Used Panties for Sale: 10 Legit Places to Sell Used Panties

Legit Places to Sell Used Panties
Legit Places to Sell Used Panties

The selling of used and dirty panties has become a distinctive and rather unusual trend in the world of online commerce in recent years.

Though it can come as a surprise initially, there is a growing market for selling used panties, allowing people to make extra money and tidy their wardrobes.

This post will examine the intriguing realm of online used pantie sales and some legitimate places where people can sell and buy used panties. Carefully read through!

The legality of selling used underwear is a topic that raises eyebrows and sparks debate. In many places, it is not specifically illegal to sell used underwear, but there are often regulations around the sale of intimate items.

For instance, some jurisdictions may require sellers to comply with health and safety standards to ensure the used undergarments are clean and safe for resale.

Additionally, there may be age restrictions on who can purchase such items, particularly to prevent exploitation or inappropriate transactions.

One aspect that complicates the legality of selling used underwear is the issue of consent and privacy. While individuals have the right to sell their personal belongings, including underwear, questions arise about whether the buyer knows how their purchase will be utilized.

As a result, some advocates argue that transparent communication between buyer and seller is crucial in navigating this legally murky territory.

Ultimately, while selling used underwear in many places may not be explicitly illegal, ensuring ethical practices and respecting boundaries should be paramount for individuals involved in this transaction.

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Where Will I Get Used or Dirty Panties for Sale?

1. Poshmark

Poshmark, a site that offers a wide variety of new and used clothes, has grown to be a major destination to sell worn underwear. The platform’s user-friendly layout makes it simple for vendors to display their products and contact possible customers.

Poshmark’s large user base guarantees a market for various tastes and styles, giving sellers access to a large customer base.

To begin using Poshmark, users can register, build a profile, and offer their used underwear for sale with descriptive captions and eye-catching images. Additionally, the platform enables safe transactions and shipping, providing vendors comfort.

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2. Sniffr

Sniffr is a marketplace just for the fetish community, where you can sell or buy dirty panties. This specialized marketplace allows vendors to interact with purchasers with similar interests. Because Sniffr uses a covert and safe mechanism, users can stay anonymous when transacting.

Sellers can list their products, establish prices depending on market demand, and create a profile on Sniffr.

Within the fetish community, members can interact, exchange preferences, and forge bonds thanks to the platform’s community feature.

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3. Sofia Gray

Another dedicated marketplace for old underwear and other intimate goods is Sofia Gray. Sofia Gray ensures that buyers and sellers are secure by emphasizing confidentiality and user safety.

Additionally, the platform offers a verification procedure, which gives the postings an additional degree of legitimacy.

On Sofia Gray, vendors may post their goods, build comprehensive profiles, and haggle over costs with possible customers. Because of its dedication to security and privacy, the platform is a popular option for people looking to enter the secondhand underwear market.

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4. Buy Used Panties on Esty

Etsy is a well-known online store where people can buy handmade, unusual, and antique things. It has developed into a venue for people to display and market their artistic creations.

Used panties have been sold as a sort of intimate clothing by some of these people. But selling such things on Etsy has rules and restrictions that must be carefully considered. It is imperative to comply with the site’s adult content restrictions and ensure that all listings meet their terms of use.

Merchants should prioritize Transparency and discretion when considering selling old underwear on Etsy. Maintaining professionalism while appealing to niche customers can be achieved by opening a separate account or shop just for these products.

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5. The Panty Selling Community on Reddit

Reddit used panties Selling platform is just one of the many niches on Reddit with a thriving and active community. There are subreddits where people may buy and sell intimate products, such as r/usedpanties and r/sexsells.

Because of Reddit’s style, buyers and sellers may communicate directly, which promotes a sense of community within the niche.

Users can post product information, including price, customization choices, and contact data, to sell on Reddit.

Reddit gives users a forum for transactions, but when interacting with potential purchasers, they should be cautious and put safety first.

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6. On eBay

eBay, one of the biggest online retailers, has a wide selection of goods, including used panties. eBay has a large audience, even though it wasn’t created specifically for this niche, which raises the likelihood of finding interested buyers.

eBay’s well-established reputation and user trust can be utilized by sellers to expedite deals. ebay used panties are always clean and affordable compared to other marketplaces.

Anyone may build listings on eBay with competitive pricing, clear photographs, and descriptions for their products.

An additional degree of security is provided by eBay’s secure payment and shipping procedures for both buyers and sellers engaged in the secondhand underwear market.

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7. MySecretPanty

The only purpose of the website MySecretPanty is to purchase and sell worn underwear. The website is one of the places you will see used panties for sale.

It is made to meet the demands of members of the fetish community, who are both buyers and sellers. MySecretPanty prioritizes user security and privacy, offering a secure environment for transactions.

MySecretPanty allows sellers to list their products, build profiles, and communicate securely with potential customers.

The platform is a desirable option for newcomers to the market because of its emphasis on upholding a civil and encouraging community.

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8. Northstain

Northstain offers a discreet and professional platform for selling used panties, providing a safe environment for both sellers and buyers. This unique marketplace allows individuals to connect and trade without fear of judgment or exposure.

With its user-friendly interface and strict privacy measures, Northstain prioritizes the comfort and security of its users, ensuring a seamless experience for all involved.

Selling used panties on Northstain can be lucrative for those looking to participate in the growing market. The platform allows sellers to set their own prices, establish connections with interested buyers, and maintain control over their business.

With its comprehensive support system and transparent transaction process, Northstain empowers individuals to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit while respecting each other’s boundaries.

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9. Making Direct Sales on Social Media

Some people decide to sell secondhand underwear directly through their social media accounts in addition to specialized marketplaces.

With the use of more individualized platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, retailers may establish direct connections with their audience.

However, security and privacy must be carefully considered when using social media for these transactions.

By using social media, sellers may make accounts just for their used underwear company, provide alluring material, and interact directly with purchasers.

Even if this method gives a more individualized touch, people should exercise caution and establish firm boundaries to guarantee a polite and safe environment.

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10. Selling Used Underwear on Depop

Depop is among the places where you can get used panties for sale. Unlike traditional selling platforms, Depop’s focus on creative and unique items aligns perfectly with the market for personalized lingerie. The ability to personalize listings with engaging visuals and storytelling adds an element of connection and allure essential for selling intimate items like panties.

Selling panties on Depop also taps into the trend of sustainable fashion. Many sellers emphasize the eco-friendly aspect of buying used clothing, including lingerie, which resonates well with the conscientious consumer. Depop’s community-based approach also fosters trust between buyers and sellers through reviews and interactions, giving buyers confidence in their purchases.

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Success Tip for Selling Used Panties

A strategic strategy is necessary to assure success and a satisfying experience for all parties when venturing into the used underwear business. The following advice is for anyone thinking about selling their worn underwear:

a. Clear Communication:

Explain your products, costs, and customization choices to prospective customers in an understandable manner. Building trust and ensuring a great experience for both parties are ensured by establishing transparent communication.

b. Top-Notch Listings:

Produce top-notch listings using aesthetically pleasing and lucid pictures. Giving thorough descriptions of your products—including information about their state and any special qualities—improves their appeal.

d. Establish Boundaries:

Clearly state your restrictions and boundaries. Establishing clear limits is essential for a courteous and comfortable experience concerning customization requests, communication preferences, or transaction information.

a. Verify Buyers:

Use the options available on platforms that allow for buyer verification to ensure buyers are who they say they are. Verification gives the transaction an additional degree of security and reliability.

f. Secure Payment Options:

Use secure payment options to safeguard buyers and sellers. Everyone engaged benefits from an additional layer of financial security platforms that enable secure transactions.

g. Study Platform Policies:

Investigate a platform’s policies, terms of service, and community guidelines in-depth before selecting it. A smooth experience is ensured, and misunderstandings are avoided by being aware of the expectations and rules.

h. Update Listings Frequently:

Add new content to your listings on a regular basis. Adding new products on a regular basis or updating current listings keeps your audience interested and raises your profile in the market.

i. Get Involved with the Community:

Participate in the platform-related community. Participate in conversations with other vendors, answer buyers’ questions immediately, and create a welcoming atmosphere for others.

What are Panty liners Use For?

A necessary item for preserving comfort and feminine hygiene is panty liners. They offer a mild, absorbent layer of defense to assist in controlling minor spots, unplanned leaks, and daily discharge.

Women can feel secure and confident all day long with this covert and portable solution, which keeps them dry and fresh in any circumstance.

Panty liners additionally act as a barrier between the body and undergarments, enhancing breathability and averting stains and smells. Their usefulness goes beyond the menstrual cycle; they can be used to ward off moisture during exercise or on hot days.

With their convenient size and reliable performance, panty liners are indispensable for every woman’s intimate care routine.

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What’s the Potential Profit on Used Panties Sales?

The amount of money you make from selling used underwear can vary greatly based on a number of variables, such as the platform you use, the products’ quality, demand, marketing tactics, and your level of work.

Some people claim to sell secondhand underwear online for anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars a month. It’s crucial to consider the time commitment, rivalry, and moral issues that could impact your income, though.

The market isn’t a surefire way to make much money because it might be unpredictable.
A secondhand pantie can get in $35 to $40 on average. A single pantie can cost more than $70 if you handle custom orders.

The number of articles you can sell and the type of customers you target will determine how much money you make each day or each month.

A set of lingerie, including a bra, corset, girdles, pantyhose, and lightweight sleeping robes, may also fetch a higher price from certain customers.


Although it might not be a typical business, selling used underwear online offers people comfortable with the concept a chance to earn extra money while organizing their closets. The platforms discussed in this article offer a variety of possibilities for people looking to enter the secondhand underwear industry, catering to varying comfort levels and preferences.

Sellers can choose the platform that best fits their objectives and ideals, whether they use specialized platforms like Sniffr and Sofia Gray or general marketplaces like Poshmark and eBay. Furthermore, the community feature of social media and Reddit platforms enables direct interaction with prospective customers, personalizing the experience.

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