What Should I Do When a Married Man is in Love with Me?


What Should I Do When a Married Man is in Love with Me? Hmmm….. This is one common question that runs through the mind of many single ladies.

Yes, love is a beautiful thing but the gift of friendship is a precious stone that is very difficult to come by. Someone would ask ‘ why does a married man seek love outside’?

I will help you create an answer to that and digest it.

Apart from the very flirtatious married men, some seek solace in the bosom of their female friends.

Yes, some of them do not fall in love intentionally, of course, no one does. They find themselves in such an entangled relationship because they want more…

What could be this more?

They want and desire what they are not getting from their spouse.

They want to be constantly reassured of their place in their spouse’s life.

Want that first spark in their partner back again.

They want all the affection and emotional support they could get.

And finally, they just want to know if they are still young enough at heart to make a gorgeous single lady fall helplessly in love with them.

Why all these?

Could it be that they are unhappy in their marriage?

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Sometimes it is borne out of curiosity. They want to know whether the marriage had sapped them of all their manly qualities.

Most times it is lack of self-control and discipline.

Sometimes they cannot fix their home the way they want and so they start to look for all they desire in another woman.

Or it could just love. Yes, genuine love. A married man/woman can still fall in love with another after marriage.

It is not a taboo but a man’s inability to respect the fact that he is married and he owes his spouse 100% of his loyalty, is.

These days, a lot of people are broken, so much so that seize the slightest opportunity that makes them feel loved, wanted and appreciated.

Married men are still in this category of humans, remember?

So, you must take away that feeling of ” oh! He is married. He can’t catch feelings” whenever a married man starts coming close to you than normal.

Guard your heart and future as a single lady. He might wake up tomorrow with the ‘ I am a changed person’ thought and may decide to stay faithful to his spouse. Yes, what would you fall back to?



Or maybe start risking your life to get him back or pay him back for having caused your pains?

Oh dear, you don’t need all that drama, trust me you don’t.

Stuff like that can be avoided. Absolutely.

Give me the privilege to lead you through this part of life just by reading this article and letting it sink.

Signs that a Married Man is in Love with Me

Below are some signs that a married man is in love with you:

1. He spend more time with you than his family.

This may not happen often, but whenever he gets the opportunity to meet with you he talks more than he should and never thinks of the home until he is ready to leave.

2. Talks to you about anything and everything.

You know that feeling of confiding in someone you always believe will come through for you no matter how messy the situation is?

Yes, that’s it.

3. Speaks more against his wife or rarely speaks about her.

A married man in love would never want to be blamed or seen as an unfaithful husband.

So, it’s either he looks for a way to constantly fill your head with the ” you do this better than my wife” talks or he totally avoids talking about her so as not to remind you that he is ‘taken but still searching’.

4. Hides his ring or never wears it at all when he is with you.

When he is in love with you he tends to make you feel comfortable around him and would give up anything that would make you think or feel unsafe around him.

5. He maintains eye contact with you longer than usual.

This is one of the sure signs that a married man in love with you. You see, the feeling is very obvious at this stage. He will be noting down a thousand and more reasons why you should be his and why he chose you over his wife in his head.

Admiring everything about you becomes a norm.

6. Develops much interest in stuff that concerns you.

Like, he wants to know how you spent your day. Share your thoughts and problems with you. What your plans for the next day is and stuff like that.

6. He starts playing the victim always.

A married man who is in love with you would give you every reason to believe in his innocence. He will tell you very emotional stories of how he’s been maltreated by his wife.

How he’s been starved sexually and how the butterflies in their (Him and his wife) stomach died because of his wife’s shortcomings.

They always look for a way to blame others and vindicate themselves.

7. Showers you with gifts

They do this often just so they could buy your attention. They put you in a very tight corner where you have to choose between falling into a pit or dig another pit for someone else to fall into by showering you with gifts you may most likely not turn down.

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8. Becomes exceptionally possessive

They begin to question your every move and decision. They start to feel like they own you. You don’t have to do anything without informing them. You automatically start living to please them.

9. Keeps in Check on your Love Life

Your relationship status is maybe his greatest concern and he will want to see if you are free or not as he is falling in love with you.

Assuming you currently have somebody in your life, he will most likely say negative things about that person because he is envious.

10. He Priortizes Your Opinion

Your opinions about things will mean a lot to him, so he will prioritize your opinions and try to shape himself if need be. He will try as much as he can to be a better boyfriend to you.

11. Acts Perfect when he’s around you

He tries to impress you at all costs. He does that so that you will see him as an interesting boyfriend, not an uninteresting married man.

12. You get a Strong Feeling about His Love

You have this strong feeling within your heart that the married man is falling in love with you. A married man can give you all the care in the world however a relationship with him can bring about a dilemma.

13. Begins to make you a part of his future.

A married man in love would at some point promise you eternity with him. He wants to build another home with a perfect YOU. He wants you to be part of his future and be by his side always.

Love is beautiful, no doubt, but sometimes who it is coming from matters as much as the foundation it is been laid upon.

As a single lady, you must have found yourself falling helplessly in love with a man you can’t have just because he is married.

You deserve better if you mind being a second wife or sidechick to a man whose love for you may fade away in no distant time.

It is not a very healthy place to be, believe me.

While you may enjoy all the goodies that come with having an affair with a married man now, think about the future.

Its consequences are not always as sweet as the experience itself.

What to Do When a Married Man is in Love with Me – How to Avoid Him

YHere are things you can do when a married man is in love with you and you want to avoid him:

  • Don’t Spend Much Time With Him
  • Don’t Also Make Yourself Available when they need Help
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Try to Avoid Eye Contact
  • Be Formal
  • Don’t take Side when he plays Victim
  • Don’t take Gifts
  • Be Firm in your Decision
  • Never Depend on any Man
  • Know Your Worth

1. Don’t Spend Much Time With Him

Avoid spending so much time with a married man. In as much as you may like the whole idea of having steady company whenever you are bored, understand that you only have control over your thoughts and zero control over other people’s thoughts.

They might be reading a different meaning to the message you are passing across to them.

2. Don’t Also Make Yourself Available when they need Help

Avoid being the only shoulder that a married man could cry on. Constantly remind him of his home and maintain your stand.

3. Keep an open mind.

Whenever heaps the story of how bad his wife is on your feet, understand that human beings are flawed and that you are not an exception. Tables may turn.

Your mind is as beautiful as you make it look. Have a pure mind, void of a plan B which is targeted at ruining people’s homes.

4. Try to Avoid Eye Contact

Avoid having prolonged eye contact with a man you do not love or can’t have. It has a way of getting into their heads and messing with their mind.

5. Be Formal

Keep your relationship with a married man formal. Let your personal life remain personal.

6. Don’t take Side when he plays Victim

Stay neutral when a man starts playing the victim. Do not blame his wife nor the man. Learn to focus on just yourself when it comes to issues that have to do with a couple.

7. Don’t take Gifts

By not take Gifts from him is one of the ways you can avoid Him. Rejecting his gifts is a way of indirectly telling him that you’re not interested. So, turn down gifts from a married man if it’s becoming too much and continual.

8. Be Firm in Your Decisions

Have a mind of your own. Do not allow anyone to cajole you into living a life you never envisioned for yourself. If you must do it, let it be intentional.

9. Never Depend on any Man

Absolute dependency on people would make you vulnerable to their tricks. Be both mentally and financially independent.

10. Know your worth. 

There are things you shouldn’t be found doing. Some entanglement can be dissuaded when you understand what you want and own up to the fact that you deserve more than you are getting.

Hope lies within us. You can’t find it somewhere else if it’s not embedded in you.

Love is near you and it will find you. Open up your mind to receive it. Some relationship/entanglement would only hinder your access to finding genuine love.

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