Meet Nigerians

Last on our list of best dating sites in Nigeria without payment is Meet Nigerians. Meet Nigerians, the name signifies, is a platform to meet Nigerians in search of love. However,  it’s just for Nigerians living abroad in the US, UK, and Canada. 

Meet Nigerians allows Nigerians outside the country to connect in style easily and quickly. The app has a chat feature and articles on different topics to foster conversations. The Meet Nigerians app is free but has a premium option. 


#16. Bingdum

Bingdum is a free dating app in Nigeria that allows users who are only seeking casual hookups or genuine love to meet compatible matches.

Although Bingdum is a relatively new dating app in Nigeria, its features and functionalities make it a great choice for anyone looking for a dating partner. Similar to 2go, this app offers several rooms where users may join and connect with like-minded people.

These rooms contain spaces for singles, hookups, universities, and more. In addition, users can add images and videos, follow and converse with other users, and publish about events.

Users merely need to download and register the free dating app Bingdum from the Play Shop or App Store.


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Why Do I Need a Hookup Site?

Enticing a woman

People use dating websites in Nigeria for various reasons, including to combat the loneliness they experience daily.

Because of their hectic schedules or simply because they are hesitant and afraid of chatting to ladies to avoid specific insults, most men find it exceedingly difficult to woo a woman and win her heart.

A relationship involves more than just having sex; it also involves caring for and respecting your spouse, among other duties. Most young people nowadays enter relationships for the wrong reasons, namely to satiate their sexual needs.

Limited time

This may be caused by the type of work a person does; certain paid positions call for an average of 12 to 14 hours of active work daily.

Due to a lack of free time and opportunity to meet excellent individuals for partnerships, people with such employment must rely on dating websites to form happy relationships.

Relationship Readiness

Most people in a relationship do so to satisfy their sexual needs and restrain an excessive libido.


Most Nigerians who use dating websites do so purely for the money advantages of ventures like Sugar Mummy and Sugar Daddy.

They essentially receive payment for making their partners feel satisfied through sexual activity. Because they frequently engage in sexual activity with different people, this activity creates an ideal environment for spreading STDs and illnesses.

Which app can I find hookup girls in Nigeria?

Some of the best and easy hookup sites in Nigeria include;

  • Match. 
  • Zoosk. 
  • Bingdum. 
  • SweetMeet.
  • Eharmony.
  • SexyNaija 

What is the hottest dating site in Nigeria?

Naija Planet is the hottest and best dating site in Nigeria. However, this preference depends on what you’re looking for.


We believe this guide has helped you find the best dating site in Nigeria you can explore without paying, regardless of your personality and relationship needs. Ensure to leverage these free sites and threads carefully.



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