15 Deep Conversation Topics For Building Bond

Deep Conversation Topics
Deep Conversation Topics

What deep conversation topics can you come up with to create an interesting conversation? Even if we all claim to be connected especially on social media, you will agree with me that it’s quite difficult to create deep conversation topics to enable you to understand or get to know someone.

Are you willing to build stronger relationships with people you meet or the ones already in your life? Are you looking for ideas that will spike deeper conversations?

Then explore these 15 deep conversation topics I’m about to show you and you will have the most interesting conversations in no time!

15 Deep Conversation Topics

I will be dividing these deep conversation topics into the following groups:

  1. Deep conversation topics with crush.
  2. Deep conversation topics with a girl.
  3. Deep conversation topics about love.
  4. Deep conversation topics with boyfriend.
  5. Deep conversation topics for couples.

Deep Conversation Topics With Crush

Conversations on a surface level do not always seem interesting, especially when having it with your crush. To spike their interest in you, you would need to engage in some deep conversation topics with your crush. 

If you want to know your crush on a deeper level then check out these deep conversation topics with crush I will share below.

1. What are your expectations in a relationship?

Wow! This sounds like a huge one. Well, you must bring up this deep conversation topic with your crush if you really want to consider having something with them in the long run. 

You need to know what their expectations in a relationship are, what they expect from you (as their partner), and what role you will possibly play in their lives. You have to consider all of these.

2. When we first met, what was the first thing you thought about me?

Just like the popular saying “first impression matters”, this is an opportunity for you to know other people’s perception of you at first.

That way, if there are things you didn’t do right unknown to you, you could easily make amends since you’ve been told. It’s also an easy way to know what attracted them to you.

3. What’s your idea of a perfect date?

This topic should be introduced after you have been relaxed with your crush. Just in case you have intentions of taking the friendship further, take note of the idea of a perfect date and plan to surprise them with one.

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Deep Conversation Topics With a Girl

No matter how good you think you are with conversations, you will run out of topics to discuss. How about when you just met a girl you are attracted to, you might want to know her on a deeper level.

That is why you need these deep conversation topics to discuss with a girl. There’s a quote by W. Edwards Deming that goes thus “If you do not know how to ask the right questions, you discover nothing.”

Therefore, your ability to bring up interesting questions when conversing makes your conversation more interesting.

Here are some deep conversation topics you should consider the next time you’re having a conversation with a girl:

4. What are your ambitions in life?

This particular question helps you get to know her on a deeper level. From her response, you can out if she has dreams or things she wants to achieve in life. On the other hand, this will send a signal that you are interested in knowing her.

5. What do you value most in your life?

You really should engage in this deep conversation topic with a girl if you truly want to build a relationship. You will discover if she is materialistic, depending on the answer she gives you.

If she mentions something physical, then know that she could be materialistic, but if she tells you about her pet, just know that she’s a fan of animals.

6. As a kid, what were you like?

Was she playful? Stubborn? A bookworm? Her reply could crack you up at some point. This is a very interesting question to ask a girl.

Deep Conversation Topics About Love

It could be intimidating to have deep conversations about love especially if it’s with someone you are attracted to. I know that having conversations makes you know more and brings you closer to the person involved, that is why I am sharing these deep conversation topics about love. Take a look at some of them below.

7. What’s one thing you’ve kept away from me?

Ideally, if you love someone you wouldn’t want to keep anything away from the person. Asking this type of question is to ensure the person has no secret kept away from you.

8. Which do you believe in, true love or love at first sight?

Your reason for bringing up this particular deep conversation topic about love should be to hear the other person’s view about love at first sight and true love. However, it’s gonna be a very interesting topic to talk about.

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9. What do you love most about me?

This deep conversation topic about love gives the person room to tell you their favourite thing about you and possibly what attracted you to them. You will end up blushing after all.

Deep Conversation Topics With Boyfriend

Knowing that your boyfriend had a life before you came into his life, there are certain things you wouldn’t know until you ask him questions and talk about various topics. That is why I have provided you with these deep conversation topics with your boyfriend. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve both been together these topics are capable of spiking deep conversations between you two. Read on to see them.

10. Why did your previous relationship end?

Kickstarting our list of deep conversations to have with boyfriend is this deep question. From his answer, you find out why his previous relationship was ended and that tells you more about the kind of person he is.

11. Do you keep grudges?

His answer tells you if he easily forgives or he is the type to start putting up silly attitudes when he is offended. From there you can decide the next line of action to take. Ideally, unforgiveness is not healthy, especially in a relationship.

12. What’s the most memorable dare you ever accepted?

Such a funny question to ask your boyfriend. His answer could crack you up. See these deep conversation topics to have with your boyfriend.

Deep Conversation Topics For Couples

Deep conversation is capable of bringing together two people. In the case of couples, it strengthens their bond and trust for each other. To make your conversations more connected and interesting relationships is bringing you these deep conversation topics for couples.

13. What does family mean to you?

You both should take turns asking each other this question because you need to know the meaning and place of the family in each other’s life. 

14. Who amongst your family members is your role model?

Some of the attitudes people possess stems from whom they see as role models in their family. Asking your spouse this question will help you figure out some things.  

15. Who was your first crush in high school?

This question brings back memories of the good old days and it’s quite fun too. There is no doubt this question should be on our list of deep conversation topics with couples.


The way communication bonds people is the same way deep conversation topics make people bond faster. You will never know someone on a personal level just by asking shallow questions, that is why I have shared these deep conversation topics to spice up your next conversation.

If you want to be found interesting, then these should be your go-to topics and questions to talk about in your next conversation. They will help you connect more intentionally.

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