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There are quite a number of Japanese dating sites that are helpful and have a good number of members in them. If you are looking to find a lover on a Japanese dating site for free, then you are good to go.

To achieve this, you have to be hardworking and make up your mind because rejections are unavoidable, however, that is not much of a problem if you truly want a Japanese woman or man in your arms someday.

If you decide to sign up for the online Japanese dating sites in Japan, ensure you read the profiles of already existing members because you might bump into a lot of fake profiles.

This article will tell you all you need to know about top Japanese dating sites. Just read on it you’re looking to find a Japanese lover.

Top Japanese Dating Sites

Below are the best Japanese singles dating sites where you can find true love:

  1. Zexy Koimusubi
  2. Bumble
  3. TrueLoveJapan
  4. Tapple
  5. Meetup Japan
  6. Tinder
  7. OkCupid Japan
  8. Pairs
  9. Omiai


Fees: Free, special features require a monthly subscription/fees

The best Japanese dating site is JapanCupid. If I had money to spend on any site, I would rather spend it on this site.

On this Japanese single dating app, there are more active women profiles, TIn fact, if you search for women in Tokyo between the ages of 18 and 35 who have been active on this site within the last 3 months, you will discover that there are several active profiles on the site.

JapanCupid became live in 2005, as a specialized dating website under the Cupid Media Network. As part of this network, JapanCupid has an easy to use simple website design.

JapanCupid is not as huge as other Asian dating sites (e.g. AsianDating) due to its specialized niche, and locating English-speaking users appears to be more difficult here than on other specialized sites.

You won’t have too much trouble with JapanCupid’s handy message translation tool on your side. In general, you’ll gain from using this service if you’re looking for a Japanese match. Click below to join this Japanese dating site.

#2. Omiai

Fees: Free for women, ¥1,950 per month (for the 12-month plan) for men

Omiai connects people who want a serious long-term relationship and marriage as well meanwhile several other sites out there are usually about casual dating and hookups,

It is a free Japanese dating site for women. People are connected based on their Facebook profiles and mutual friends. This enhances your authenticity as a person.

Omiai is also one of the most popular and top dating sites in Japan. The site is easy to use because its user interface has an English version.

You can always switch your language settings to English after you must have signed up.

Interestingly, this popular Japanese dating app is also free for women and starts at ¥2780 for men. The more months you purchase upfront, the less your subscription will cost.

On this dating Japanese app, guys need a paid subscription to send messages, so if you’re going to use the app, plan on paying for it.

Click below to join this Japanese dating site.

#3. Pairs

Fees: Free for women, the monthly subscription fee for men is one of the most popular and best Japanese dating sites with over 10 million users. It has grown so large within a short period of time.

As a top dating site in Japan, it is recommended by many Japanese singles.

Japanese singles can always search for other members of the platform, get along with each other which could possibly lead to a deeper conversation and possible romance because the site is easy to navigate.

Pairs has been used for love and serious relationships as well as hookups and casual dating.

You should be very familiar with Japan in order to use Pairs because it has no English version. So, if you are looking to find a long-term relationship and you are very fluent in Japan, then Pairs is absolutely the right place for you to find love.

#4. OkCupid Japan

Fees: Free, special features require a monthly subscription/fees

As one of the Japanese dating sites for foreigners, OkCupid is more detailed. You will be given an average time of about 45 minutes to fill up your profile, you can as well decide to leave some parts of your profile vacant.

However, it is not ideal to do so because you will likely not be noticed. In general, OkCupid has lots of serial daters on it.

The site is easy to use and has a stylish design. If you are in Japan, OkCupid is one of the best Japanese dating sites for free to find gorgeous-looking Japanese women or men. You can visit their website at

#5. Tinder

Fees: Free, special features require a monthly subscription

This Japanese dating site for foreigners doesn’t need an introduction. If you are very active on this platform, you will not just meet people to date, however, you will meet new friends, networkers, and people who share a similar interest with you.

Tinder isn’t just for casual dates, you could also find people whom you can go on vacation with. This, I can tell you for a fact. It is also a free Japanese dating site.

Tinder began offering its global passport in the year 2020, it’s usually a paid service that is now offered for free to all users.

It was a huge bonus to the Japanese ladies because it enabled them to connect and communicate better.

#6. Meetup Japan

Meetup is a popular Japanese dating site in Japan. It is normally used to discover local events.

You could discover some local groups on the site, including so many Japanese men and women with foreigners as well, as members if you are in one of Japan’s large cities.

Local events and activities usually often attract a large audience, including people who don’t have an interest in dating which makes the site not to be a purely dating site.

Some members also confessed that they found their dates at the Meetup events such as book clubs, outdoor activities, language exchanges, and so on.

It’s quite understandable because interesting, long-lasting, and meaningful relationships can be generator from natural interactions. The official website for Meetup Japan is

#7. Tapple

Fees: Free for women, the monthly subscription fee for men (varies by number of months desired)

Tapple is a Japanese dating site in Japan where, you’d rather fill up that which you require from a man (qualifiers of the kind of man you are interested in), rather than filling up your profile and discovering people.

You’d then join different groups based on your hobbies. After which, a rundown of men that share similar interests with you and matches your criteria will be displayed then you can choose to like or skip their profile.

If you are seriously looking to meet someone offline, this site might not be a good choice for you because the majority of members here actually prefer to talk and date online exclusively.

Tapple has become a one-stop place for people in their 20s who are looking to find a serious relationship.

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#8. TrueLoveJapan

This is by far the most excellent free Japanese dating site I’ve seen. The website is centered on helping Japanese singles in finding love in their hometown. In order to keep the experience as safe and private as possible, intending members must submit a photo ID as evidence.

Once your identification has been validated, you can equally discover your soulmate in specific cities in Japan. This free Japanese dating site is simply classy and easy to navigate with its nicely organized structure from Tokyo to Osaka, Okinawa to Hokkaido, Kyoto to Okayama.

Another interesting thing about this website is that it is available in the English language, not just Japanese.

However, it has a disadvantage which is, it lacks other languages and has a joining limitation for some nations with a significant fraud risk.

If you’re looking for a Japanese buddy or looking to find love, here’s the one-stop place for you. You can also join temporarily if you are visiting Japan, just for the sake of meeting Japanese locals and learning their language.

The aim of the site, as stated in its tagline, is to help people who are in Japan connect to one another.

#9. Bumble

Fee: Free, special features require a monthly subscription

Bumble is a site where the match disappears after 24 hours if the woman does not make the first move. In order to use this platform or log in, the user must first have a Facebook profile.

This has made it quite slow in catching up in Japan, however, it is gaining in popularity because of its option of “women have to choose”.

You will find a lot of guys who aren’t on other sites on this site and there are not many fake profiles on Bumble as there are on other sites and you get to choose whom to talk to which is so nice.

In 2020, the site was also used for business purposes as well as getting acquainted, not just for dating. Bumble is a great way to keep in touch with people and is very versatile for the global community. It is also a great way to build your social circle. The official website is

#10. Zexy Koimusubi

Fees: initial one time ¥108 fee for women (for ID check purposes), monthly fee for men

Zexy Koimusubi is a dating site that is part of a popular Japanese wedding services company. The site actually works with the principles of matching based on shared interests.

It also uses your Facebook profile to put your data together. However, its success rate is usually fairly high.

It’s anyone’s guess whether this is due to their prior association with weddings and marriage, but of the people I know who have used the site, two have married someone they met there, and one is now planning her wedding, so take what you will from that.


Before you sign up for a Japanese dating site, keep in mind that most of them will need you to submit a photo of your official ID before you can use their services.

This is because they are literally looking for a suitable partner for you. Don’t worry about the screening if that’s your aim! Best of luck in your search for the greatest!


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