36 Telltale Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually

signs he wants you badly sexually
signs he wants you badly sexually

Sex plays a significant role in romantic relationships in various situations. You can be searching for hints since you have no idea how someone feels about you.

It is often daunting for a lady to know when a guy wants a serious date or a fling, fantasizing about you. Remember, if it’s just a fling, there are good fling dating apps you can start from.

We sometimes get it all mixed up, especially if we have been in many relationships or know how to understand guys.

The truth remains that knowing signs he wants to touch you or wants to day you, especially on your first hangout, is crucial to building a solid future together.

Read on to learn more about the telltale signs he wants you badly sexually. This information will help you understand his feelings and decide how to proceed. So, if you need how to know if someone is fantasizing about you or signs he wants to date you, this article is for you.

Why Do Men Love Sex?

Sex can be an essential part of a man’s life for a variety of reasons, both physical and emotional.

Physical Benefits of Sex:

  • Reduces stress: Sex can help to reduce stress levels by releasing endorphins, which have mood-boosting effects.
  • Improves cardiovascular health: Regular sexual activity can help to improve cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease.
  • Strengthens the immune system: Sex can help to enhance the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells.
  • Promotes sleep: Sex can help to promote sleep by releasing oxytocin, which has relaxing effects.
  • Relieves pain: Sex can help to relieve pain by releasing endorphins, which have analgesic effects.

Emotional Benefits of Sex:

  • Increases intimacy and bonding: Sex can help to increase intimacy and bonding between partners by releasing oxytocin, which is known as the “love hormone.”
  • Improves self-esteem: Sex can help to enhance self-esteem by making people feel more attractive and desirable.
  • Reduces anxiety and depression: Sex can help to reduce stress and depression by releasing endorphins, which have mood-boosting effects. There are other ways to cope with depression you can check out.
  • Enhances communication and trust: Sex can help to improve communication and trust between partners by providing a safe and intimate space for sharing thoughts and feelings.
  • Strengthens relationships: Sex can help to strengthen relationships by increasing intimacy, bonding, and communication.

It is important to note that not all men experience the same benefits from sex. Some men may find that sex is a pleasurable and stress-relieving activity, while others may find that it is not as important to them. Ultimately, the importance of sex is a personal matter that varies from man to man.

Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually

Here are signs he wants you badly sexually:

1. He hears what you have to say.

One of the signs he wants you badly sexually is when he listens to everything you say. A man will listen to whatever you say when he wants to spend the night with you. He may even be curious to talk to you about your interests and listen to what you have to offer. This is a sign that he desires you.

2. He’s deceptively chatting to you.

When he speaks to you gently, you can ask yourself, “Does he want me?” When a man wants you sexually, you tend to be gentle when speaking to you.

One of the numerous indications that a guy wants to spend more time with you in bed is when he smooths down his voice. But this doesn’t imply that’s all he has in mind for you. Observe additional things he does to ensure that you are confident.

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3. You notice that he looks at you a lot.

One indication that a man is interested in you sexually but is not being direct in his approach could be his persistent staring.

Should you see a man gazing at you, you may wonder if he’s interested in having a sexual or dynamic relationship with you. This is true in certain situations. When a man is interested in you, he will stare at you.

4. He frequently denies you adequate privacy.

Sometimes, a man attracted to you might find it impossible to avoid you. He might find an excuse to occupy your space or sit close to you.

5. He gives you a lot of time.

He spends a lot of time with you, which is one of the numerous indications that he wants to spend the night with you. He might inquire about your activities or whether he can hang out with you.

This indicates that he is interested in you and cares about you. Perhaps when you’re not around, he misses you.

6. You see that he becomes a little nervous around you.

Has it occurred to you that your guy friend feels a little uneasy in your presence? Maybe he gets restless or fidgets a lot. This indicates that he is interested in and desires you.

7. He puts some clothes on

One of the many telltale indicators that a guy is genuinely interested in you sexually is when he dresses appropriately and makes a pleasant scent when he is around you. If you think the same thing he does, make sure he knows it.

Our capacity for olfactory memory—the recall of scents and associated memories—is incredibly significant to our existence.

Scent memory has the power to arouse intense feelings, including desire. It strengthens our emotional ties and assists in preserving the special times in our lives.

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8. If you are among other men, he seems envious.

A man may exhibit envy when he sexually misses you. You may have noticed that a man becomes agitated if you talk about other men or attract attention from other men. This could indicate that all he wants from you is sex, but more than likely, it suggests that he wants something more.

If you decide to pursue a relationship with him, this kind of jealousy might be beneficial.

9. He returns all of your messages and texts.

A man interested in you will text back as soon as possible. He won’t miss the opportunity to speak with you or get together.

This could be one of the signs he wants you badly sexually through text. It’s an indication that your friend wants to get serious with you, or it could be one of the indicators that he only wants to sleep with you.

10. He shares his day with you.

You can tell whether a man is interested in you when he regularly talks to you about his day and how he’s feeling, but he may also want a relationship with you.

A guy who doesn’t talk to you more than is necessary is one of the most apparent signs he is just interested in sex.

11. He is devoted

A guy may be interested in you sexually if he shows you affection. Someone will likely stop at nothing to tell you when they want to spend time with you in bed. This could entail giving you a hug or a kiss.

12. He takes the time to reach out to you.

A discreet way to convey sexual tension, gentle touches might also be an indication that he wants to touch you more tenderly.

He might find an excuse to touch you frequently in addition to hugs and kisses. He may stroke your hair, give you a back rub, or pass by to give himself a reason to run into you. These are indicators that he has strong sexual desires for you.

Touch is an essential component of human sexuality and a potent tool for establishing both a physical and emotional bond between lovers. Because of this, tender touches like kisses, embraces, and caresses can increase arousal and desire, resulting in more fulfilling sex.

13. He expresses his desires to you.

Sometimes, a man will be very clear about what he wants. He might say he wants to alter your life, or he might say he wants to have sex with you. You will have to decide how you want to proceed with him.

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14. He has customized music just for you.

A man interested in you may compile a playlist of music that will suit your mood. If this occurs, consider the message the songs are trying to convey and whether you’ve noticed him behave differently toward you in other situations. He could find you attractive.

15. You observe that he always gives you a wink.

Is your pal constantly winking at you? This can indicate to you that he is also thinking about you in a sexual sense, even if it might just seem like a lovely thing.

It could be that he’s attempting to hint to you that he wants to pursue this further with you.

16. He discusses having sex with you.

signs he wants you badly sexually

One of the signs he craves you is when he often has sex talk with you. A man could potentially tell you that he wants to have sex with you at any time. He’ll probably also tell you whether it’s simply sex if he tells you this.

You can determine what to do by using this to determine exactly how he feels.

17. He’s hoping to see you in underwear.

A man can also be envisioning you in underwear whenever he desires you. He may ask to buy you some or if you have some. When this occurs, you will be able to tell right away that he wants to have a sexual relationship with you because it isn’t exactly subtle. This is a sure sign he craves you.

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18. He gives you shoulder rubs.

Someone stroking your shoulders could be an attempt to ease your tension or promote relaxation. He might also attempt to get close to you if he’s a man.

When he takes the time to give you a little massage on your shoulder, you should be able to tell if he’s looking for sex or something else entirely. This will depend on whether you are conversing with him or not.

19. He often remarks on your attire.

If a guy buddy constantly comments on your outfit, it could indicate his interest in you. He may constantly compliment you because he values you. To find out exactly what he wants from you, listen carefully to what he has to say.

20. He requests your guidance.

Is there someone you frequently get asked to give you advice? That implies he respects your viewpoint. This is probably not a hint that a guy is looking for sex. If you have feelings for your friend, he might demand much more from you.

21. He makes time in his calendar to hang out.

A guy is probably not trying to use you for sex if he frees his schedule to spend time with you. Naturally, this does not imply that he is not interested in having sex with you.

Spend as much time as necessary determining your feelings toward him. He will drop everything to hang out if you catch him.

22. He compliments you profusely.

Is there someone you know who never fails to compliment you? You should realize that this individual likes you and probably wants you hard because things like this might be uncommon. This could be one of the signs he wants to touch you.

They can compliment your appearance, scent, or other things you enjoy hearing.

23. He invites you on a romantic date.

One of the simplest indicators that a man is genuinely interested in you sexually is when he asks you out on a date. Throughout your date, observe his behavior to determine whether or not he is only interested in you having sex. Sometimes, it might not be.

24. His nonverbal cues reveal

You can typically tell how a man feels about you by his body language, even if he’s attempting to be subtle with you. It can be possible for you to swiftly determine whether he wants to spend the night with you.

25. He wants you to get to know his pals.

Have you gotten to know your boyfriend’s pals? If so, this is undoubtedly one of the signs he wants more than sex, but he also likely wants you to play a more significant role in his life.

He would keep your interactions with each other a secret if all he desired from you were sex.

26. You can discuss almost anything.

A man in your life may be interested in you if you have a special bond where you can discuss anything and everything. But if he didn’t appreciate you as a person, he probably wouldn’t be as eager to speak with you.

27. He doesn’t take offense at anything.

If a man wants sex with you, but you’re not in a relationship, he can get upset if you say no or are busy. No matter what you say, a man who is interested in you won’t become aggressive toward you, whether or not you have sex with him.

28. His gaze is fixed on yours.

When he looks into your eyes, whether you are talking to him or he is talking to you, it’s one of the most apparent indicators he wants you badly on a sexual level. This could indicate that he also falls in love with or cares about you. There are other ways to know if he has fallen out in love with you.

29. You bring a smile to his face.

Has it occurred to you that whenever you are around, your partner smiles? If so, he’s likely interested in more from you than just your sexual prowess. Whatever you’re doing, he might be content when you’re around.

Human sexuality is greatly influenced by the grin, which serves as a potent nonverbal indication that expresses warmth, charm, and openness.

A more pleasurable and satisfying connection between lovers can result from accepting the significance of smiling during sex and experiencing sexual desire.

30. He makes love to you.

Any man who makes fun of you might be interested in you. To be clear about his goals with you, you must listen carefully to what he says.

31. Texting with flirtation

Do you ever receive texts that make you laugh or blush, such as teasing or corny compliments? These messages can indicate that he is sincerely interested in texting you for sex. This is one of the Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually through text.

When a guy texts you in an attempt to spark conversation, it seems as though he’s thinking about you more deeply than just as friends. It’s his lighthearted and understated way of saying, “Hey, you hold an extraordinary place in my heart.”

32. Facial expressions with meaning

Indeed faces convey a lot? When he sees you, a broad, sincere smile lights up his face. He expresses his intense love for you through expressive facial expressions, such as laughing, smiling, or even a subdued display of adoration.

33. Making public displays of devotion

When you’re out together, he holds your hand or gives you a tender kiss on the cheek.

When someone openly seeks affection, it indicates that he is not afraid to express his intense desire for you to everyone. It seems as though he wants everyone to know how much he adores you. It’s his way of showing you how much he cares, even when he’s not around.

34. Being Attentive and Supportive

Another way to know if someone is fantasizing about you is by how supportive he is. A man who is genuinely interested in you will actively listen and provide emotional support when needed.

35. Displaying Vulnerability

Opening up about personal feelings and vulnerabilities indicates trust and emotional connection.

36. Sharing Future Plans

Including you in discussions about plans or referencing a shared future strongly shows his interest.

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What do you do when He Wants You Badly Sexually

When someone is attracted to you and expresses their desire respectfully and appropriately, it can be a flattering and exciting experience.

However, it’s important to remember that you are in control of your own body and your own decisions. Here are some steps you can take to navigate this situation:

1. Assess your feelings

Before responding to someone’s sexual advances, take some time to consider your feelings about the situation. Do you feel attracted to this person? Do you want to have sex with them? Are you comfortable with the level of physical contact they are initiating? It’s important to be honest with yourself about your desires and boundaries.

2. Communicate openly and honestly

If you want to explore a physical relationship with this person, have an open and honest conversation about your expectations and boundaries. This will help to ensure that both of you are on the same page and comfortable with the level of intimacy.

3. Respect your boundaries and theirs

It’s important to respect your limitations and the other person’s boundaries. If you’re not comfortable with something, say no. And if the other person says no, respect their decision.

4. Take things slow

There’s no need to rush into anything. Take your time to get to know each other and develop a deeper connection before engaging in sexual activity.

Always obtain explicit consent before engaging in any sexual activity. Support is ongoing, meaning that both parties must agree to continue. If either person feels uncomfortable or wants to stop, they should be able to do so without fear of judgment or retaliation.

6. Use protection

If you do decide to have sex with this person, make sure to use protection to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

7. Trust your instincts:

Trust your instincts and remove yourself if something feels off or you’re uncomfortable.

Remember, you have the right to say no to any sexual activity that you are not comfortable with. You should never feel pressured or coerced into having sex with someone. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable at any point, you should leave the situation immediately.


Understanding the signs that indicate a man’s strong sexual desire can provide valuable insight into his intentions. These signs serve as a guide to help women navigate their relationships and interpret their partner’s behavior. It is important to remember that communication and consent are essential in any intimate relationship, and relying solely on these signs may not always be accurate. Ultimately, every individual and relationship is unique, so it is crucial to approach these indicators with caution and an open mind.

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