15 Sure Signs You Are Dating a Sexually Submissive Man

Signs You Are Dating a Sexually Submissive Man
Signs You Are Dating a Sexually Submissive Man

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Sexually submissive man, husband, or boyfriend’? Yea, it’s expected to presume he is a timid, shy, or weak man. That was precisely what I thought the first time I was asked.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble. A sex sub man or submissive male is not anywhere close to a weak man. A male submissive is a confident man who knows what he wants and goes for that. He respects and allows his partner to control their relationship, especially in the bedroom.

Apart from respect and giving his partner access to control, there are other attributes of a submissive male.

So, if you suspect you are dating a sex sub, check out the following signs you are dating a sexually submissive man we have discussed in this article.

Signs You Are in Love With a Sexually Submissive Man

Here are signs you are dating a sexually submissive man or BDSM male sub:

1: When a Man Communicates well

One of the sure signs you are dating a submissive man is when he communicates well when his communication is beyond words.

A submissive man frequently expresses himself more via actions than words in relationships. It becomes essential to comprehend his unspoken language, which includes gestures and subtle clues in his body language.

Gaining a better understanding is facilitated by observing the non-verbal clues he uses to communicate his sentiments, wishes, or discomfort.

2: A Man That Respects You

Submissive men show a great deal of respect and care for the limits, decisions, and viewpoints of their partners. They frequently put their partner’s comfort and happiness ahead of their demands.

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3: Accepting the Partner’s Decision-Making

A submissive husband will always accept whatever you say. One of the signs you are dating a submissive man is when he dances to your tune all the time. He is always ready to delegate authority and decision-making to you without a second thought. They are easy to compromise with because they respect their partner’s choices and perspectives.

4: Seeking Harmony and Steering Clear of Conflict

Submissive men typically seek harmony in their relationships over conflict. They tend to be more cooperative than combative, frequently giving in to their partner’s requests to keep the peace. Even when you are wrong, they try to be the ones to make peace.

5: A Strong Desire to Obey

Their desire to win their spouse over is evident in various behaviors, from modest gestures to substantial attempts. When their lover is happy, they feel content and happy, too.

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6: Intimacy’s Adaptive Nature

A submissive man’s versatility and readiness to investigate his partner’s needs are obvious in intimate situations. They fully embrace their partner’s preferences and put their happiness first.

Signs He is Submissive in Bed

7. He cleans effectively and knows how to do it.

If you ask him to clean the house, he will be pleased to oblige.

Doing household duties, such as cleaning, massaging feet, and cleaning shoes, is a fetish for submissive people. They feel satisfied in some way by it.

8. When you make demands of him, he becomes receptive.

In a relationship, you should be the one to give in if you want to be submissive. Just be glad anytime you are given an assignment; there are no ifs or buts.

That is the sub’s objective. For this reason, they enjoy having a tough wife or girlfriend. Though you might believe he’s nice, it also makes him happy.

The more assertive and demanding you are, the better.

9. He desires for you to have your way and take him.

Does he enjoy it when you act aggressively during foreplay?

He might be a sub if he enjoys it when you throw him on the bed and do anything you want to him. He might even enjoy receiving punishment and wearing a blindfold.

10. When she has an attitude, he adores it.

Although some men find it offensive when you mistreat others, a submissive man finds it enjoyable.

Have you ever reprimanded a worker? Have you ever demonstrated your superiority to someone? A subservient man finds pleasure in this sight.

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11. He backs female leaders.

They are not submissive males, but most men will brag about how fantastic they are.

Feminine supremacy is the greatest thing that exists for subs. They would talk about how wonderful women are and give examples of wealthy, successful female employers and female leaders.

12. He does not prioritize penetration.

One of the signs of a sex sub man is a man who doesn’t prioritize penetration during sex. Penetration during sex is not the priority for submissive guys when it comes to making love.

Rejection, perhaps even humiliation and punishment, is what they would rather experience. It would be preferable for your partner to be the one providing you with pleasure.

13. He is a quintessential gentleman:

Particularly when it comes to their dominant woman or just women in general, submissive males are incredibly polite. They don’t stop spoiling their women; chivalry runs in their family.

In a restaurant, they will pull out chairs so you can sit down first and open doors for you to enter first. They will continuously check to see if their lady love is comfy and enjoying fun. This is another way to know the BDSM male sub.

14. He enjoys bitchy behavior

One of the signs of a submissive boyfriend in the bedroom is when he enjoys bitchy behavior. A submissive man finds it endearing when his partner reprimands a waitress and asserts her dominance. He enjoys it when she is strict with him; the more demanding she is, the more remorseful he is.

15. He believes in female superiority:

Suppose he speaks out about how women are superior sex. In that case, he discusses how women advance in business and politics or anything else that essentially puts women in positions of power. This is no doubt one of the signs he is a submissive boyfriend.

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Do Men Like Submissive Women?

Whether men like submissive women varies from man to man and is not something that can be generalized about an entire gender.

Some men may find submissiveness attractive, while others may not. It is important to remember that everyone is an individual, and their preferences for partners will vary.

Many factors can contribute to a man’s attraction to a woman, including her personality, appearance, and values. If a man finds a woman attractive and submissive, this may be due to several reasons.

For example, he may find her submissiveness a sign of respect and admiration. He may also find it appealing that she is willing to take direction and follow his lead.

Ultimately, whether or not a man finds a submissive woman attractive is a matter of personal preference. There is no right or wrong answer, and what one man finds appealing may not be appealing to another.


What difficulties may one have when dating a subservient man?

Submissive men may encounter perceptions that view them as weak. But it’s important to realize their emotional intelligence and sensitivity strengthen them.

How can I improve the way I talk to my subservient partner?

A healthy relationship is built on open and honest communication that is free from bias. Urge them to express themselves without worrying about criticism or backlash.

If necessary, can a submissive man take the initiative?

Indeed. Being submissive does not imply being incapable. They may take the initiative when necessary, although they frequently value their partner’s advice more.

Can a subservient man also be assertive?

Indeed, being assertive and being submissive are not mutually exclusive. They may communicate their demands and ideas but do it with more significant consideration.


Understanding the subtleties that characterize a particular connection is more critical in identifying the indicators of a submissive guy in a relationship than in categorizing conduct. Respect, love, and understanding should be the foundation of your partnership as you embrace these indicators with empathy and open communication.

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