68+ Sexual Questions To Ask A Girl That Can Get Her Wet

Sexual Questions To Ask A Girl
Sexual Questions To Ask A Girl

It’s probably a good idea to learn what your girl likes sexually, whether you’ve been intimate for years or are just starting the physical component of your fledgling relationship.

Knowing her turn-ons, turn-offs, fantasies, and pleasure points is critical. It won’t simply improve sex for her; it’ll also improve sex for you.

I can’t be the only one turned on when I hear my spouse squeal with delight as I gently kiss their neck.

Communication is essential, as every therapist has said since the dawn. So, ask your spouse some sex questions to learn more about them.

Don’t ask, “How many guys have you had sex with?” or “How many males have you had sex with?” This has no bearing on you and may cause your partner to feel self-conscious or slut-shamed.

Before, during, and after sex, you want to ask questions to help you better understand her arousal patterns, kinky thoughts, and thinking.

Here’s a list of 68 sex questions to ask your girl to learn more about what excites her in the bedroom or gets her wet.

Why Asking A Girl Sexual Questions?

Discussing sexual topics, talking sexy, and knowing what Questions To Ask A Girl is an essential parts of every relationship.

Every girl wants her guy to make her feel special and to share some hot, sexy moments with her.

With these personal questions to ask your partner, you will begin to get private and make dating and having sex more special.

Why is this important? Because these questions to your girlfriend or any girl you want to date will reveal how she will respond.

What kind of sex she prefers, or does she feel sexually attracted to you? Many relationships ignore this because the partners do not know what intimate questions to ask their girlfriend.

If you want to have some awesome, hot, sexy, and intimate moments with her then you must start with intimate questions to ask your girlfriend.

Every person loves his hot and sexy girlfriend, and they both want to enjoy their privacy, so be confident and try these sexual questions to ask a girl.

Sexual Questions To Ask A Girl

Sexual Questions To Ask A Girl
Sexual Questions To Ask A Girl

Here’s a list of 68 sex questions to ask a girl to know what really turns her on.

1. What is your Favorite Sex Position?

This is one of the most interesting sexually intimate questions to ask a girl if you want to flirt with her.

Basically, there are over 20 sex positions that can give anyone the best sexual satisfaction ever.

Every girl has a favorite sex position that gives her that amorous and sensual feeling. With her answer to this question, you will know exactly the route to follow once it’s about to get dirty.

2. When was the Last Time You had Sex?

Although most girls shy away from this question, it is thus one of the best sexual questions you can ask them if you want to flirt or turn them on.

3. Do you Like Anal Sex?

One of the most clear-cut questions to ask a girl is this- Have you tried anal sex with any guy before? Although she might not want to tell you, her countenance gives you the answer if you’re observant.

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4. Have you watched Porn Before?

Medicalnewstoday.com research shows that around 85% of the 1,036 population used Internet porn during the previous 6 months.

This shows that many people, mostly men, watch porn even though it does not endorse a single ethic or approach to sex. So, when a girl shows interest, it would be an awesome experience for both of you.

5. If I’m to lick a Part of Your Body, where would you Like it to Be?

This is one of the sexual questions to ask a girl that can easily turn her on. It can even make her beg for you to go down with her. I tell you, a girl’s answer to this question can get the show started!

6. Have You Tried Role Play Before? How Fun is it?

Role Play is not common, although it’s fun for most people. It involves taking up different roles on the bed with your partner.

So, as a guy, It’s a good idea to find out what your girl prefers ahead of time so you don’t put your foot in it right at a very interesting moment. Therefore, it’s one of the best sexually intimate questions to ask a girl!

7. Do You Enjoy Threesome?

This question is one of the best intimate questions to ask a girl, though it can backfire if not properly asked. This is because the girl might think you’ve tried it before.

So, ask her in a way that will indicate that you want to get her opinion about it.

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8. Where is the Craziest Place You’ve had Sex?

This question can lead to her telling you about her sex experience and the feelings that came with it. It is thus one of the fun questions to ask a girl.

9. Do You Like Turning the Light On During Sex?

This is one of the best questions for any girl you have sexual intercourse with. The question can help you know what makes her feel comfortable in bed.

10. Have You Tried Doing Girl to Girl Thing?

This one can be customized to your specific needs. If you’re a same-sex couple, you might ask if she’s ever wanted to try sex with a guy, a lesbian, or anyone else. It’s something to think about.

11. Imagine I’m Right beside You Now, What Would you Have me Do?

This is one of the flirty questions that can make a girl sound naughty trying to answer. If even she doesn’t feel anything for you, this question can put crazy stuff in her mind.

12. How Many Rounds Can You Survive?

This question is very interesting for most girls. And aside from that, you can guess how active a girl is even without going in.

13. If I’m Your guy, Would You be Glad to Give me a Blow Job?

This is one of the sexual questions to ask a girl you want to flirt with. Though the question irritates most girls like me, it puts a girl in the mood when well-addressed. In fact, it can put her on a quest to have a feel of it.

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14. Would You Fell Horny If I Kiss You Hard?

Girls lie a lot when answering this question. Even when they feel horny, they will still want to make you feel that they won’t. 70% of girls feel horny when they meet a hard-to-die kisser.

15. Do You Like Your Pussy Been Wet by a Lick?

These sexually intimate questions can make a girl crave sex. Even if she doesn’t have the experience, the question can create that dirty picture in her skull that will make her want to get a feel.

16. If Rub you Pussy the whole Night, how Would you Feel?

Girls will always tell you that they will feel like they are in a groove.

17. What is Your Best Orgasm Position?

This is one of the personal sexual questions to ask your girlfriend or any girl. It helps you know what to give her in bed to make her return for more.

18. Have You Seen any Kissing Scene?

This question is in the top 40 intimate questions to ask a girl who can turn her on easily.

19. What Makes Sex Amazing for You?

With her answer to this question, you will know what spice to add to your love-making to give you the best satisfaction.

20. Are You Still Keeping Your Virginity?

Most girls find this question embarrassing.

Sexual Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Here are top sexual Questions to ask your Girlfriend:

21. If we were home alone, would you have sex with me?

This is one of the sexual questions you can ask your girlfriend to make her want you even if you’re not around. In fact, this kind of question puts a girl in the mood for sex.

22. Can I kiss you while holding you in my lap?

Most girls enjoy answering this kind of question even though some feel shy while answering it.

23. Do you like Sex in Shower?

Having sex in the tub or shower can be fun for some partners and not for others. So, asking your crush or partner if she enjoys it isn’t a bad idea.

24. Have you watched a kissing scene before?

It’s not a bad idea to ask your girlfriend if she has watched a kissing scene before. In fact, it’s one of the most romantic questions you can ask a girl.

25. Have you gotten wet before watching people kissing each other?

This is one of the sexual questions you can ask a girl you’re flirting or crushing with. Most girls get wet just by trying to attempt this kind of question.

26. Do you like being kissed on the neck?

This sexual question tells you more about what she likes and how she likes it.

27. What will you feel if I grab your boobs?

The girls don’t really like answering this kind of question because they think you may flirt with them.

28. What does it feel like when you orgasm?

This is another sexy question you can ask your girlfriend that can make her wet even though you’re not around.

29. Do you love pegging?

This is one of the sexual questions to ask your girlfriend.

30. Do you like doggy style?

Doggy style is one of the common sex styles worth trying. While some girls crave any guy who can give it to them, some don’t enjoy it.

So, finding out if your girlfriend likes it or not, especially if the guy just started exploring your sex life will help you know what he wants.

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31. Do you like being choked during sex?

Asking your girlfriend if she enjoys getting choked during sex is one of the sexual questions you can ask your girlfriend or someone you want to flirt with.

32. Do you like choking your partner during sex?

This is similar to the above question.

33. Do you like incorporating food while having sex?

34. Have you ever had Facetime sex?

This is a sex question you can ask a girl if you want to know if she likes Facetime sex.

35. How should I handle you, roughly or gently?

Her answer to this question shows how she enjoys being handled when having sex.

36. Do you like doing 69?

69 is sharing oral sex with your partner; in other words, it’s giving and receiving oral sex simultaneously. Oral sex is when people use their mouths to stimulate another person’s genitals. 

37. Are you comfortable with the lights on?

While some girls like light on during sex, some frown at it. So, you must know the one that goes well with your girl.

38. Do you like getting your hair pulled during sex?

This is another sexual question to ask your girlfriend, especially if you’ve not had sex with her before.

39. Do you like getting Erotic Massages?

Knowing if your girlfriend likes erotic massages is not a bad idea at all.

40. Do you like BDSM?

BDSM is a term used to describe aspects of sex that involve dominance, submission, and control. Most men see this sex as the only way to derive satisfaction.

So, if you’re among the folks, it’s important to know if your girlfriend is comfortable with it. While some girls like being tied up during sex, some see it as punishment.

41. Have you ever tried sensory deprivation using a blindfold or earplugs?

42. For how long do you like cuddling after sex?

This is one of the sexual questions your girlfriend wants to answer if she is free with you.

43. Where do you like penis-owning partners to ejaculate?

This tells you how she likes it.

44. What do you think about a threesome with the same gender?

This is one of the dirty questions you can ask a girl, especially if you want to flirt with her.

45. Should I remove your Pants during sex?

Knowing the answer to this question helps you know if she will be comfortable with you removing her lingerie during sex or not.

46. Should I wear a Jockstrap?

Generally, Jockstraps provide men comfort because they keep all their bits exactly where they belong, unlike briefs or boxers. Some girls like it when their guy wears a jock while some don’t. So, asking your girlfriend this question helps you know what she likes.

47. How can I make your biggest sexual fantasy come true?

With this question, your girlfriend or crush will know you have her sexual interest at heart.

48. Do We Have a Future Together?

This is one of the most romantic and interesting questions to ask a girl to know if she wants to be with you.

Sexual Questions to Ask Her if She Is a Virgin

49. Do you remember the first time you became aroused?

50. What do you think of when your boyfriend and girlfriend go for a walk together?

51. Have you ever had someone try to have sex with you?

52. Can you tell me about your first kiss?

53. At what age would you like to have your first sexual encounter?

54. Do you have a crush on someone?

55. How would you wish your first sexual encounter to be?

56. Who is your closest guy companion?

57. Have you ever considered having sex with a male friend?

58. When you look in the mirror naked, how do you view yourself?

59. How do you react when your friends bring up the subject of sex?

60. Have you ever witnessed someone having a sexual encounter? What exactly did you do?

61. Do you want me to be the one who disvirgins you?

62. What did your mother have to say about your virginity?

63. Do you believe your mother was a virgin when she married your father?

64. Have you ever considered starting a relationship?

65. What is the most bizarre thing you’ve ever done with a man?

66. What is your opinion of sex before marriage?

67. What is the most enticing outfit you’ve ever worn?

68. How do you react when you get pornographic material?

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