10 Powerful Tips on How Can I Look More Attractive

How Can I Look More Attractive
How Can I Look More Attractive

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but as the world keeps changing into more modern times, this saying becomes more or less a cliche. Sometimes, we wake up in the morning and feel this pressing need to appear more attractive. 

This feeling could leave you with many pretty options ranging from getting a face treatment, paying for the latest haircut, having a perfumed bath, or putting on the latest skin care products for the ladies.

Well, no matter how much we overlook these feelings, it is paramount to note that these are inescapable parts of what makes us human, male or female.

That being said, simple ways exist to be more attractive and look more pleasing to the eyes without stressing yourself out with those latest skincare products.

Check out these 10 Tips on how to be more attractive. Hopefully, they’ll boost your confidence too.

How To Be More Attractive

Here are powerful Tips on How you can Look More Attractive:

1. Keep white teeth

Not to sound awful here, but your teeth are one of the most obvious things people notice when you talk to them or even smile at them. 

Now, you wouldn’t want to upset that girl you’ve been crushing on for the past 2 years with your negligence toward proper oral hygiene. What about the hot young man you’ve been given the green light for? I guess you wish he would always smile back at you, right? 

It is just as simple as that! Practice good oral hygiene by avoiding stain-causing foods and drinks and rinsing your mouth with water after eating colorful meals.

Lastly, brush at least twice daily to maintain white and shiny teeth.

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2. Get a dog

According to multiple scientific kinds of research, dogs enhance human attractiveness. People tend to be more attentive and socially engaged with those walking with a dog than those who are not. 

It’s not just some dog that scares people away from you or makes them never cross your paths. Get a cute dog, one gentle enough to take on a walk. 

This would attract more people who love cute dogs to you and a great chance for you to make new friends, too.

3. Focus on your skincare routine

Most people are guilty of always saying, “People should accept me the way I am,” not minding where the fault comes from. 

Don’t just use skin products, haircuts, deodorants, etc. Be more deliberate about what fits your skin more and use them more often to yield positive results. This and many more could be one of the ways to be more attractive.

4. Don’t smile too much

Smiling isn’t bad after all, don’t get me wrong! Knowing what facial expressions to put on is one way to take charge of yourself. 

Most people tend to look more beautiful when they smile a little or not at all, and if you belong to this category, you must cut down on how broad your smile is to avoid looking like a clown. 

A friendly look does the trick, okay? If smiling too much doesn’t fit you, then smile slightly.

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5. Give Compliments

Don’t be that kind of person who goes numb on what to say to others, even when people cheer them on. Let it loose and genuinely compliment people. 

“You are beautiful,” “you are doing great,” and “Nice one” are words you should use more often. They make you more attractive as people always tend to see the positivity you exude from your compliments. 

People also feel great when you compliment them on their accomplishments; they carry on with their daily activities with the feeling that someone out there cares about them.

6. Avoid color-blocking

Color blocking in this contest means wearing clothes whose colors are so off or bizarre to the physical eye. 

In essence, it combines two colors that are not related or pleasing to the eyes. Learning the art of clothes combination is awesome, so you won’t get caught in the web of looking like some clown or cheerleader when it isn’t exactly what you planned for. 

As much as it is important to wear fitted clothes, knowing the colors to combine is top-notch, too. Stay away from bright clothes; when you think it’s necessary to put on one, heavy jewelry cannot accentuate it. Stay simple and look your best.

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7. Apply deodorants

This is of utmost importance regarding your hygiene and the person people perceive you to be. 

Applying deodorants helps to avert body odor or offensive body smell that irritates people who want to be close to you anytime. 

When you smell nicer, it makes you more attractive to people, and in turn, they feel more comfortable to relate with you or engage in long talks with you, knowing that there is some good smell around.

8. Wear clean clothes

Of course, looking clean and fresh rather than dirty and untidy is common knowledge. Minus the attractiveness and attention neatness bring, wearing dirty clothes even harbors microorganisms that cause skin infections. 

The issue of bad body odor stems from wearing clothes with bacteria and fungi. Do not wear clothes, especially those worn on sweaty days; they don’t speak well of you and tend to make people keep their distance. 

In essence, nice, clean clothes that fit you in a flattering way, in addition to good hygiene and grooming, make you look more attractive.

9. Take calculated walking steps

People are naturally attracted to different features and qualities, but you would be considered at least 50% more attractive if you move in a certain way while walking. 

According to the study, Ryan Seacrest shared on air, he had people walk and rated them on their attractiveness. 

Men who swayed their shoulders back and forth while walking were considered 50% more attractive, while women who swayed their hips back and forth while walking were considered 50% more attractive too.

Now you see? Being attractive is more than just the body size, shape, or other facial expressions– it is also about your movements.

 Yes! Your walking steps. In other words, walk with an erect posture. Don’t slouch, as slouching and dropping your shoulders is one way of closing in on yourself and defending the inner body. 

Portray an erect posture that gives off a sign of confidence and makes you much more attractive. Below are some tips for maintaining an erect posture while walking:

▪️ Move your shoulders

▪️ Keep your gaze up

▪️ Bounce with gravity-defying steps

▪️ Walk as you own it

So don’t forget! Always take calculated Steps, walk upright, and be more attractive.

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10. Be confident

Confidence is that feeling of being sure of yourself and your abilities, but not in an arrogant way. This isn’t about feeling bigger than others. It is a quiet inner knowledge that you are capable of, so why don’t you incorporate these feelings to become more attractive?

Confidence is either something you have or don’t; you might think you are halfway close to it but somewhat wrong or not even close. 

Confidence shines through your relationships and dealings with others. See 3 reasons why confidence is the most attractive quality a person can possess;

▪️ It encourages positive thinking

No one would want to be around a negative person all the time. Confident persons tend to think more positively because they are secure and hardly give up. More importantly, they do not allow obstacles and difficulties to disorganize them.

▪️ It draws people to you

Confidence helps you exude this aura that draws more people close to you. So many people out there lack high self-esteem and are wowed by people with such qualities. They always want to learn how to live with so much energy and a vibrant spirit.

▪️ It is the best defense out there

Harsh words do not leave an effect or a mark on a confident person. High self-esteem protects you from critics and badmouths. These critics mostly lack confidence and try to bring you down to their l. But this saves you a lot of stress because you already know that your life is not based on what others think about you; it is truly what you think about yourself.


How you think of yourself is what matters the most. Don’t think so lowly of yourself or what others see you as; just be confident and melt away those insecurities you might have accumulated. Smile, pump your hair, initiate that conversation with your favorite girl, and don’t forget you look awesome!


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